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Chapter 1028
Chapter 1028 Explain the Profound In Simple Terms 1

However, Feng Wu didn’t even sneer at her . She sat there, unperturbed .

Many students gloated as they looked forward to the predicament which Feng Wu was going to find herself in .

That was bold… Mu Yaoyao was a princess as well as Grand Secretary Fang’s granddaughter . Princess Mu had to be the most prominent new student in Year 1 . No one would dare offend her!

And someone had just taken Mu Yaoyao’s seat?

The girl who scolded Feng Wu was called Wei Jing . Right now, she was glaring and sneering at Feng Wu . This girl was so dead!

Getting to her feet, Wei Jing said to Qiao Yi in protest, “Miss! Feng Wu took Miss Mu’s seat! I tried to tell her that, but she won’t listen!”

Qiao Yi’s face darkened .

How stupid was this Wei Jing? Couldn’t she see that there was a teacher in the room? She should realize that the teacher was keeping silent for a reason!

However, even more students gloated when they saw Qiao Yi’s dark face .

Miss Qiao Yi was clearly mad . Feng Wu was going to be in a lot of trouble!

“Miss Mu is…” Recalling Grand Secretary Fang’s warning, Qiao Yi paused mid-sentence and chose different words . “Miss Mu has withdrawn from the college, so this seat is vacant now . Miss Feng can take it if she wants to . ”


That announcement shocked everyone .

No one saw that coming!

“Miss Mu dropped out?”

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“After everything we went through to get into Imperial College, she dropped out? Just like that?”


“Hey, I think I heard from somewhere that Miss Mu is a sacred lady of Firmament Palace . Has she gone back to Firmament Palace?”

Everyone began to talk at the same time .

Qiao Yi shook her head when she saw how agitated and curious the students were .

Cultivators were supposed to remain serene . These students didn’t have the right mindset toward their studies .

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“Quiet, please . Today…” Qiao Yi opened a textbook and started teaching the newbies cultivation theory .

Feng Wu’s knowledge of cultivation theory was vast, for her beautiful master had taught her everything when she was little .

With his great capability, her beautiful master was able to make the most basic theory sound incredible . Qiao Yi’s teaching was nothing in comparison .

That was why Feng Wu began to yawn midway through the class .

She wondered how Qiao Yi had become a teacher at Imperial College . It had only been ten minutes since the start of class, and Feng Wu had already picked up seven errors .

Feng Wu shook her head . She then quickly flipped through the Year 1 textbook, then took out some Year 2 textbooks from the storage bag which Jun Linyuan had given to her and started reading .

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu —”

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Chaoge nudged Feng Wu with her elbow .

Feng Wu looked at her in bewilderment .

Chaoge gestured at the dais .

Feng Wu looked up and saw Qiao Yi’s angry face .

“Feng Wu, stand up!”

Qiao Yi had never liked Feng Wu, and the girl’s indifferent attitude only frustrated her further . She tried to give Feng Wu a hard time .

Feng Wu rose to her feet and gave Qiao Yi a bewildered look .

“The conditions for fusing the fire element, explain it . ” Qiao Yi purposefully asked Feng Wu a difficult question .

Fusing the fire element was something that would only be taught in Year 2, and was only briefly mentioned in the Year 1 textbook . However, Qiao Yi wanted Feng Wu to answer the question in their first class .

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