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Published at 9th of August 2020 03:05:11 PM
Chapter 1024
Chapter 1024 Shocked! 3

Involuntarily, Mu Yaoyao reached for her chest pocket .

When she realized what she had done, it was too late .

Everyone had seen it…

Just then —

The school guards had let their guard down and loosened their grips on Duan Chaoge, who seized the chance to jump into the air and kick Mu Yaoyao in the back .

Caught by surprise, Mu Yaoyao fell forward .

Feng Wu and Duan Chaoge could practically read each other’s mind; all they had needed to do was exchange looks .

When Mu Yaoyao fell forward, a little tiger jumped out of Feng Wu’s sleeve and made its way into Mu Yaoyao’s chest pocket .

In a split second —

Crack —

Things began to fall out of Mu Yaoyao’s chest pocket .

Bottles and cans fell all over the floor .

“Are you alright?” Feng Wu even took the time to stop Mu Yaoyao from falling, so that she wouldn’t crush all the bottles .

“Hey, isn’t this Secret Crow Bone Blood?” Picking up a bottle, Feng Wu smiled at Mu Yaoyao .

Mu Yaoyao blanched .

The others all stared at Mu Yaoyao in disbelief!

Had she really…

“No! I didn’t!” Mu Yaoyao tried to explain futilely . “It’s Secret Bone Blood, not Secret Crow Bone Blood! It’s Secret Bone Blood!”

Feng Wu replied with an “oh,” drawing the sound out for effect . She smiled at Mu Yaoyao . “If that really is harmless Secret Bone Blood, drink it yourself . ”

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With that, Feng Wu seized Mu Yaoyao by the neck .

“Retch —”

Mu Yaoyao’s mouth dropped open at the force!

Feng Wu undid the bottle and was going to pour the content down Mu Yaoyao’s throat .

Mu Yaoyao blanched with fear and trembled from head to toe .

“Ah — don’t kill me! Grandpa, help! Feng Wu wants to poison me! She wants to kill me with Secret Crow Bone Blood!” Mu Yaoyao threw off Feng Wu’s hand, then ran toward Grand Secretary Fang like a cannonball!

In a moment of life and death, she spared no effort as she ran away frighteningly fast!

However —

Everyone looked at Mu Yaoyao with complicated feelings .

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They weren’t stupid, and were able to put the pieces together .

Feng Wu had guessed it right . Mu Yaoyao had tricked Yao Hao into taking Secret Bone Blood, when it had in fact been Secret Crow Bone Blood . That was horrible!

How could any young woman be this vicious?!

Yao Hao had been nothing but loyal to her . He waited upon her carefully and considered himself her personal guard .

Yao Ying finally saw the light . She then glared fiercely at Mu Yaoyao!

She charged at Mu Yaoyao . “Did you kill my brother?”

Mu Yaoyao said, “I didn’t . I didn’t…”

Yao Ying grabbed Mu Yaoyao by the hair . “You gave him Secret Crow Bone Blood when you promised it was Secret Bone Blood! You switched it out for poison! What did my brother ever do to you? Why did you have to do that? Speak!”

Yao Ying shook Mu Yaoyao violently .

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“I didn’t mean to . I’m sorry . Sob —” Mu Yaoyao wept, her cheeks streaked with tears . “I mixed them up… I really did… Your brother is dead and nothing can bring him back . I’ll make it up to you . ”

Yao Ying said, “You can’t make it up to me! Give me back my brother! I want my brother!”

Feng Wu stepped aside, crossed her arms, and enjoyed the show with a smile .

Mu Yaoyao tried to set her up? She had just dug her own grave .

If this thing with Yao Hao got out, it would be a blow to Mu Yaoyao’s reputation .

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