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Published at 9th of August 2020 03:05:12 PM
Chapter 1023
Chapter 1023 Shocked! 2

Elder Xuanyuan wouldn’t let go of Feng Xiaoqi, nor would he stop talking, and he looked so excited . That was to say…

He meant it!

Look at how agitated he was!

That was to say, Feng Xiaoqi really had an Ultimate Spiritual Body!

Mu Yaoyao stared at Feng Xiaoqi in disbelief . Her eyes popped out!

How could that be possible… She couldn’t believe it!

Feng Xiaoqi was so protective of Feng Wu . Imagine how arrogant Feng Wu would be after Feng Xiaoqi reached his full potential!

Mu Yaoyao clenched his fists, and the look in her eyes was indescribable .

Feng Xiaoqi glared at Elder Xuanyuan . “You’re hurting me!”

Grand Secretary Fang threw an indifferent look at Elder Xuanyuan . “Elder Xuanyuan, that’s enough . ”

He took Elder Xuanyuan by the wrist as he spoke .

At Grand Secretary Fang’s touch, Elder Xuanyuan felt as if an electric current had run through his wrist, and his arm went numb from the pain . Petrified, he had no choice but to let go of Feng Xiaoqi .

As soon as he was free, Feng Xiaoqi ran over to Grand Secretary Fang and held the latter by the sleeve . He then stuck his head out from behind the old man .

Grand Secretary Fang got straight to the point . He asked, “Feng Wu, what happened here?”

Feng Wu shrugged . “It’s pretty straightforward . In short: Mu Yaoyao owes me her life . She tried to get Yao Hao to provoke me, but I didn’t take the bait . Chaoge fell for it instead and hit Yao Hao . Yao Hao then faked his death and Mu Yaoyao thought she could use this to force me to cancel our bet . That way, we would be even . ”

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Feng Wu described the whole thing in an indifferent tone .

Instantly, all eyes were on Mu Yaoyao .

Mu Yaoyao blanched . Behind her, Ye Yafei was already stepping back, trying to put some distance between her and Mu Yaoyao .

But Mu Yaoyao was never going to admit it, in spite of the fact that Feng Wu was telling the truth .

She glared at Feng Wu anxiously . “What the hell are you talking about?! I didn’t use Yao Hao for anything! Duan Chaoge killed him!”

Feng Wu asked, “Did she?”

Mu Yaoyao snorted . “Yao Hao has stopped breathing for a long while, of course he’s dead! Feng Wu, I can’t believe what bullshit you can come up with to escape responsibility!”

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Feng Wu said, “Poor Yao Hao… He never knew that you gave him a lethal poison . All this time, you told him that it was only going to be an act . ”

Yao Ying stared at Mu Yaoyao .

She recalled how, when her brother got back home yesterday, he told her that he was going to help Princess Mu with something . Once it was done, the Yao family would be further up the social ladder, and by then, the two of them would have a much easier life .

But her brother had shown no intention of dying…

Sensing Yao Ying’s questioning look, Mu Yaoyao felt her heartbeat quicken!

She pointed at Feng Wu . “You’re throwing the first accusation you can think of at me; do you think anyone is going to believe you? That’s ridiculous!”

“Ridiculous or not, we’ll see soon enough . ” Feng Wu smiled . “What you told Yao Hao was that he would take Secret Bone Blood and pretend to be dead for a while . After everything blows over, he can be revived, and walk under the sun again . ”

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Feng Wu went on . “But in fact, what you gave him was Secret Crow Bone Blood . The names are very similar, but the effects can’t be any more different . Secret Bone Blood can fake death, but Secret Crow Bone Blood is a lethal poison! Mu Yaoyao, what’s happening to Yao Hao is very real . ”

Mu Yaoyao was losing ground . “No! I did no such thing! You’re lying!”

Feng Wu said, “Yes, you did! You still have that Secret Crow Bone Blood on you!”

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