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Chapter 1025: 1025
Chapter 1025 A Plot Twist 1

Hiding in her corner, Ye Yafei stared at Feng Wu in fear .

She couldn’t believe how clear Feng Wu was on the details . Not only was Feng Wu able to walk away from the trap unharmed, she had even turned the tables on Mu Yaoyao, making the latter miserable .

This Feng Wu was so frightening… Why didn’t they see it before? Why did they have to mess with her?

Just then —

“Stop —”

There came a cold, emotionless voice .

The crowd turned around and saw that it was —

“Yao Hao!”

The teenager was supposed to have no heartbeat, and had stopped breathing for a while . However, he had just sat up .

His face was pale and there was hatred in his eyes!

He kept his intense gaze on Mu Yaoyao, and the look on his face was ruthless!

Mu Yaoyao’s stomach lurched when she saw the look in Yao Hao’s eyes . Instantly, she was overwhelmed with panic and fear!

“Brother! You’re alive! You’re not dead!”

Yao Ying had already torn out a handful of Mu Yaoyao’s hair . Shoving the latter to the side, Yao Ying rushed over and threw herself into Yao Hao’s arms .

Only then did Mu Yaoyao realize what had happened .

Yes, Yao Hao was alive… Yao Hao wasn’t dead!


Mu Yaoyao went up to Yao Hao, crouched down, and sounded as if she actually cared about him . “Yao Hao, are you alright? I promise what I gave you was Secret Bone Blood! Feng Wu’s lying . She deliberately…”

Yao Hao had always been so obedient to her . No matter what Mu Yaoyao said or did, Yao Hao would only look at her affectionately, dote on her, and indulge her…

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But now —


Yao Hao slapped Mu Yaoyao hard in the face!

Everyone was shocked!

But not as shocked as Mu Yaoyao was!

She stared at Yao Hao in disbelief . “You…”

Staring at Mu Yaoyao, Yao Hao gritted his teeth . “I didn’t know you wanted me dead so badly…”

Mu Yaoyao said, “It’s not like that . I gave you Secret Bone Blood . ”

Feng Wu smiled . “Princess Mu may not know this, but although Secret Bone Blood and Secret Crow Bone Blood are almost identical in color and smell, those who are poisoned will know the difference, because —

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“Secret Bone Blood will only seal one’s cultivation power temporarily, but Secret Crow Bone Blood will… destroy one’s dantian, mess up their spiritual essence, and ruin their ability for good . ”

Everyone stared at Yao Hao in astonishment .

Had Yao Hao’s cultivation ability been disabled temporarily, or had he been ruined altogether?

But no one dared to examine him .

Doing so would offend some very important people . After all, Princess Mu was Grand Secretary Fang’s granddaughter, and if they found out that it really was Secret Crow Bone Blood, they would be incriminating Grand Secretary Fang .

Anyone who still wanted to have a future would do no such thing .

Mu Yaoyao realized that Grand Secretary Fang was her only hope .

“Grandpa, Grandpa, help me! Help! Only you can clear my name now!” Dropping to her knees, Mu Yaoyao wrapped her arms around Grand Secretary Fang’s legs and cried her eyes out . She looked pitiful .

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Grand Secretary Fang .

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With the significant improvement in his cultivation level, Grand Secretary Fang had gained an even more stable status . He could easily protect Mu Yaoyao .

As expected —

Grand Secretary Fang reached out and patted Mu Yaoyao on the hand with his scrawny fingers .

Everyone stared at him in silence .

So… Grand Secretary Fang had decided to take Mu Yaoyao’s side . Well, she was his granddaughter, after all .

Elder Xuanyuan glanced at Grand Secretary Fang and snickered inwardly .

Just when he thought that the old man was so just and fair, it turned out that he was no different from other people .

He had protected Feng Wu only because of Feng Xiaoqi, but Mu Yaoyao was his own granddaughter . Between the two girls, it was obvious whose side Grand Secretary Fang would take .

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