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Published at 9th of August 2020 03:05:14 PM
Chapter 1022
Chapter 1022 Shocked! 1

That was incredible!

Grand Secretary Fang used to be about the same cultivation level as Elder Xuanyuan . The latter even believed that he was better . But what happened just then astonished him!

Grand Secretary Fang then darted an indifferent glance at Elder Xuanyuan .

In that moment, Elder Xuanyuan felt as if his soul had been pierced through!

How frighteningly powerful Grand Secretary Fang was!

How much stronger had he become after that breakthrough?

Elder Xuanyuan panicked .

“Mr Fang —”

The others all greeted Grand Secretary Fang .

Grand Secretary Fang glanced at Feng Xiaoqi, then waved at the boy . “Come over here . ”

Feng Xiaoqi knew what a capable cultivator Grand Secretary Fang was, so he ran up to him in a hurry, tugged at his sleeve, and said eagerly, “Hey, that man wants to hurt my sister . Can you kill him for me?”

Those words he said —

They shocked everyone!

Because Feng Xiaoqi was pointing at none other than Elder Xuanyuan!

The head of the Martial Arts Department!

Everyone drew in their breaths . The brat had crossed the line!

Meanwhile, they all recalled what Mu Yaoyao had said just then .

Feng Xiaoqi was Feng Wu’s brother . That was to say —

Everyone looked from Feng Wu to Grand Secretary Fang in amazement, and realized that Feng Wu was more well-connected than they realized . After all, her brother was hanging out with Grand Secretary Fang .

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Yu Yue let out a sigh of relief as well . convinced that Grand Secretary Fang favored Feng Wu because of her brother .

But what was so special about this boy? What did the principal see in him? Everyone was baffled .

Just then, the look on Elder Xuanyuan’s face changed .

“You —” Elder Xuanyuan stared at Feng Xiaoqi . “You have an Ultimate Spiritual Body?!”


Ultimate Spiritual Body?!

Just when they thought that they had enough shocks for one day, there was more!

Ultimate Spiritual Body?!

Less than a handful of people in the whole of the Junwu Empire were found to have Ultimate Spiritual Bodies . Even those with a Semi-Ultimate Spiritual Body would attract fierce competition from clans and forces, all trying to win them to their sides . A boy with an Ultimate Spiritual Body had just shown up here at the college?!

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Whoosh —

Instantly, all eyes were on Feng Xiaoqi!

They studied Feng Xiaoqi’s good-looking face, big bright eyes, and translucent skin .

He glanced at Elder Xuanyuan, rested his hands on his waist, then snorted . “What does my Ultimate Spiritual Body have anything to do with you?”


It was true . Feng Xiaoqi really had an Ultimate Spiritual Body?!

Shocked, Mu Yaoyao stood there with an open mouth and stared at Feng Xiaoqi in disbelief .

“That’s impossible!” Mu Yaoyao was the first to jump out and point at Feng Xiaoqi . She was irritated . “If that’s the case, why is your cultivation level still so low? You must be lying!”

However, Elder Xuanyuan had rushed over to take Feng Xiaoqi’s hand .

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“You’re a bad man! Let go of me! Let go!” Feng Xiaoqi kicked and scratched, but couldn’t throw Elder Xuanyuan off .

Elder Xuanyuan’s grip on Feng Xiaoqi’s hand was so tight, and blue veins popped on his temple!

All eyes were on Elder Xuanyuan…

The old man didn’t reply, but only stared at Feng Xiaoqi . “Kiddo, do you want to join the Xuanyuan clan? Don’t worry . You don’t have to do anything . Just say yes and you’ll become an honored guest of the clan…”

Everyone stared at him in bewilderment .

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