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Chapter 1020
Chapter 1020 Feng Wu Is in Trouble!

As he spoke, Elder Xuanyuan waved his hand in Feng Wu’s direction!

A vine as thin as a thread flew toward Feng Wu!

Sensing the danger, Feng Wu moved quickly and hid behind Priest Wu . She was as nimble as a cat .

That was because she had noticed that the thin vine had leaves with serrated edges . She would be a dead body by now if she hadn’t acted quickly enough .

“Xuanyuan Kun!”

Enraged, Priest Wu stared at Elder Xuanyuan with bloodshot eyes .

Elder Xuanyuan didn’t look any better . His face had turned livid .

Elder Xuanyuan said, “Priest Wu, you’re not meddling in the affairs of my department! The door’s right over there; you can show yourself out!”

Priest Wu asked, “What if I say no?”

Elder Xuanyuan replied, “Then I’ll have to remove you from the scene!”

After that, Elder Xuanyuan’s hand landed on Priest Wu .

Both big shots were members of the education committee, and were highly capable cultivators . If a fight started between them, the consequences would be unimaginable…

Luckily, not many people were here, and the news hadn’t gotten out yet .

Yu Yue had a bad feeling about this!

She shot warning glances at Mr Hu and Mr Gu!

Go ask Grand Secretary Fang for help!

If the two bosses here really got into a fight, how would the students of the Martial Arts and Formations departments face each other? Students were supposed to combine their skills in martial arts and formations in Year 2!

Mr Hu reacted quickly and dashed out of the room as soon as he got Chief Yu’s hint!

The principal’s office .

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Grand Secretary Fang wasn’t there .

Mr Hu was going to head for Grand Secretary Fang’s house, when he saw an old man strolling in his direction, followed by a good-looking boy .

As Grand Secretary Fang walked, he pointed around at the school lawn, teaching the boy the names of the plants .

The boy with Grand Secretary Fang was none other than Feng Xiaoqi himself .

Grand Secretary Fang had had no interest in Feng Xiaoqi at first, but after he found out about the boy’s Ultimate Spiritual Body, he was thrilled . He couldn’t wait to take the boy in as his pupil .


The boy only listened to his sister . He did whatever Feng Wu told him . Feng Wu had said that he wouldn’t need a master yet, and the boy followed her order, not acknowledging Grand Secretary Fang as his master .

What choice did the old man have?

He could only take the boy with him, hoping that he could subtly influence the boy and make him realize that Grand Secretary Fang was indispensable .

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Usually, it was the pupils that had to go through a probation period . But in this case, it was the other way round . The master himself was being tested .

What choice did the old man have?

Just as Grand Secretary Fang was patiently showing Feng Xiaoqi all the plants —

“Mr Fang! Mr Fang! Help —”

Grand Secretary Fang looked up at the man .

He wore the teacher’s uniform of Imperial College, but Grand Secretary Fang didn’t recognize his face .

“And you are?”

“Mr Fang! I’m Hu Fang, a teacher from Year 1, but that’s not the point . I’m here because Mr Xuanyuan and Mr Wu are fighting!”


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Grand Secretary Fang was shocked . Those two didn’t see eye to eye, but they had never confronted each other openly . How…

“Mr Xuanyuan wants to kill Feng Wu!” Mr Wu got straight to the point .


Before Grand Secretary Fang could do anything, Feng Xiaoqi blanched and rushed over to Mr Hu . “Where is she? Tell me! Where?”

Mr Hu didn’t know who the kid was, but Grand Secretary Fang was holding his hand .

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