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Published at 9th of August 2020 03:05:20 PM
Chapter 1019
Chapter 1019 What Gave Him the Courage?

Priest Wu snorted . “If little Feng Wu says she can save him, then he’s not dead . What are you doing, hovering around her like this? You’re getting in her way! Are you going to take responsibility when he really dies?!”

Little Feng Wu? That sounded intimate .

Yu Yue was suddenly struck with realization!

That was it!

Three bosses had signed Feng Wu’s exam permit, and they were Mr Lu, Grand Secretary Fang, and Priest Wu .

Yu Yue couldn’t help but dart another look at Feng Wu .

The girl was much more well-connected than she seemed!

Priest Wu was obviously taking Feng Wu’s side, but the other people didn’t dare to say that out loud .

However, at that moment —

“Old Wu, what are you doing here at the Martial Arts Department?”

Someone spoke in an indifferent voice .

Another one?!

Yu Yue turned around and saw that it was Elder Xuanyuan!

Not only was Xuanyuan Kun the grandfather of Xuanyuan Yi, he was also the head of the Martial Arts Department!

That was to say, he was in charge of all students of the department, from Year 1 to Year 4 .

Everyone was baffled to see Xuanyuan Kun here .

What was going on today? Why did the mysterious bosses keep showing up?

They all greeted Xuanyuan Kun .

Elder Xuanyuan nodded, then scanned the crowd with a stern look on his face . His gaze landed on Feng Wu in the end .

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“What’s going on?”

Elder Xuanyuan was Yu Yue’s direct supervisor, so she immediately told him what happened .

However, the fact that Xuanyuan Kun showed up here meant that he already knew what was going on .

Feng Wu?

Xuanyuan Kun’s eyes glinted, and he had a stern look on his face . “How outrageous . School has just started and something like this has already happened in my department .

“Those who have killed will pay with their lives! Arrest them and lock them up! They’ll wait for the death penalty there!”

The school guards followed Xuanyuan Kun’s order and charged out .

“Stop . ”

Priest Wu stepped in .

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“So, Old Wu, are you going to interfere with how I run my department now?” Xuanyuan Kun sneered at Priest Wu .

Priest Wu said, “We don’t know what happened yet . Elder Xuanyuan, you can’t sentence someone to death just like this!”

Feng Wu had left a good impression on Priest Wu, for her formation skills were as good as his . It would be such a pity if she was killed just like this .

Priest Wu didn’t want to lose such a talented student, which was why he wouldn’t give in .

“That boy is dead . What more do you need to know? Elder Wu, you’ve stepped out of line,” Xuanyuan Kun said coldly .

He knew who Feng Wu was and realized how capable she was .

Before he came here, someone had asked him: With Feng Wu around, would Xuanyuan Yi stand a chance? Would people remember who Xuanyuan Yi was?

That question stirred him like a stone thrown into a still lake .

That question was also why Xuanyuan Kun had gotten here in a hurry . He wanted to use this chance to get rid of Feng Wu .

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However, he didn’t expect to find Priest Wu here . Instead of staying in his Formations Department, the guy was bold and upright, and was confronting him .

Who gave him the courage?

People looked from Xuanyuan Kun to Priest Wu and were baffled . Whose order should they follow?

Elder Xuanyuan bellowed, “Those who have killed should pay with their own lives! Yao Hao is dead, and the two of you will answer for your crime . No one can break the rules of this school!”

As he spoke, Elder Xuanyuan raised a hand .

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