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Chapter 1021
Chapter 1021 A Special Kid

But Mr Fang was holding the kid’s hand, so the kid couldn’t be ordinary . Mr Hu showed Feng Xiaoqi the direction right away .

The next second —

Feng Xiaoqi ran off at a tremendous speed .

“Xuanyuan Kun wants to kill Feng Wu?” Grand Secretary Fang’s face darkened . “Why?”

Grand Secretary Fang turned in the direction of the Year 1 quarter as he spoke .

Mr Wu then described what had happened so far . “…Elder Xuanyuan said Feng Wu had to pay with her own life for killing Yao Hao, but Mr Wu wouldn’t have it, so…”

“Nonsense!” Grand Secretary Fang’s face turned livid .

The next second, Grand Secretary Fang dashed out of sight .

Mr Hu scratched his head .

So, who was Grand Secretary Fang angry at? Mr Xuanyuan or Mr Wu?

By then, Feng Xiaoqi had arrived at the scene .

“Sister, Sister —” Feng Xiaoqi charged into the room like a cannonball and threw himself into Feng Wu’s arms . “Sister, are you alright? Did someone hit you? I’m going to kill them!”

Thin and fair, the boy didn’t have much spiritual essence about him, but he then turned around and glared at Elder Xuanyuan .

The look in his eyes reminded one of a young, angry beast, and it could shake one to the bone!

The boy’s eyes were so clean and bright that they seemed to brighten up the world!

Even someone as powerful as Elder Xuanyuan was shaken by those eyes .

“Who are you?”

All eyes were on Feng Xiaoqi .

“I’m Feng Wu’s brother . Anyone who messes with her has to answer to me!” The teenager glared at the old man .

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Mu Yaoyao recognized Feng Xiaoqi right away, which only brought a mocking smile to her face .

“Feng Xiaoqi, who the hell do you think you are? You don’t call the shots here . ” Mu Yaoyao snorted . She then tried to grab Feng Xiaoqi, so that she could throw him out . “Get the hell out of here!”

But Feng Xiaoqi wasn’t the same boy that he used to be . With a quick shift of his body, he easily dodged Mu Yaoyao’s hand .

“He’s no ordinary teenager . ” Elder Xuanyuan studied Feng Xiaoqi, feeling that there was something different about the kid .

Mu Yaoyao smirked . “If that were true, Feng Xiaoqi wouldn’t still be a good-for-nothing at this age . ”

A good-for-nothing? Elder Xuanyuan frowned .

Well, if that was the case, he wasn’t concerned anymore .

“Take him away!” Elder Xuanyuan grew impatient . This was meant to be a petty incident, but it seemed to last forever .

Soon, the school guards charged at them .

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“Wait —”

Priest Wu was going to interfere, when he heard a familiar voice .

It was Grand Secretary Fang!

Everyone was astonished .

Especially Xuanyuan Kun and Priest Wu, who had more information than the others .

They knew about the lightning tribulation which Grand Secretary Fang had gone through during his breakthrough, which was why they thought that he should be at home, consolidating his achievement so far . The last thing they expected was to find him here .

Elder Xuanyuan had been reluctant to work under Grand Secretary Fang .

After Mr Zuo was removed from his position, Elder Xuanyuan was convinced that he would get the job, but Grand Secretary Fang had gotten it instead . Elder Xuanyuan had been unreconciled to it ever since .

Keeping his gaze on Grand Secretary Fang, Elder Xuanyuan reached out with his spiritual essence, trying to feel out Grand Secretary Fang’s current cultivation level, but —

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His spiritual essence barely touched Grand Secretary Fang when —

Grand Secretary Fang’s powerful spiritual essence smashed down like a tidal wave!

Elder Xuanyuan’s spiritual essence dissipated immediately .

That hurt —

Elder Xuanyuan blanched in pain, feeling as if his brain had been struck by lightning .

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