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Chapter 1017: 1017
Chapter 1017 Ups and Downs 3

Ms Yu had been putting up with Feng Wu’s nonsense until then, but the kid only repaid her with even more of a farce . Despite her usually mild temper, Ms Yu had become vexed .

Feng Wu shook her head . “Chaoge didn’t hit him hard . The force she used couldn’t have killed anyone . ”

Mu Yaoyao smirked inwardly . Indeed, Chaoge couldn’t have, but Mu Yaoyao had her whole plan . Yao Hao had to die today!

Mu Yaoyao feigned a furious tone and stared at Feng Wu . “He’s stopped breathing! You’re going to pay with your life!”

Feng Wu glanced at Mu Yaoyao . She was anything but stupid, and she had realized what Mu Yaoyao wanted after the latter mentioning paying with her life repeatedly . Mu Yaoyao was trying to call off that bet!

As expected, Mu Yaoyao moved closer and whispered in a threatening voice .

“Destroy that paper with the bet on it and I may let you live . ”

She was right —

However, Feng Wu only darted a look at Mu Yaoyao . “You’ll beg for my forgiveness in a moment . ”

Feng Wu was amazed by how emboldened these people were . Were they seriously trying to poison someone when she, the master of poison, was around?

When she was only five, she already knew of every poison known to man . That little red pill she had created, the laxative, was still sold widely across the Junwu Empire . Mu Yaoyao still had a lot to learn if she wanted to conceal a poison from Feng Wu .

Mu Yaoyao snorted inwardly after Feng Wu rejected her offer . So, the girl would rather learn the hard way!

However, Feng Wu had walked up to Yao Hao and started working on him with her pale green light . Dots of green light then seeped into his body through his forehead .

Master Duanmu was astonished!

What Feng Wu was doing was completely out of his expectations .

Because that green light was a treatment method only practiced by Supreme Level medicine refiners!

In other words —

This teenage girl was a Supreme Level medicine refiner?!

That was preposterous! Master Duanmu refused to admit it!

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More green light flew out of Feng Wu’s hands .

And they covered Yao Hao’s entire body .

Was there going to be a miracle?

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in astonishment .

However, Mu Yaoyao smirked the entire time .

She had planned everything out; Yao Hao had agreed to take a medicine that would make him appear dead . He could come back to life after Mu Yaoyao got the bet called off .

However, Yao Hao didn’t know that Mu Yaoyao hadn’t told him the whole truth!

Knowing what an amazing doctor Feng Wu was, Mu Yaoyao had used a real poison on Yao Hao, which would actually kill him!

That was why Mu Yaoyao was so pleased when Feng Wu tried to save Yao Hao .

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Yao Hao had no chance!

She was right —

One minute passed…

Three minutes…

Five minutes…

Yao Hao still lay there with his eyes closed . His face was emotionless and he still wasn’t breathing .

It seemed that Yao Hao really was dead .

“Stop it! Don’t touch my brother!” Yao Ying rushed out and charged at Feng Wu .

Mu Yaoyao gloated .

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However, just before Yao Ying made contact with Feng Wu —

Green light appeared all over Feng Wu and sparked to life like a protective shield .

Yao Ying looked like she had bumped into a wall, and she bounced off the shield!


She was flung back as she smashed into a wall . There was a loud crack, and Yao Ying cried out in pain .

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