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Chapter 1018: 1018
Chapter 1018 Ups and Downs 4

“That’s enough!” Ms Yu picked Yao Ying up and steadied her . She then frowned at Feng Wu . “You can get up now . ”

But Feng Wu ignored her . She then started pressing Yao Hao’s acupoints as quickly as she could manage .

Three more left to go and then —

“Feng Wu! That’s enough!”

Yu Yue was genuinely angry now . “He’s already dead . Is it that difficult to show him some respect?!”

Feng Wu looked perfectly calm . “He’s not dead . ”

However, her statement only received more stares .

The length she would go to, to have Duan Chaoge exonerated… Did she think the others here couldn’t tell a dead person from a living one? How could she…

Yu Yue had thought about cutting Feng Wu loose for the sake of Grand Secretary Fang, but she was infuriated by how unreasonable Feng Wu was .

“Have Feng Wu arrested!”

The girl wouldn’t leave a victim’s body alone, and had injured the victim’s family member . What Feng Wu had done was abominable!

The school guards had been standing by, and they were going to charge at Feng Wu when —

“What’s all this? What do you think you’re doing?” A familiar voice came from outside .

Feng Wu had been feeling uneasy, but she relaxed a little at that voice .

She had reached the critical moment of her treatment, and she might not be able to revive Yao Hao if she was interrupted . Priest Wu had shown up just in time .

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Yes, it was none other than the Priest Wu Feng Wu knew .

Priest Wu hadn’t known about this at first, for as one of the seven bosses of the college, he hardly ever set foot in the Year 1 quarter .

But then, he heard that Feng Wu was here in Imperial College, and thought he should pop in to check up on her . Maybe he could persuade her to join the Formations Department .

However —

He was shocked by the news as soon as he arrived .

What? Little Feng Wu had killed someone?

Killing a fellow student was punishable by death! Fearing that Feng Wu would be bullied, Priest Wu arrived as soon as he could .

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He got there just in time .

The crowd turned around, and they reacted differently to the presence of Priest Wu .

Students like Yao Ying were too new on campus to recognize Priest Wu, but Yu Yue and Master Duanmu knew better .

Priest Wu was the boss of the Formations Department, and one of the seven bosses; he was as famous as Elder Xuanyuan!

Yu Yue looked around at the mess, which was giving her a headache . However, she had no choice but to greet him with a wry smile . “Sir, to what do we owe this honor? You must have a lot of work to do . ”

With his hands behind his back, Priest Wu strolled over . He looked at the crowd and was displeased by what he saw .

It was obvious that most of these people were against Feng Wu .

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“I was around and I heard the noise . I thought I should pop in . ” Priest Wu pretended that he was just passing by . He said grumpily, “What’s this about?”

The man was one of the seven bosses, whom students in Year 1, 2 and 3 had no opportunity to meet . Only a handful of very lucky students could learn from him, and the little amount he taught could benefit them greatly .

To the students, all seven bosses were as unreachable as deities .

Yu Yue didn dare to take the man lightly, and hurriedly told him what happened .

The old man flared up right away . “Nonsense!”

What did he mean? Everyone looked curiously at the old man .

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