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Chapter 1016: 1016
Chapter 1016 Ups and Downs 2

And those words were like a sudden clap of thunder in their ears .

Yao Hao… was really dead?!

Instantly, all eyes were on Feng Wu and Chaoge!


“Arrest them!”

“A life for a life!”

The clamor of everyone talking at the same time seemed to drown Feng Wu and Chaoge like a tidal wave .

A team of college guards also rushed in to arrest the culprits .

Chaoge blocked their way, bellowing, “What are you doing? Take me! Xiao Wu has nothing to do with this! I’ll take full responsibility!”

How she hated these people! They just wouldn’t leave Xiao Wu alone, when it was she who had beaten Yao Hao up .

However, all these people, Qiao Yi and Mu Yaoyao alike, had been targeting Feng Wu all along . They couldn’t care less about Chaoge .

Amidst all the chaos, Qiao Yi gave an order . “Arrest them both!”

The guards then reached out to grab Feng Wu and Chaoge .


Chaoge kicked them away!


Everyone cried out in surprise!

These were the college guards, and Duan Chaoge had just confronted them openly . Did she have a death wish?!

“Stop!” Ms Yu frowned .

Here in this room, Chief Yu called the shots . She gave the order . “Arrest Duan Chaoge!”

“What about Feng Wu?”

Mu Yaoyao, Ye Yafei, Yao Ying, and Qiao Yi cried out in unison .

Ms Yu snapped, “Did you see Feng Wu do anything?”

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Mu Yaoyao said, “But…”

Ms Yu waved her off . “It was indeed she who started the whole thing, but it was also true that she didn’t do anything . So, arrest Duan Chaoge and wait for further instructions from the college!”

Du Chaoge had killed a fellow student in public, and she would probably have to pay with her own life .

Ms Yu glanced at Feng Wu . That was all the help she could give Feng Wu . Unless some miracle happened now, Duan Chaoge was going to die!

Mu Yaoyao wasn’t reconciled to this .

She had set the trap for Feng Wu, but Duan Chaoge was the one who took the bait .

Mu Yaoyao clenched her fists .

Well, better than nothing!

The school guards rushed in and acted quickly . They surrounded Chaoge in no time!

Feng Wu frowned . She had kept her silence so far, and these people just acted as if she wasn’t there .

Feng Wu smiled . “Stop . ”

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Her voice wasn’t loud, but it was authoritative and couldn’t be ignored .

All eyes turned in her direction .

Feng Wu asked quietly, “What gives you the right to arrest Chaoge?”

The school guards exchanged bewildered looks .

The others stared at Feng Wu in amazement as well .

Mu Yaoyao smirked . “Who gave you the courage to say those words? Feng Wu, who the hell do you think you are?”

Feng Wu didn’t answer her . To be more precise, she ignored Mu Yaoyao .

Staring at Yao Hao, who was lying on the ground, Feng Wu snorted . “Yao Hao isn’t dead!”


Mu Yaoyao and Master Duanmu cried out in unison!

Especially Mu Yaoyao . She stared at Feng Wu and sneered at the latter .

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Master Duanmu also stared at Feng Wu . “He’s dead and that’s my conclusion . How can you say otherwise?!”

Feng Wu said, “He’s not dead . ”

Master Duanmu said, “He is!”

Feng Wu said, “He’s not dead . ”

Enraged, Master Duanmu ignored Feng Wu and turned to Ms Yu instead . “Why did you invite me here if you won’t believe me? I’m leaving!”

Master Duanmu turned to leave .

Ms Yu frowned . “Feng Wu…”

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