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Chapter 1013: 1013
Chapter 1013 A Fatal Injury?

“First on the billboard?” Qiao Yi snorted . “That’s a bold statement, given the fact that you didn’t even show up for the test . How arrogant of you!”

Seeing that the two of them were lashing out at each other, Ms Yu intervened . She cast a stern look at Qiao Yi . “You’re a grownup, so behave like one in front of your students . ”

Qiao Yi opened her mouth . “I —”

But Ms Yu ignored her and turned to Feng Wu . “So, what are you going to do?”

Looking around the office, Feng Wu found an empty chair . She pulled it to her side, sat down readily, and said in an unhurried tone, “Nothing . I won’t let it drop until Xuanyuan Yi is here . ”

Excuse me?!

Qiao Yi was already disgruntled when Feng Wu took the chair, which in fact belonged to her . The girl’s statement completely set her off .

“You won’t let it drop until Xuanyuan Yi is here?” Qiao Yi sneered at Feng Wu . “Humor me!”

Feng Wu only smiled at her and remained unperturbed .

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Yu Yue had no choice but to ask around . Before long, she was able to put together what happened .

And she frowned .

It was now between a student under Grand Secretary Fang’s wing and a family member of Elder Xuanyuan… What a difficult choice to make .

She had to be diplomatic and try to defuse the spat before it got worse .

Yu Yue glanced at Qiao Yi . “It was a light altercation between students . Surely it wasn’t anything worth expelling them over . ”

Yao Hao had been studying Yu Yue’s face, and he didn’t like what he saw — the teacher was obviously on Feng Wu’s side .

He had to look more severely injured, otherwise —

“Retch —”

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Yao Hao had been trembling, but now, he fell to the ground and began to vomit blood!

Pfft —

He spat out a mouthful of blood, which stained the lower hem of Yu Yue’s skirt .

With a shaking hand, he grabbed a corner of Yu Yue’s skirt and squeezed out some pleading words . “Ms… help… will the school… get even for me…”

Yao Hao passed out after that .

“Yao Hao!”

Qiao Yi was thrilled to see Yao Hao pass out . She rushed over to him and put a trembling finger under his nose . She jolted .

“Oh, no! Yao Hao isn’t breathing! Yao Hao’s dead!”

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The news flew out of the office as if it had wings, and it quickly spread to the Year 1 quarter .

Year 1 and Year 2 had classrooms in separate locations, and the two groups had very limited contact .

Nearly all the Year 1 students had gathered in Blue Cloud Court in animated discussion, trying to figure out what kind of punishment Feng Wu and Chaoge would receive . However —

“He’s really dead?”

“Wasn’t Yao Hao walking around just then? How can he be dead all of a sudden?”

“Duan Chaoge kicked him in all his vital parts . I bet that’s what killed him . ”

The atmosphere in Blue Cloud Court was filled with anxiety .

Mu Yaoyao and Ye Yafei, who had been hiding in the dark, let out breaths of relief .

Finally —

Things were looking up for them .

“Let’s go!” Mu Yaoyao and Ye Yafei headed for the head teacher’s office with their arms linked together .

Feng Wu, you’re dead!

Feng Wu didn’t expect to run into so much trouble when she arrived at Imperial College this morning to register . With everything that had happened, she was displeased .

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