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Chapter 1014
Chapter 1014 Xiao Wu, I Didn“t Kill Him

However, she still managed to put on an indifferent smile, despite her reluctance .

At that moment, everyone was concerned about Yao Hao’s condition .

After all, the accident took place in Imperial College, and the school would have to take responsibility for the consequences .

Yu Yue cried out, “Go get a doctor! Get Master Duanmu here!”

Mr Gu jumped to his feet . “I’ll go get him!”

Yao Hao was still vomiting blood, and they didn’t dare move him . Mr Gu rushed out of the office immediately .

He only realized after a moment that he had a communication jade on him . Smacking his forehead, he took it out and called Master Duanmu’s assistant .

Someone as prominent as Master Duanmu would be too proud to talk directly to a common teacher like Gu Yi .

“Master, someone has been fatally wounded in the Year 1 quarter, and the student is said to have stopped breathing . They need you there . ” The assistant was Meng Chu, a pretty girl from Year 2 .

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Master Duanmu’s eyes flickered when he recalled the favor Mu Yaoyao had asked of him the day before .

Mr Fang, the current acting principal, was Mu Yaoyao’s grandfather, and Master Duanmu wanted to jump on Fang’s bandwagon so that he could move further up the food chain .

With the help of his walking stick, he rose to his feet . “Let’s go . ”

The Year 1 head teacher’s office .

Qiao Yi was screaming, “Yao Hao’s dead! Yao Hao’s really dead! Feng Wu! Duan Chaoge! You killed him! Hey, take them down! Don’t let them run away!”

The school guards had been waiting outside, and they were prepared to enter the building when they heard Qiao Yi’s voice .

Ms Yu cast a stern look at them . “Stay where you are! Do you want to create an even bigger scene?!”

Qiao Yi stared at Ms Yu . “But Ms Yu, if the two of them escape…”

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“Where can they possibly go?!” Ms Yu rolled her eyes at Qiao Yi . The young teacher had seemed so docile before, but she had done nothing but add to the confusion here!

Ms Yu didn’t take Qiao Yi’s words for granted . She crouched down next to Yao Hao and examined him with her spiritual essence .

It was true; his breath was undetectable and he appeared to be dead . But he was still alive, although barely .

“I found his pulse . We may still be able to save him if Master Duanmu gets here in time,” Ms Yu said anxiously .

She looked around the room, and her gaze landed on Feng Wu .

To her surprise, Feng Wu didn’t look the least bit flustered or perplexed…

How was that even possible?!

Ms Yu stared at Feng Wu in disbelief . Her friend had practically killed a person because of her!

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And they would be considered murderers if Yao Hao died .

According to the regulations of Imperial College, killing a fellow student was punishable by death, and what was more…

They would face the most ruthless penalty!

Even with Grand Secretary Fang’s support, the girl shouldn’t be this arrogant . Where did her confidence come from?

Feng Wu sat there, perfectly calm . She even had the mood to flip through a book, as if none of this concerned her .

But Duan Chaoge was uneasy .

“Xiao Wu, I didn’t kill him . ” Despite her tough appearance, Chaoge was a gentle girl deep down . She bit her lower lip and whispered in Feng Wu’s ear .

“I know . ” Feng Wu patted Chaoge on the shoulder .

Seeing how confident Feng Wu was, Chaoge calmed down, too .

Hasty footsteps came from outside at that moment .

“Yao Hao! Yao Hao! Are you alright?!”

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