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Published at 3rd of August 2020 04:00:13 PM
Chapter 1012
Chapter 1012 I Have No Connections? Says Who?

“Resign?” Yu Yue stared at Qiao Yi . “But why?”

Qiao Yi glared at Feng Wu and Chaoge so fiercely that she could have torn them to pieces with her eyes .

“There, there . You’re a grownup . Why so grumpy?” Yu Yue tried to calm her down .

“Chief Yu, do you know what they did?” Qiao Yi complained to Chief Yu and told the latter what happened . “You know what that Duan Chaoge did? She hit a teacher! I can’t believe this!”

Ms Yu frowned .

The other teachers in the room looked displeased as well .

As fellow teachers, they naturally took Qiao Yi’s side .

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Because they were thinking a little further ahead .

If the students weren’t properly disciplined this time, it could set a bad example for potential offenses in the future . What if other students started to challenge their teachers?

“Abominable!” Mr Gu frowned and said angrily, “Unruly students like her are of no use here! She won’t follow her teacher’s instructions! What kind of place does she think Imperial College is? This kind of behavior won’t be tolerated!”

Mr Hu shook his head, a cup of tea in his hand . “Unbelievable . Kids nowadays are unbelievable . They’re out of control . ”

Qiao Yi said between broken sobs, “I know I’m new here, but that doesn’t mean I deserve this! Chief Yu, if you won’t do anything about this, I’ll go to Mr Fang . I’d like to see what he has to say about this!”

By Mr Fang, Qiao Yi was referring to Grand Secretary Fang .

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Ms Yu was perplexed .

She knew more than Qiao Yi did . Feng Wu had been absent for three days, and Grand Secretary Fang had asked for leave on her behalf . He had contacted Ms Yu himself .

What did that mean?

Feng Wu was well-acquainted with Grand Secretary Fang!

“Chief Yu, aren’t you going to say something?” Qiao Yi stared at Ms Yu .

Feng Wu and Chaoge had to go!

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Ms Yu glanced at Qiao Yi, then smiled at Feng Wu and said in a gentle voice, “Feng Wu, what’s your side of the story?”

Feng Wu smiled . “We’re still missing a person . I’ll wait . ”

Missing a person? Ms Yu looked at Qiao Yi in bewilderment .

Qiao Yi sneered at Feng Wu with flushed cheeks . “Xuanyuan Yi was only trying to help, because he saw injustice . He’s too busy with his cultivation to be tangled up in this nonsense!”

Qiao Yi then turned to Ms Yu . “All Xuanyuan Yi did was help Lei Kai . He was busy, so I gave him permission to leave . ”

Ms Yu frowned .

The difference in treatment was so obvious!

Feng Wu smiled . “I see . Xuanyuan Yi took part in the fight, but he could leave freely . I didn’t even lift a finger and Miss Qiao here is trying to get me expelled . How incredible . ”

Qiao Yi smirked . That boy had connections and Feng Wu didn’t . What more did she expect?

But Qiao Yi couldn’t say that out loud . She sneered at Feng Wu . “Xuanyuan Yi is already in the top 300 on the billboard . What about you? How dare you ask for equal treatment?!”

“So, Imperial College is a school that only considers martial prowess . Facts don’t matter here . ” Feng Wu pressed, “Are you saying that if I’m first on that billboard, I can beat up anyone I like?”

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