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Chapter 1011: 1011
1011 Feng Wu the Murderer 6 “Let’s go . ” Feng Wu tugged at Chaoge .

Given how stubborn Chaoge was, she wouldn’t listen to anyone but Feng Wu .

She followed Feng Wu in a cheerful mood, not the least bit worried about the possibility that she might be expelled .

Feng Wu, Chaoge, Yao Hao, and Lei Kai followed Qiao Yi out of the classroom .

Feng Wu looked into the distance at Xuanyuan Yi, who had almost walked out of sight .

He had nearly wounded Chaoge, and he thought he could walk away just like that? Feng Wu smirked .

The classroom remained boisterous after Feng Wu and the others left .

The newbies and the seniors usually didn’t mingle and were segregated . At the moment, however, they crowded together in animated discussion .

“That was incredible! That Feng Wu was bold enough to challenge Miss Qiao Yi!”

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“Does she know who Qiao Yi’s father is? Mr Qiao is the head of the Year 2 teachers! Does she want to stay in Year 1 forever?”

“I think it’s safe to say that Feng Wu and Duan Chaoge will both be expelled this time, and they’ll never get the chance to proceed to Year 2 . They won’t have to deal with Mr Qiao after that . ”

Feng Sang and her friends smiled .

“Sangsang, Feng Wu is going to be expelled! Hahaha! We won’t have to see her ever again!”

Guan Jing and her friends were thrilled .

However, several boys standing next to them smiled bitterly .

If Feng Wu were here, she would recognize them right away, for they were Jin Yuntao, Yuan Ming, and Ye Zhou .

The three of them had met Feng Wu for the first time in World Tower . Jin Yuntao had spoken up for Feng Wu, which had earned him a reward of some top-grade spiritual stones!

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And that had been a gift from World Tower .

On the other hand, those who had opposed Feng Wu, be it the well-connected Mu Yaoyao or the privileged royal princess, had been punished accordingly .

Jin Yuntao knew there and then that Feng Wu was more than an acquaintance of His Royal Highness .

Therefore —

After hearing everything people had been saying about Feng Wu and the way Miss Qiao Yi treated her, he had an idea . Should he try something?

At that thought, Jin Yuntao headed for the door .

“Where are you going?” Yuan Ming and Ye Zhou ran out after him .

Jin Yuntao went to World Tower .

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The quickest way to deliver the message was to go to the crown prince’s residence . However, he was too unimportant to even walk through the front door . That was why Jin Yuntao went to World Tower, where he ran into the one-armed Yan Yue .

Other people might not think much of the message delivered by Jin Yuntao, but Yan Yue thought otherwise . She had learned the hard way . She had ignored Feng Wu’s influence with Jun Linyuan last time, and had ended up losing an arm!

After hearing what Jin Yuntao had to say, she showed him to her master immediately…

Meanwhile, Feng Wu and the other three were being taken to the office of the head teacher .

Qiao Yi was seething with anger!

She had been offended, physically abused, and threatened in public! Very well! She wouldn’t rest until Feng Wu and Duan Chaoge were expelled!

“What happened?”

Seeing the furious Qiao Yi, Yu Yue, the head teacher of Year 1, frowned .

She then saw the four students behind Qiao Yi .

Both boys had cuts and bruises on their faces and looked like wrecks . The two girls, on the other hand, were tidy and poised, without a scratch on them .

Yu Yue couldn’t help but give Feng Wu another look, for she recognized the latter . She was the girl who had come to have her exam permit stamped .

“Chief Yu! I can’t handle the new students this year! I want to resign from my post!”

No one saw that coming .

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