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Chapter 1010
1010 Feng Wu the Murderer 5 Qiao Yi could live with an unruly Xuanyuan Yi, for the guy’s grandfather was one of the seven bosses of the college, which made him a prince among the students . But Feng Wu? What did she have?

“Well, watch me . ” Feng Wu smiled at Qiao Yi, not the least bit intimidated by the teacher .

“You —”

Qiao Yi was so furious that she trembled from head to toe, and her face was so twisted that her eyes popped out .

She raised a hand to slap Feng Wu .

However, before her hand came down, Chaoge bumped into her like an angry calf, throwing Qiao Yi off balance .

Resting her hands on her waist, Chaoge bellowed, “How dare you hit Xiao Wu? You’re so dead!”

Most of the newbies were Level 1 and Level 2 Spiritual Grandmasters, and as a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster, Qiao Yi was more than capable of handling them .

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However, there were too many abnormalities with the new students this year!

First of all, there was the super genius Yu Mingye . Luckily, he wasn’t here today .

Then there was Xuanyuan Yi, who was a Level 4 — almost Level 5 — Spiritual Grandmaster! And with his connections, Qiao Yi could only let him do whatever he wanted .

But now, there was Duan Chaoge, the uncontrollable factor!

“How dare you hit a teacher?!” Qiao Yi was almost in tears!

Having taught here for so many years, she had never been treated like this . The girl had just bumped into her shoulder, but it was still numb from the pain .

Chaoge was the reckless type, and when she needed to protect Feng Wu, she didn’t care who she was dealing with .

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“You wanted to hit Xiao Wu! You deserved it! Try it again and I’ll slap you in the face!”

That was bold!

And so domineering!

Everyone was staring at Duan Chaoge in reverence!

If they had some grudges against Chaoge earlier, they no longer did, for Chaoge was bold enough to confront Qiao Yi!

They had seen it, too . They could tell how blatantly snobbish Qiao Yi was .

That was why they were so excited to see Chaoge and Feng Wu challenge Qiao Yi .

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But Qiao Yi was fuming!

She ranted like a mad person when she saw Feng Wu and Chaoge try to leave . “Leave here and you’ll be expelled! Both of you!”

Feng Wu only smiled . “I see you’ve got a lot of power here, Miss Qiao . You’ve replaced the principal, have you, since you can expel students and all?”

The crowd burst into laughter .

But they knew deep down that Feng Wu and Chaoge were doomed .

Qiao Yi had her connections, too, although they weren’t as powerful as Xuanyuan Yi’s .

“Take them down!”

Just then, the school guards showed up .

Qiao Yi didn’t dare handle Chaoge herself now, for it would be so humiliating if she failed .

The guards approached the two girls with solemn looks on their faces .

Chaoge raised a hand, but Feng Wu shook her head at her .

Exchanging blows with fellow students was one thing, but fighting the school guards would be seen as defying the college outright .

Getting expelled wouldn’t mean much to Feng Wu under normal circumstances, but the last time she met Jun Linyuan, he had told her that the second broken star piece was here in Imperial College . So —

She wasn’t going anywhere until she got that piece .

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