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Chapter 1009
1009 Feng Wu the Murderer 4 A teacher finally showed up .

“Miss Qiao Yi —”

The newbies greeted their teacher with great respect .

Feng Wu looked in Qiao Yi’s direction .

And she recognized her face .

When Feng Wu went to get her exam permit approved before the exam started, she had seen a few teachers in the office, and Qiao Yi had been one of them .

And she had been very unfriendly toward Feng Wu even then .

She was the snobbish type and she didn’t even try to hide it .

As expected, the first person Qiao Yi turned to was Xuanyuan Yi, and she sighed in relief when she saw that he wasn’t injured . She then turned to look at Feng Wu .

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And Qiao Yi’s first reaction was to frown at Feng Wu .

“What happened?” Qiao Yi stared at Feng Wu with an accusing look in her eyes .

She came to the conclusion right away that Feng Wu had done something wrong .

Huo Yin reacted quickly and replied in a hurry, “Feng Wu and Duan Chaoge were outrageous! Yao Hao only asked them why they didn’t show up for three days, and if they were afraid of taking the test, but they got angry and beat Yao Hao up . ”

Qiao Yi turned to look at Yao Hao .

Poor boy . It had started off as an act, but he did end up getting his ass kicked by Chaoge . His face was covered in bruises .

“And there’s Lei Kai . All he did was speak up for Yao Hao, and they beat him until he vomited blood!” Huo Yin said loudly .

Qiao Yi then turned to Lei Kai, who still had blood on his mouth and could barely stand on his feet . Her face darkened .

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That explained why Xuanyuan Yi was involved in the fight . Lei Kai was his buddy .

Qiao Yi turned her sharp gaze on Feng Wu .

“Feng Wu, do you have anything to say about this?” Qiao Yi glared at Feng Wu .

However, Chaoge stepped out before Feng Wu could say anything . “Xiao Wu has nothing to do with this! I beat these people up! I’ll answer your questions!”

Qiao Yi narrowed her eyes .

Was Duan Chaoge that capable now?

“You lot, follow me!” Qiao Yi turned to leave .

These students all had some connections, and this would be a delicate matter .

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However, Xuanyuan Yi said in a casual tone, “Miss Qiao Yi, I’m going home now . ”

He then turned in the other direction .

It was as if he didn’t hear Qiao Yi at all .

Xuanyuan Yi was a direct descendent of the Xuanyuan clan, and his grandfather was one of the seven bosses of Imperial College . Qiao Yi had no choice but to put up with this arrogant teenager .

Not only did she have to put up with him, she even had to smile at him . “Of course . Go home and get some rest . Come back when you feel better…”

Xuanyuan Yi left before Qiao Yi could finish talking .

He looked as proud as a peacock .

When Qiao Yi turned back to Feng Wu and the others, her manner changed completely . The smile was gone, replaced by a furious look .

Especially when it was directed at Feng Wu .

“Get over here!”

However —

Feng Wu was never the tolerant type .

If Xuanyuan Yi could leave, why couldn’t she?

Feng Wu smiled . “Xuanyuan Yi hit Chaoge . If he can leave, why can’t we?”

After that, Feng Wu patted Chaoge . “Let’s go . ”

“How dare you, Feng Wu!”

Qiao Yi flared up .

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