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Published at 31st of July 2020 07:40:12 PM
Chapter 1006
1006 Feng Wu the Murderer 1 Mu Yaoyao and Ye Yafei, the “masterminds” behind these two, were hiding in their respective homes because of their earlier bets with Feng Wu . They didn’t dare show up at school .

That was why Yao Hao and Huo Yin had tried to make a scene . They wanted to provoke Feng Wu .

However, Duan Chaoge jumped out first .

They could live with that . Removing Duan Chaoge would be like cutting off one of Feng Wu’s arms . That was a pretty nice down payment .

Since Chaoge had taken the bait, Yao Hao would make sure that she wouldn’t get off the hook easily .

“Retch —”

Yao Hao scrambled out of the flowerbed, covered in blood .

He had deliberately dressed himself in white today, so that the effect would be exceptionally shocking when his clothes were stained with blood .

And he even punched himself in the chest .

“Retch —”

He spat out another mouthful of blood, which had some clots in it .

Someone cried out in surprise, “Oh god, Yao Hao’s heart has been shattered! He spat pieces of it out!”

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Feng Wu wanted to roll her eyes at them .

Even if that was the case, the pieces wouldn’t come out of his stomach, thank you!

Feng Wu glanced at Huo Yin . She was the one crying out .

However, she was able to fool a lot of people .

People believed that what they saw was Duan Chaoge taking advantage of her power to bully her fellow classmate . No, she was trying to kill him!

“Help! Feng Wu is killing people here! Feng Wu is killing a classmate!”

The news got out of Blue Cloud Court, and by the time it reached Universe Court, it had become a different story .

What? Feng Wu had killed someone?!

Feng Sang, who hadn’t gone very far, was thrilled to hear the news .

She turned around and headed for Blue Cloud Court .

The other students were equally excited .

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Onlookers always looked forward to more breaking news .

Feng Wu’s every move was already being scrutinized, but she was still bold enough to kill on campus in broad daylight? That was unbelievable!

They had to see this!

Nearly all the students of Universe Court rushed that way .

Blue Cloud Court .

After tossing the guy into the flowerbed, Chaoge patted her hands in satisfaction . But to her surprise, Yao Hao looked as if he was dying, with all his trembling and moaning .

What a poser!

Infuriated, Chaoge raised a foot to Yao Hao’s chest .

Everyone stared at Duan Chaoge in amazement .

How dare she?!

Everyone turned in Feng Wu’s direction!

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All Feng Wu had to do was say the word, and Chaoge would stop . As a matter of fact, she did speak .

She said, “Aim 10cm lower . ”

Stomping on his heart would kill him, but kicking him in the belly wouldn’t .


Chaoge’s foot landed right on Yao Hao’s stomach .


That hurt!

Yao Hao curled up like a cooked shrimp, and he stared at Chaoge in bafflement!

And he wasn’t the only one .

Everyone else was staring at Chaoge in disbelief as well!

That was so arrogant of her!

She had done it in front of everyone!

“I can’t believe this!”

“Who the hell does she think she is?”

“Are they killing Yao Hao?”

However, Chaoge didn’t seem to hear them; all she could think of were the awful things Yao Hao had said about Feng Wu .

“Quit acting and get up! This is what you get for cursing Xiao Wu!”

Then, Chaoge raised her foot again!

Just then, a figure showed up and grabbed Chaoge by the shoulder!

Chaoge looked over her shoulder to find a familiar face .

It was Lei Kai, one of Xuanyuan Yi’s minions .

“Duan Chaoge, that’s enough!” Lei Kai wanted to throw Chaoge out!

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