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Chapter 1007: 1007
Chapter 1007 Feng Wu the Murderer 2

Chaoge smirked . “Hands off me!”

Duan Chaoge was the kind that would always fight back right away .

The next second, she was throwing punches at Lei Kai!

The sound of fists hitting flesh resounded in the air .

Both moved at a tremendous speed!

In a matter of seconds, they had struck out dozens of times!


In the end, Chaoge punched Lei Kai in the face!

Everyone stared at Chaoge in disbelief!

That was incredible!

Because Imperial College took in students every year, most of the Year 1 students were of similar cultivation levels . The newbies this year, for instance, were mostly Level 1 and Level 2 Spiritual Grandmasters .

Lei Kai, a Level 3 Spiritual Grandmaster, was one of the better ones .

However, he had just been defeated by Duan Chaoge…

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That surprised everyone .

After the test three days ago, Lei Kai was ranked 893 among the 1000 on the stone tablet .

Lei Kai glared at Chaoge . “I see why you’re so arrogant now . Bring it on!”

With those words, Lei Kai charged at Chaoge again .

Chaoge had made some great progress in the past few days .

When Feng Wu was busy building the Taiyi formation, Chaoge had been cultivating .

Feng Wu had kept Chaoge in mind all the time . When her beautiful master gave Grand Secretary Fang that “Free and Easy Wandering” manual, Feng Wu had also asked for a manual for Chaoge as well .

Her beautiful master was excellent in figuring out one’s cultivation needs . With one look, he knew what manual would suit Chaoge the most .

Feng Wu knew how to make a request, and of course, her master had to grant her wish .

The manual Feng Wu got for Chaoge was called “Homage to Phoenix”; with its help, Chaoge’s cultivation level had risen significantly .

Hence, Lei Kai wasn’t Chaoge’s match at all!


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Chaoge raised her hand, and there was a golden flash .

“Roarrr —”

Lei Kai, who had believed that he would win for sure, flew backward with an angry roar .


He fell to the ground with a thump .

Everyone stared at Duan Chaoge in disbelief .

Everyone had thought it an accident when Lei Kai was struck down the first time .

But now —

Lei Kai lay unconscious on the ground and couldn’t even stand up .

It was no accident . Lei Kai had been defeated!


“Oh my god!”

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“How did that happen?!”

Everyone began to shout different things .

They couldn’t believe this!

And Huo Yin was the most surprised of them all!

It had seemed only yesterday when Ye Yafei and the others bullied Duan Chaoge during the physical tryout . Duan Chaoge had been a mere Level 5 Spiritual Master then .

How long had it been?

It had only been half a month, and she was a different person now!

She was more powerful than Lei Kai now!

Huo Yin couldn’t believe it!

She shook her head in disbelief .

But that was the reality!

Duan Chaoge smirked . “You think you can stop me? In your dreams!”

After that, she made to kick Lei Kai again .

These people had said bad things about Xiao Wu; she would thrash them until they shut up! Chaoge was on fire!

However, just then —

There was a cold voice .

“Kneel and apologize . Then, I might consider sparing your life . ”

The voice was cold, distant, and cruel . It gave one the creeps .

Everyone turned around .

They saw a young man with long black hair step out of the crowd and walk into the clearing .

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