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Chapter 1005: 1005
Chapter 1005 Expel Her!

After that, Feng Sang stormed out of the classroom with her books .

The others eyed one another in amazement .

How amazing . That Feng Wu was able to upset Feng Sang like this .

Feng Sang’s name was quite high up on the stone tablet .

Since they couldn’t get anything from Feng Sang, the students decided to go have a look in Blue Cloud Court .

It was considered the newbies’ honor to be visited by seniors .

Blue Cloud Court .

The boisterous classroom quieted down as soon as Feng Wu walked in .

Regardless of their unspoken criticism, the students were genuinely intimidated by her performance in Proud Snowfield…

But some were still bold enough .

For instance —

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Miss Huo Yin .

“Feng Wu, I thought you had been scared off . What? Now that the test is over, you’re bold enough to show up at school?”

Feng Wu followed the voice and spotted Huo Yin .

Huo Yin was Ye Yafei’s friend, but the latter didn’t even dare show up in front of Feng Wu, for she had lost that bet, too .

Huo Yin rose to her feet, and with that, many girls also grew aggressive .

“Look, everyone, here’s Feng Wu . She’s first in both exams this year, but she didn’t show up to get her cultivation level tested . ”

“We all know that she only got first in the physical tryout because of His Royal Highness . ”

“That’s right . We all saw it . She didn’t have one single star before that . ”

“She cast the badly injured crown prince aside and only cared about absorbing the spiritual essence for herself . I can’t believe it . ”

“I’m telling you, she’s obviously selfish . I can’t imagine how scheming she can be . Watch out, everyone . Don’t walk into her trap . ”

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Most of the accusations came from the girls .

They hated Feng Wu for that “kiss” she gave Jun Linyuan before the physical tryout finished .

Some also stood up for Feng Wu, such as Shi Xuan .

She had switched to Feng Wu’s side after what happened in Proud Snowfield .

“Are you people blind?! What do you mean she was only able to do it because of His Royal Highness? You’ve all seen the replay of the footage!” Shi Xuan was furious . “Feng Wu saved His Royal Highness during the fall! You’re confusing right and wrong!”

But people only smirked at her .

“She saved His Royal Highness? Can she say that she didn’t take advantage of him?!”

“She has no shame! How dare she even show up?!” Yao Hao snorted .

However, before he could say another word!

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Thump! Chaoge struck!

She charged at Yao Hao and kicked him in the face . Before he could react, Chaoge grabbed him by the collar and lifted him off the ground .


She tossed him right into a flower bed, smashing a lot of pots .

Poor Yao Hao . He had finally cultivated a bit of fame among the newbies, but Chaoge had crushed it just like that .

He was utterly humiliated .

A hush fell over the crowd .

Fighting among students was forbidden in Imperial College, and Chaoge had just broken the rule .

It took a moment for someone to realize that .

“Oh god, Feng Wu’s friend is beating another student up!”

“That’s against regulations! She should be expelled!”

“Kick her out!”

Instantly, the crowd grew excited .

Yao Hao and Huo Yin exchanged looks, and both grinned maliciously .

They had made such a scene just to set Feng Wu up, for she wasn’t familiar with the school regulations yet .

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