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Published at 29th of July 2020 12:25:10 AM
Chapter 1001: 1001
1001 First Day “Yes, I have . ” Qiuling raised her head, the look on her face solemn .

Feng Wu sighed inwardly . The girl didn’t have to go that far .

Taking a deep breath, Qiuling said in a serious tone, “I want to go wherever Miss Wu goes and be there for you all the time . ”

Qiuling had been feeling uneasy for months .

Her mistress was making progress at such an unbelievable speed, and growing stronger as one watched . Qiuling knew that if this went on, it would only be a matter of time before she was left so far behind that she wouldn’t be able to catch up to Feng Wu even if she ran at full speed .

Qiuling couldn’t allow herself to remain so weak .

If she didn’t do something about it, she would only humiliate her mistress in the future when she got bullied again .

Qiuling clenched her fists at that thought .

Feng Wu kept her gaze on Qiuling for a long while . Realizing that her maid had made up her mind, Feng Wu decided that she would honor Qiuling’s choice and grant Qiuling her wish .

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“Alright . I still need to make some preparations . We’ll start after I get back from Imperial College tomorrow . ”

Feng Wu had been able to transform Feng Xiaoqi into a boy with the Ultimate Spiritual Body, and she indeed knew a way to help Qiuling; it was just that —

Feng Wu said in a solemn tone, “But you have to be sure about this, for there’s a 50% chance that it could kill you . ”

Qiuling nodded decisively .

Feng Wu added, “Moreover, after you’ve obtained the Ultimate Yin Body, you won’t be able to have babies anymore . You’ll probably never get married like other women do, and cultivation and the sword are going to be all that there is for you . ”

Qiuling said, “I’ll take that!”

Qiuling had a gentle soul, but once she made up her mind, she would stick to it, just like when she had decided to stay with Feng Wu five years ago; she wouldn’t leave the already crippled Feng Wu then, no matter how lucrative the offers she received .

Feng Wu was speechless .

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The following day .

Feng Wu and Chaoge went to Imperial College together .

School actually started three days ago, but Feng Wu had asked for leave because she had to work on the Taiyi formation .

As always, Chaoge stayed with Feng Wu, and didn’t go to school for three days either .

Imperial College was vast in size . It took up the entire West District, which was as large as a quarter of the imperial capital . That was proof enough of the importance which the empire placed on the college .

Marble columns rose so high that they seemed to touch the sky . The walls were hundreds of meters tall, and wide enough for ten horses to run shoulder to shoulder on top of it . People looked like ants in contrast when they stood by the wall .

This wasn’t the first time that Feng Wu and Chaoge were visiting Imperial College .

The last time they were here, they had fought Feng Sang right here in the courtyard . Today, however, all was quiet .

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It made sense, for everyone should be in class at the moment .

“Where are the Year 1 classrooms?”

Feng Wu and Chaoge exchanged looks of bewilderment .

Chaoge said, “Well, I remember where the principal’s office is . Shall we go ask him?”

Feng Wu was speechless . Although Grandpa Fang was the acting principal now, wasn’t it a bit over the top to go to him just to ask for directions?

Feng Wu looked around . Someone was bound to skip class at some point, she was sure of it .

She was right —

Searching the area with her spiritual essence, Feng Wu soon detected the sound of breathing behind some rocks .

Walking quietly toward the spot, Feng Wu reached out and pulled a boy out of hiding .

“Uh, it’s you —”

The boy had gotten out of his class with the excuse of doing some cultivation, but was in fact taking a nap . The last thing he expected was to be caught red-handed . He jumped, opened his eyes, and saw a stunning beauty .

“Y- you’re Feng Wu!” the teenager cried out, flushing with excitement .

Feng Wu said, “You know who I am?”

The teenager slapped his thigh . “How can I not know who you are? You’re famous! Many people have been talking about what you did to His Royal Highness…”

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