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Published at 29th of July 2020 12:25:16 AM
Chapter 1000
1000 Master and Pupil “But how can this be? If the kid really has an Ultimate Spiritual Body, why hasn’t anyone found out about it? Why is he only a Level 4 Spiritual Master?”

Feng Wu chuckled . “That’s because Xiaoqi only started cultivating less than a month ago . ”

The boy had gone from scratch to Level 4 in less than a month?!

Grand Secretary Fang was astonished!

It would take any regular person at least a dozen years to reach Feng Xiaoqi’s level from scratch . Those with some talent, such as Feng Liu, also had to cultivate for years before they reached Level 5 .

But Feng Xiaoqi had been able to achieve it in a month!

“You’re kidding me, right?!” Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu smiled at Grand Secretary Fang . “I’m not . Xiaoqi didn’t start cultivating until a month ago . ”

One month…

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Grand Secretary Fang shook his head with a wry smile . The Feng clan had to be blessed . Talented youngsters just seemed to fall on their doorstep!

“Well, if you don’t find Xiaoqi good enough…” Feng Wu made a gesture to leave with Feng Xiaoqi .

“Hey! Hey!” Grand Secretary Fang panicked and stopped her . “Wait . Don’t go . ”

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder at Grand Secretary Fang, but the old man only reached out and took Feng Xiaoqi’s hand .

“You can go now . Leave the kid here,” Grand Secretary Fang said decisively .

What a wonderful pupil . He wouldn’t be able to find many young men more talented than this one .

It wasn’t every day that he could find such an ideal pupil, and Grand Secretary Fang was determined that he wouldn’t let this one slip through his fingers .

However, Feng Xiaoqi threw Grand Secretary Fang’s hand off and hid behind Feng Wu .

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Feng Wu chuckled .

Grand Secretary Fang’s eyes widened!

He had just become one of the top five cultivators in the empire!

Top five!

“Feng Xiaoqi, I’ve agreed to take you in as a pupil . Shouldn’t you be on your knees and formally acknowledging me as your master now?” With his hands behind his back, Grand Secretary Fang raised his chin .

Feng Xiaoqi, however, tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve and gave her a pleading look .

Feng Wu rubbed his head . “Xiaoqi, don’t you want a master?”

“Sister, can’t you teach me yourself?” Feng Xiaoqi sounded disappointed .

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“I certainly want to, but I don’t have the time… Grand Secretary Fang is your best option now, in terms of his cultivation and his connections . ”

Grand Secretary Fang rolled his eyes at Feng Wu .

That was… direct . The girl had said those words right in front of him .

She was probably one of the few people who dared talk to him like that .

Feng Xiaoqi asked, “Sister, do you think I need a master?”

Feng Wu smiled . “If you don’t want to, there’s no harm in hanging around Grand Secretary Fang and learning from him . ”

Feng Xiaoqi said, “Yes!”

Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Xiaoqi and Feng Wu in astonishment .

Feng Wu said apologetically, “Xiaoqi doesn’t want a master yet . In that case, I’m afraid you’ll have to bear with him . ”

Grand Secretary Fang didn’t even want to talk to Feng Wu now, if it wasn’t for her mysterious connection with that master, who was very likely Mu Jiuzhou .

Feng Xiaoqi was too talented a boy to be left to other people . The last thing Grand Secretary Fang wanted was to see someone else become the boy’s teacher .

With Xiaoqi figured out, Feng Wu’s mind was at ease . However, she arrived home to find Qiuling eyeing her eagerly .

Feng Wu then recalled what she had told Qiuling about her cultivation .

She looked into Qiuling’s eyes . “You’ve made up your mind?”

Qiuling knelt down and prostrated herself at Feng Wu’s feet .

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