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Published at 30th of July 2020 04:45:25 AM
Chapter 1002

1002 Billboard of Newbies

The teenager covered his mouth when he saw the murderous look in Feng Wu’s eyes and looked all innocent . “I… I don’t know anything . You didn’t hear a word from me . ”

Feng Wu glanced at him . “Cut the crap . Where are the classrooms for Year 1 students?”

Year 1? Feng Wu was finally here, and she was a Year 1 student now!

The teenager’s eyes flickered, which indicated that he was ready for some gossip . He rose to his feet with a grin, patted the dust off his clothes, and said to Feng Wu, “Follow me . I’ll show you the way . ”

Feng Wu couldn’t help but give him another look . Was it her, or was the guy gloating?

Was she overthinking it?

“What’s your name?” Feng Wu asked in passing .

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“Hang Yang, that’s my name,” said the teenager . “I got in last year, and you’re only a newbie . It doesn’t matter how famous you are outside, you still have to address me as ‘Senior Brother . ’”

“For what?”

Before Feng Wu said anything, Chaoge cut the guy short in a cold voice . She found his grin too smarmy and his manner too slovenly . In a word, she didn’t like him at all!

Hang Yang said happily, “Because of the rankings, of course!”

He then glanced at Feng Wu . “I know, I know . You’ve gotten your ability back and you have spiritual essence now, but it hasn’t been long and cultivation can’t be rushed . Plus, who can say for sure that you’re still the genius you once were? Maybe you’re just as ordinary as everyone else . ”

Resting her hands on her waist, Chaoge snorted . “Xiao Wu was first in both the written exam and the physical tryout, and you call her ‘ordinary’? Are you blind or idiotic?”

Hang Yang wanted to retort, but all words failed him .

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Because that was the truth . Feng Wu had indeed gotten first in both exams, which was unprecedented!

And she got full marks in both exams, too!

However —

“Come with me!” Hang Yang smirked and led the way in a disgruntled manner .

Chaoge was bewildered . “Why is he mad?”

Feng Wu was equally baffled . “You got me . ”

Chaoge said, “I can beat the crap out of him with one slap and he wants you to call him ‘Senior Brother’? In his dreams!”

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And Chaoge didn’t try to keep her voice down .

Vexed, Hang Yang almost tripped!

So what if Feng Wu got full marks in the physical tryout? Everyone knew that she was only able to light up all seven stars because she got lucky and received help from His Royal Highness . She just took the credit for it!

It was a big school, and it took them fifteen minutes to get to wherever they were going, even when they walked very fast .

Hang Yang led them to the square in the Year 1 quarter . In the center of the square stood a giant stone tablet .

Numerous names had been carved into the tablet in red .

The first one was none other than Si Yuan .

Feng Wu remembered that name . He was the president of Year 1 and very popular among the students . Feng Sang had a secret crush on the guy .

Hang Yang gloated . “This is the Year 1 billboard! Do you see your names up there?!”

Feng Wu and Chaoge started to look for their names from the top down, which amused Hang Yang .

“Hahaha, you’re so silly . Searching through the list is only going to be a waste of your time . The list contains both seniors and newbies!”

Feng Wu asked, “Seniors and newbies?”

Hang Yang cried out, “Seriously? Feng Wu, you don’t know what seniors and newbies are?”

Feng Wu glanced at Hang Yang in bewilderment .

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