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Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Of What Use Are You?

After the giant Flaming Cloud Hawk transformed into berserk mode, its drooping wing opened, its huge shadow hid the sky and covered the earth, an entire mountain could seek shelter from its shadow. It could be seen how enormous its body was!

How were its feathers anything like feathers, the glossy luster was just like armor!

Feng Wu grabbed at empty air and her body fell straight down!

The situation was extremely urgent!

Life or death decided in an instant!

During the most critical juncture, she finally was able to grab that Flaming Cloud Hawk's sharp fingernail.

Its talon was as sharp as a knife, the palm of Feng Wu's hand was cut deeply, blood rushed forth like a water spring!

Pain……however, Feng Wu's brows didn't crease, she borrowed the force in the middle of her hand to nimbly flip her body gracefully upside down and climbed once more inside the Flaming Cloud Hawk's huge talon.

At this time, she finally relaxed a little.

During the time her life was hanging

by a thread just now, if she'd reacted a split second later, she would've died for sure!

Thinking of this, Feng Wu pair of as black as ink, beautiful eyes, shot like lighting at Jun Lin Yuan!

In this crown prince's eyes, was everyone else crickets and ants!

He was calm and noble, whereas she cut a sorry figure and was falling apart.

Anger……ignited like a blaze in Feng Wu's chest!

Strength……an unprecedented thirst to have exceedingly powerful strength!

Feng Wu breathed in a deep breath, Immortal Spirit Fruit, she must get her hands on an Immortal Spirit Fruit and refine it into a Nine Spirit Reversal Pill. Only after that could she cultivate once more……

The road to the future is still very long, Jun Lin Yuan, we'll wait and see!

And right now, what's most important was to survive.

The Flaming Cloud Hawk's frightened eyes stared at Jun Lin Yuan!

How could there be such a powerful young man in the world!

How old could he be? Yet his strength exceeded someone already half a step into the emperor realm!

It had already transformed! Yet unexpectedly, it couldn't defeat him even

even after it transformed!

In a few years, after he matured, would that most formidable existence at the center of Icebound Forest also be afraid of going against him?

Thinking to this point, a wisp of despair appeared in the Flaming Cloud Hawk's eyes!

However, since it's unable to flee, then even at the cost of its life, it'd stake everything against this irreconcilable enemy!

Feng Wu saw the manianical blaze inside the Flaming Cloud Hawk's eyes as her heart chilled to the lowest possible temperature!

She didn't care about the hawk's life and death, but if it was going all out against Jun Lin Yuan, then that'd be disastrous to a small fish in the pond like her, moreover, she'd die for sure!

It's not that she didn't want to beg Jun Lin Yuan, it's just that she knew it'd be of no use.

Because right now, in Jun Lin Yuan's eyes, she was merely an insignificant stranger.

This person had always been so indifferent and heartless, it made people's hair stand up in anger!

His life creed is: Survive if you have the ability, don't waste the air you breathe if you

if you don't have ability.

In his heart, there were only two kinds of people: The first kind people was his people, the second kind of people was other people.

He'd shield his own people to the end, and turn a blind eye to anyone else.

It's quite clear that Feng Xun was considered one of his people, whereas Feng Wu…… she's 'other people'.

Even though this made people angry and dispirited, it was still a fact.

That's why Feng Wu placed her hopes of surviving on the giant Flaming Cloud Hawk!

Feng Wu's gaze was directed once more beneath her body ———Icebound Forest was divided into five regions altogether. The center of Icebound Forest was ruled by the most frightening overlord!

Indeed, even the empire's most powerful experts were fearful of this region.

During these years, because it's vital for her to follow the Immortal Spirit Fruit, Feng Wu gained an extremely detailed understanding of Icebound Forest.

That's why with only a glance, she recognized that this was the east region.

In merely a split second, a detailed map of this and the surrounding areas appeared in her mind!

"If you fight it out fight it out with him, not even one of his hair would be touched, yet you would've fallen and died. How about we work together?" In spite of the wounds on her hands, Feng Wu grabbed at the Flaming Cloud Hawk's talon as her nimble body quickly moved inside the Flaming Cloud Hawk's ear.

"Work together? Of what use are you?" The Flaming Cloud Hawk disdained Feng Wu in particular.

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