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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Violent Collision

The Flaming Cloud Hawk's pair of bloody eyes angrily glared at the young human in front of it at the moment.

Borrowing the Flaming Cloud Hawk's light, Feng Wu saw Jun Lin Yuan again.

His flawless beautiful countenance unequalled in the world!

Dark eyes hidden in depth, straight and high bridge of the nose, thin lips with deep contours, a body's build that's quick and slender, and abundant spirit as graceful as jade, causing winds and clouds to change color, overshadowing the sun and moon's splendor.

However, when looking at his person, what's most noticeable had always been his pair of deep eyes!

That pair of eyes as sharp as a falcon's, cold, tyrannical and powerful, noble and dignified, making people heart's grow apprehensive, not daring to look straight at them.

At this moment, the young man's handsome face was focused and stern, the sleeves of his robe fluttering in the wind.

He tread on the air and stood, his sword pointing to the heavens.

His earth shattering sword intent approached,

the spherical cloud layers were fragmented! A blast wave directed at the giant Flaming Cloud Hawk shot forth!

With a look, Feng Wu's heart immediately sank!

At present, all of her spiritual force had been lost, if she was hit by the blast wave, it'd really kill her!

A full grown living person like her, hanging from the Flaming Cloud Hawk's fangs, even swaying to and fro in the wind. Crown Prince Jun Lin Yuan, are you truly looking, yet, can, not, see? !

However, during Jun Lin Yuan's attack of fine ice needles, a torrential rain of pear flower needles aimed at the huge Flaming Cloud Hawk's body's critical acupuncture points. Feng Wu emotionally discovered that Jun Lin Yuan's vision was quite good. He simply chose to ignore her, that's all.

In his eyes, was she merely an unknown stranger?

So callous in severing all relations with her, so devoid of human emotions!


As Jun Lin Yuan raised his hand, an enormous, incomparable spirit force rose like a storm from the palm of his hand and transferred to the Heaven Slaying Sword!

He brandished the sword at the

the sky then chopped down!

Feng Wu's eyesight was still able to follow. What she saw was the Flaming Cloud Hawk's huge body. Its latter half was completely cut by Jun Lin Yuan!

The giant Flaming Cloud Hawk roared and bellowed in pain, the sound of that bellow was just like that of a maelstrom, a tornado!

Hanging from its talon, Feng Wu only felt a frantic air wave engulfing her entire body!

Her eardrums practically vibrated into pieces!

Her internal organs nearly became displaced!

Without exception, her nose, ears, mouth, were all seeping blood, her entire body appeared bloodstained and mottled. In that split second, Feng Wu truly thought that she'd died.

Before she had a chance to catch her breath, the enraged giant Flaming Cloud Hawk and Jun Lin Yuan engaged each other in combat again!

The fight was intense, space seemed as if it was crushed by them!

Feng Wu was jolted around just like someone sitting in an airplane encountering the worst possible air turbulence. Her body was like a sack that was being thrown back and forth crazily!

Slam slam slam!

This wasn't the sound of

sound of Jun Lin Yuan and the Flaming Cloud Hawk fighting hand to hand, rather, it was the sound of Feng Wu's fluttering body striking against the Flaming Cloud Hawk's face……

Really, even her bones were falling apart……

Feng Wu had always been strong, but at this time, she really had an urge to cry.

It wasn't because of the pain, rather, it's because of her back luck.

What's even worse luck was that ———-

Jun Lin Yuan's sword was returned to its scabbard while his eyes were brimming with ice-cold killing intent!


A fist exploded forth! Boundless spirit force!

A huge chunk was hollowed instantly from the Flaming Cloud Hawk's enormous pair of wings which were like a mountain range!

Even more so, Feng Wu met with the unprecedented strike!

Her pair of hands holding on to the Flaming Cloud Hawk already became inflamed red and purple early on, drenched with blood!

Her hands could no longer hold on as her body fell straight down!


Feng Wu cried out in alarm!

The ground couldn't be seen, deeply covered in mist filling a bottomless precipice. The only ending to someone ending to someone falling down was even their skeleton turning to dust!

However, she didn't want to die!

Her special agent's instincts allowed Feng Wu to maintain her usual cool-headedness during the most critical moments!


Just when her body was falling straight down, Feng Wu's pair of hands ferociously grabbed at the side of her body and caught onto the Flaming Cloud Hawk's feathers!

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