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Chapter 239
Chapter 239Translator: Ensj    Proofreader: Arocks141  



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Delia looked at Minjoon quietly . Minjoon’s face didn’t even flinch . Though, there was no real way to tell if that was because he really wasn’t interested in money, or if he was so surprised .
Well, that didn’t really matter in the end . Delia looked at Minjoon with a grin on her face .

“Why are you doing this to me?” Minjoon spoke .


“Why are you trying to invest this kind of money into me? I’m just a demi chef . I know I could get paid more if I go elsewhere, but I don’t think I’m worth that kind of money . ”

“It’s because I like you . I think that’s reason enough?”

“Twenty times… It’s a big amount of money . I’d be able to buy a house with cash within a year with that kind of money . But you know, I didn’t become a chef for the money . I became a chef because I wanted to cook . To begin with, where do you think that kind of money would come from? The kitchen?”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that . I’ll be paying for all of it . The expenses in the kitchen is an entirely different matter . ”

Minjoon laughed dryly . He shook his head . The cameraman filmed this exchange nervously .

“I work in the kitchen . The money I earn must come from the kitchen . I can’t take the money you try to give me . More than anything, I love this restaurant I’m working in . I don’t have any desire to leave in a long time . I’m sorry . ”

His voice sounded ice-cold, despite his polite speech . But Delia didn’t look a bit offended . She looked happier, in fact .

“Thanks for refusing . You look cooler that way . ”

“Delia . Stop acting like you’re testing him . Do you know how rude you’re being right now?”

“Fine, fine . I’ll shut up now . ”

Delia zipped up her mouth with a finger before taking a sip of her wine . Minjoon bowed to her before taking his leave .

“I like him the more I look at him . What do you think, Terry?” Delia grinned, as she watched Minjoon walk away .

“Give up . He’s out of your reach . ”

“What? Are you serious? You think there are things out of my reach?”

“Delia, there are some things you just can’t buy with money . ”

Delia poked her lips out annoyedly . She turned her gaze elsewhere before talking again .

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“Money’s solved everything for me so far . What makes you think this is different?”

“That person’s already a star . He could make all the money he wants if he just decided to go out into television . Perhaps more than what you just offered him . But he’s still here . Why do you think that’s the case?”

“How the heck am I supposed to know?”

“See? You don’t even know . If you really want that person for yourself, you can’t just push money towards him . I’m saying this both as your secretary and as your friend . As your only friend . ”

“I have a lot of friends, though?”

“If you’re willing to call those greedy idiots friends, then sure . ”

Terry’s voice was quite cold . Maybe the woman felt a bit of annoyance from what’s happened in the past? Delia narrowed her eyes .

“You’re pretty cold today . What’s with you?” Delia snapped .

“Don’t you see how red my face is right now? I’m incredibly embarrassed . Coming to someone else’s restaurant to do something like this? It’s so rude . ”

“What? People scout others everywhere . ”

“But not like this . Who just tells a person outright, ‘I’ll pay twenty times your salary?’”

“You seem to be dissatisfied with how I spend my money… Want me to prove you wrong? That there’s nothing that money can’t solve?”

“Do it . I’ll admit I’m wrong if you do . ”

“Fine, do it . ”

Delia’s words were a bit strange . Terry frowned a little nervously .

“What did you say?”

“Bring him over to me . You know I don’t pay you so much just so that you can eat with me . You know yourself, don’t you? That you get paid quite a bit . So . ”

Delia smiled with an innocent face .

“Prove it to me . That you’re worth the money I’m giving you . ”

“…She offered twenty times?”

Maya’s jaw dropped by the end of their dinner service . Minjoon nodded with a light smile .

“Yeah, goodness . I had to try really hard not to stand still . Her sense of money’s just so different . ”

“So you refused?”

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Maya groaned . She knew herself that refusing was the right decision, but thinking about the money made her feel sorry for Minjoon . Janet jumped in with a cold voice .

“Told you she was an ass . ”

“This happened before, too?”

“Yeah . That person fell for it . But that isn’t the end . That person got fired in three months . Something about not being good enough? That’s all I know . ”

“…You did really well though, chef . I couldn’t have just refused the offer if I were you . ”

Minjoon smiled . This was Rose Island . The place people would pay to get into . He was getting plenty of love from Rachel herself, as well . Giving that up for money? Foolishness .
Chasing after money would’ve ruined his skills in the future as well . After all, art tainted by money never came out well . In that sense, a cook was very similar to an artist .

“I would’ve fallen for it . Three months? Who cares? That’s like… five years worth of my salary . That isn’t bad at all . ”

“I understand . You have a family to take care of, after all . Unlike me…”

“I’m joking . I don’t want to be a toy for rich people . Plus, I’d like to look good for Ella . ”

Lisa pat the little girl’s head as she said this . Ella looked up at her mother with a curious look .

“Mom, how much is twenty times?”

“Mm… . Enough to have money left after buying Ella a thousand snacks?”

“Hic . ”

Ella hiccuped in surprise . She put a hand over her chest with a sorrowful look .

“Mom, the hiccup isn’t going away . ”

“Hold your breath . ”

“It still isn’t stopping…”

“Wait a bit . Mom’ll get you some water . If you drink it with your nose closed, you’ll be all better . ”

“Ah, here’s water . ”

Minjoon handed her a bottle from right next to him . As Ella gulped down the water, Minjoon looked at Lisa carefully as he held Ella’s nose .

“That aside, I’d like to talk about Marco . How is he?

“I’ll have to look later . I still haven’t tasted his bread . ”

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“But you’ve seen how he made it . I don’t know much about baking, but isn’t that enough to know his skills?”

“A little bit . ”

“So… . ”

Minjoon looked down . Ella was tapping at his hand after finishing drinking . Minjoon took his hand off, which prompted the little girl to hold her red nose with a pained look .


“Sorry, did I told it too tightly?”

“It’s ok, the hiccup went away . ”

“You really don’t like hiccups, don’t you?”

“Yeah . It makes Ella’s chest hurt . Ella really really doesn’t like it . ”

Ella smiled with tears welling up in her eyes .

“But who’s Marco?” Ella asked .

“He’s a baker . Someone who can help your mommy . ”

“Really? Does that mean mom can play with me now?”

“Mmm… Depends, but definitely more than before . ”

Ella jumped into Lisa’s arms with a happy shout . Minjoon coughed a few times to grab Lisa’s attention .

“Would it be too rude if I asked you to continue answering your question?”

“Why don’t you come with me, if you’re curious?”


Lisa shrugged .

“We can see how he did ourselves . ”

They had to think for a second about if Minjoon wanted to take Anderson or Lisa’s car, but Minjoon chose Lisa’s in the end . Anderson had said that he had business to take care of back home .

This caused a new problem, however . Minjoon and the cameraman had no space to sit . Lisa, of course, was the driver, and Ella couldn’t sit in the front due to her height . So, there was no choice but for Minjoon to be separated by the cameraman for a short moment .

‘…This makes me really uncomfortable…’ The cameraman thought .

Ella was looking at the camera with very curious eyes . The little girl whispered to the cameraman .

“Mister, can I touch this?”

“…Just don’t touch it strongly, alright?”


Ella started touching the camera with a bright grin . The girl lost interest pretty quickly, but curious looks from children were always pretty annoying to deal with . The cameraman cautiously threw a question at Minjoon .

“Minjoon . Why do you care so much for Marco?”


“I mean, you guys haven’t even been friends for long . Why do you treat him like a friend you’ve known for a decade? Are you just like this with everyone? Or just Marco?”

“What a difficult question . I’ve never really thought about it… But you’re right . I wouldn’t be like this with other friends . Maybe that’s Marco’s charm? He makes people want to help him?”

“So you’re telling this is all because of Marco?”

“Kind of . He’s the type of person I’d like to keep knowing for decades . Like you said, I’m not that close to him, but… I can tell very easily how talented he is . I believe he’d make a great friend in the future, as well . ”

Minjoon smiled . The cameraman almost wanted to say Minjoon was exactly that kind of person right then . But he didn’t need to . Lisa said it for him .

“You’re like that too, Minjoon . ”

“Thanks, Lisa . You too . ”

“You’re just saying that . ”

“No I’m not . You’re a great person . Right, Ella?”

“Right . Mom’s the best . ”

Ella nodded with a big grin . Lisa almost couldn’t contain her smile .

Later, when they arrived in the bakery, they found that the lights were all off . The ones in the hall, at least . The kitchen still had its lights on . That’s probably where Marco was .

Right then, the door in front of them opened . The light shone through, most of it blocked by a massive figure .

The giant figure of Marco appeared in front of them in the dark hall . Ella looked up at the man with a dumb look .

“…Hic . ”

If you are reading from a pirate or aggregator site, please read from the translator’s site: yado-inn (dot) com I have to put the link like this or else the bots will remove it, sorry 

End .

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