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Chapter 240


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Ella grabbed Minjoon and Lisa’s hand with a scared face . Marco paused in his tracks for a second . He waves his hand at the girl cautiously .

“Hello . ”

“Uu… . ”

Ella looked even more scared, if anything . Minjoon smiled at her gently .

“It’s ok, Ella . He’s my friend . He’s not a bad guy . ”


“Have you ever seen me lie? Here, try shaking hands with him . ”

Ella looked at Marco with a nervous look . But she teared up almost immediately and hugged Minjoon again . Minjoon looked at Marco with an apologetic look .

“The lighting was what probably scared her . ”

“…Kids get easily scared by me . It’s fine . ”

Marco answered with a saddened look . Lisa shrugged .

“What about the ciabatta? Is it done?”

“Yes . I finished just now . Would you like some?”

“Sure . I was getting pretty hungry, actually . ”

“I want to eat too, mom . ”

Ella ended up getting the attention of both her mother and Marco, which made her yelp again . Marco sighed inwardly when he noticed the girl’s grip tightening on Minjoon’s hand .

‘Cute kids are always afraid of me, looks like . ’

It was a bit of a sobering thought, but it was what it was . Marco took the bread out of the oven . Minjoon gazed at it carefully .

[Ciabatta] Freshness: 93%
Source: (Hidden due to multiple ingredients)
Quality: High
Score: 7/10


‘7 points as ciabatta is bound to be good . ’

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Ciabatta was good no matter how a person made it . Lisa put a piece into her mouth and let out a sigh . She took a piece off and gave it to Minjoon .

“Here, try some . ”

“Ah, sure . ”

“Mom! Ella wants some, too . ”

“Alright, here . ”

Ella smiled happily with the bread in her mouth . Minjoon was quite surprised . It was almost no different from Lisa’s bread . Even Ella was thoroughly enjoying it .

“I’m sorry . I messed up . ” Marco spoke out .

The big man’s voice confused Minjoon . What confused him even more, though, was the fact that Lisa didn’t correct him .

“You know where you went wrong?” Lisa asked .

“Yes . The texture was off . I think the bread could’ve been a bit chewier . ”

“…This tastes pretty good to me . What’s so wrong about it?”

“It’s good for sure . Problem is, stuff like this gets more noticeable when you make bread in larger quantities . ”

“Yes . It gets harder to focus on the small stuff when you make things in large quantities, after all . Things might’ve been different if Marco practiced, but…”

Marco quietly listened to Lisa’s lecture with his head down . Lisa gave him a few quick glances with interest . Normally, people would get pretty mad or defensive when they get lectured on, but Marco had none of that .

‘He has a nice personality . ’

No one liked getting lectured, but people in this field got mad especially easily over stuff like this . But the difference between art and cooking was that it was very easy to spot mistakes in cooking . It would do a cook no good to be stubborn like an artist .

“I’m sorry . There was no need to lecture you like that . I suppose I got jealous . Good job . Please treat me well from now . ”


“It means you passed the audition . ”

Marco’s face turned incredibly complicated right then . He was happy, but he really had no choice but to come here now . He was also confused if he really passed with a bread like that . All his emotions were clearly displayed on his face .

Right then, Ella slowly made her way to Marco . She was cautious, very obviously still afraid of the big man . As Marco looked at the girl confusedly, Ella waved her arm up and down . Minjoon opened his mouth when Marco’s confusion didn’t go away .

“She’s asking you to get down . ”

“Ah, yeah . ”

Marco tried to lower his body a bit, then ended up falling over backwards . Ella pat the man’s head with her feet extended upwards .

“Congrats, Mr . Bear . ”

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“Whoa, really? For real?”

Chloe was looking at the crowd with wide eyes at Minjoon’s place . Marco nodded with a nervous smile .

“Yeah . This ended up happening . ”

“Wow… How amazing! The five of us all living in LA?”

“No better place to be, I guess . As long as we ignore the living costs . ”

Anderson shrugged . Chloe’s smile didn’t leave her face . She didn’t expect such good news when she came to say hi to Marco .

“And the three guys are all working at the same place, too . ”

“Well, we can’t really say Marco’s part of Rose Island… But yeah, I guess . ”

“So where does Marco live right now? Does he have a house?”

“He’s in our place for now . ”

“Don’t you guys only have two rooms? Where does he sleep?”

“Here . ”

Marco pointed to the sofa they were sitting on, glancing at Anderson a little as he did so . At first, he was supposed to sleep on Anderson’s sofa, but as it turned out, Marco’s claims about his snores were a complete lie . Even Minjoon and Kaya were able to hear him snore . Anderson clicked his tongue annoyedly .

“There’s no way a guy like him wouldn’t snore . I should’ve known . ”

“Sorry . I really didn’t know . ”

“Most people don’t realize they even snore . Don’t be so mad, Anderson . Anyway, this sofa’s probably a bit too small for you, Marco… Why don’t you come to my place? I have a second house there that you can live in . ”

Kaya choked on her water right then . She looked at Kaya with a surprised look .

“S-second house?”

“Nothing special . The previous owner just turned the shed into a studio… But it has a bath and a kitchen and everything . I used to use it as a place for filming videos . It’s a bit far from Rose Island, though . At least 40 minutes?”

“…Can I really?”

“No worries . I’ll still take rent . I’ll quote you a fair price, though . How is it? There’s a bunch of restaurants and bars nearby, too . ”

Marco gulped . Kaya muttered to herself dumbly as she watched the two talk .

“Chloe, you’re rich, aren’t you?”

“What? I’m not rich . This is all thanks to my agent . ”

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“…Why doesn’t my agent do stuff like this for me?”

“You’re off the TV after a year, Kaya . Why would he put so much effort into you?”

Minjoon pat Kaya affectionately as he commented . She still looked sad, though .

“He won’t see me again after a year . He should treat me well while he still can . Shouldn’t he?”

“Aren’t you happy with your 300k?”

“I have none of it after buying mom her house . ”

“Hey, you have a house, too . It’s all good . ”

“Don’t worry, Kaya . At least you have a great boyfriend like Minjoon . ”

Chloe smiled . Minjoon turned away nervously without being able to say anything . Kaya grabbed his cheek and pulled him back into the conversation .

“Great? You must be joking, he’s a total kid . ”

“…Never thought I’d hear something like that from you . ”

“Whatever . Anyway, Chloe . You aren’t planning on meeting anyone? Feels like there’d be lots of people you could choose from . ”

“Well… I don’t really know . I like my work more right now . ”

Chloe responded with a light smile . Before Kaya managed to get another word out, she quickly steered the conversation away .

“Speaking of rich people, I heard you got involved with someone weird, Minjoon?”

“Ah, her? She’s quite something . Trying to buy someone’s boyfriend with money? What the heck? Why didn’t she come to me?”

“…Why would she go to you?”

“Because your intellectual property belongs to me, obviously . ”

“I don’t think this is the right place to use that word…”

“Whatever . Does she still go there?”

“I don’t know… . ”

Minjoon drifted off . Delia never came after that . Her friend, Terry, was different though . He kept running into the woman everywhere . Like the park where he jogged, or the market . He shivered unconsciously as he thought of it .

“I don’t really want to think about them . ”

“Was that Delia woman pretty?”

Chloe asked . Minjoon looked at her incredulously .

“What the heck is up with you people and asking questions like that? Kaya asked the exact same thing . ”

“Well, how was she? I’m curious . ”

“He said she was pretty . He actually said she wasn’t that bad, but that means she was pretty anyway . ”

Kaya poked out her lips in annoyance . Minjoon sighed .

“…Can we not talk about what my customers look like? I can’t call them ugly or anything . But calling them pretty would just make you mad . ”

“I didn’t say anything about getting mad . ”

“You’re prettier . ”

“You saying that with a tired voice doesn’t work, you know?”

Kaya’s mouth curled slightly upwards, though . Maybe this was what it was like to raise a child? Kaya acted quite immaturely most of the time .

“I’m tired from trying to think up a new recipe . Bug off . ”

“Ah, cuz of the Michelin thing?”

Chloe’s eyes shone with excitement . Minjoon shook his head .

“No . Michelin aside, I’m excited that I can even make my own dish for the menu . Rachel ends up making tons of new amazing dishes almost daily, but I end up getting tired making one dish in a month . ”

“How many did you make so far?”

“For the dishes I made all by myself… Just one . The dessert . ”

“Oh, that one? What are you going to make this time?”

Minjoon thought for a second . He was having trouble trying to describe it . He slowly opened his mouth a bit later .

“The dessert from last time was actually really hard to make . I had to simulate tons of different flavors, after all . But that was what really made it fun . So that’s what I’m planning on doing this time . ”

“With a dessert?”

“No . An appetizer . I want to bring out 5 flavors from one ingredient . ”

“… . Five? Is that even possible?”

Minjoon just smiled . The recipe wasn’t finished just yet . But he was sure it would blow everyone away when it was completed . After all…

[The expected score of the dish is 9 points!]

If you are reading from a pirate or aggregator site, please read from the translator’s site: yado-inn (dot) com I have to put the link like this or else the bots will remove it, sorry 

End .

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