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Chapter 238
Chapter 238


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Lisa waved Marco over, completely ignoring Minjoon’s dumbfounded face . Marco looked at her nervously .

“Did I make a mistake saying that?” He asked .

“No you didn’t . Don’t worry about it . ”

“I’m not crazy…”

“It’s just a joke . Don’t take it too seriously, now . ”

“Ah, a joke . I see . ”

Marco sighed in relief . The man had quite a heart for someone who looked like a bodyguard . Lisa smiled before walking into the kitchen . Marco entered nervously, with Minjoon following behind him . Lisa looked at Minjoon with a confused look .

“Why are you coming here?”

“Just as an audience . Plus, I facilitated all this to begin with . I have a right to watch . ”

“…Well, fine . Marco, can you make something for me?”

“What kind?”

“Let’s go with the basics . How about you show me how to make ciabatta?”


Marco was a little taken aback . So far, Marco had only really made fancy bread served in high end bakeries . Stuff like panini, choux, or croissant . He was a little surprised to hear that she wanted something a little more simple .

He understood why, though . After all, the woman’s ciabatta was by far the best thing he’s had in a long time .

‘Me, making something like that…?’

“I’ll tell you the recipe . ” Lisa added .

“What? C-can you? Isn’t this a tes… No, before that, isn’t this a precious recipe?”

“It is . After all, it’s one of the bestsellers in this store . But you’ll end up knowing it when you come here anyway . Plus, it’s going to be one of the things you’re going to end up fiddling with all the time . ”

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“Fiddling… You say . ”

“I heard you ran into an unfortunate incident at your workplace? I’m going to be honest with you . It’ll be very difficult for any of your recipes to enter the menu . Of course, it’s not like I’m going to ignore it outright . But we have high standards here . Ah, it’s not like we only have bad things here, of course . There’s one great advantage in working here . ”

“What would that… advantage be?”

Marco felt his heart thumping in excitement . Lisa held down a smile as she continued .

“You said you wanted to be the best baker in the world . Such a person would obviously be working in the best bakery in the world . That would be this place . ”

Lisa’s words were full of confidence . She knew everything about this bakery . All its history, and all the accidents it’s been involved in . She knew the bakery’s value . It was no surprise, therefore, that her words were as confident and powerful as a general’s .

“Do you want to be the best?”

“Yes . ” Marco answered . Lisa nodded in response .

“You’ll have to pass this test, then . ”

‘…Maybe I should try studying baking as well . ’

Minjoon found himself thinking as he watched Marco work . The man looked completely different from his usual self . His nervousness was completely gone, and what was left was a charismatic baker kneading the dough with full force .

‘I’d be able to know how good he was if I knew more about baking . ’

Marco’s technique didn’t at all look special to Minjoon . But not to Lisa . She could tell that Marco was kneading every part of the dough evenly .

‘He poured the water quite skillfully as well . ’

Controlling the water in a way that it wouldn’t create pockets of water in the dough was a skill that took quite a bit of experience .

“How’s he doing?”

“Oh, good god you surprised me . ”

Minjoon jumped up in surprise . Kaya and Anderson were looking into the kitchen from the back .

“I think he’s doing well, but I can’t tell . Neither of them are saying anything…” Minjoon whispered .

“That means he’s done nothing wrong so far . Probably, at least . ” Kaya said .

“Or maybe she’s trying not to interrupt . Who the hell knows?” Anderson hit back .

Kaya gave Anderson a glare . Minjoon smiled .

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“Careful, Anderson . You’ll lose if you fight her . ”

“Please, can you not put it like that? She’ll start thinking she’d actually win . ”

“The heck? You actually think you can win against me? Want to take this to the right?”

Kaya balled her fists in mock anger . Anderson just sighed .

“My fault for hanging out with you people . ”

“Whatever . Let’s go . He’s going to take a few hours at the very least . We don’t have the time to wait . ”

“Should we say goodbye?”

“That’d just interrupt him . We have to go to work . ”

Minjoon thought for a bit before turning back . Marco looked a little smaller to him for some reason when he turned back .

“So, you introduced a friend to Lisa?”

“Yes . He’ll get hired if Lisa likes him enough . Though I’m not sure if he’d work here or there… Well, either or, this should be good for him . I’ve started thinking a bit about decision now though…”

“Well, what is it?”

“I was wondering if I really did the right thing . I feel like I interfered in the man’s life too much . ”

“How many people do you think actually manage to make their own decision? If you feel like you can help, then help . Actually accepting your help is their choice . ”

Rachel smiled . Minjoon returned it, and continued in a worried tone .

“I’ve also been wondering if this was a good way of connecting two people together . I feel like I’ve just pushed Marco onto Lisa . ”

“That’s a problem for Lisa . You don’t need to worry about it . Besides that, didn’t you hear about the people from Michelin coming? Do you have a dish in mind that you’d like to present?”

“Yes, I do . ”

“Oh, what is it?”

Minjoon just smiled in response . Rachel sighed .

“You won’t tell me, huh?”

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“Sorry . I’m really confident about this one, so I don’t want to show you until I’m done . ”

“Alright . I’ll wait . But don’t make me wait too long . Old people aren’t very patient . I might even try to sneak a look when I can . ”

“It’ll be done quick, I promise . ”

Minjoon’s eyes were shining with confidence . Rachel liked those eyes of his . They weren’t something that came from the man’s youth . It was something that resulted from hope, confidence, and talent .

‘He’s trying to help out a friend when he has a full plate as well…’

She actually quite appreciated what Minjoon did . Plus, it made her excited .

After all, the kitchen didn’t just run under the head chef . The head chef needed to form a good connection between not only the kitchen staff, but also the merchants they bought ingredients from .

If Minjoon continued down on his path of fostering good connections…

‘He’ll become a head chef loved by everyone . ’

Of course, by everyone, she meant the customers as well . That night, there were quite a lot of customers who were looking for Minjoon . Even more so than Rachel, even . It wasn’t because of the food, of course . They wanted to hear about what happened with Kaya .

“You have an amazing girlfriend, Minjoon!”

“Ahaha… Thank you . ”

“No, really! My goodness, a girlfriend who can knock out stalkers… I want to meet a girl like that . ”

“Your partner’s right next to you . Please…”

“Ah, Bella, this is a misunderstanding . This is…”

The night went on like such . Most people wouldn’t have had so much interest normally, but it was inevitable with how famous Minjoon was to begin with .

There was the woman that Janet warned him about, too . Delia . He couldn’t do anything to her though, especially when she didn’t even do anything to him just yet .

“Hello, we’ve been seeing each other a lot . ”

“Of course . The menu changes every time I come . I heard this pomegranate dessert was made by you?”

“Yes . Do you like it?”

“Oh my… How did you even think of making something so artistic? It would have been amazing if I had this for Christmas . Even better if it had a ring in it for proposals . ”

“Ah, my girlfriend dislikes that kind of stuff, unfortunately . ”

“Oh, I can totally see that . She was from the slums, wasn’t she? That’s understandable . ”

Minjoon just smiled in response . He didn’t know if she said that with bad intent, but he didn’t want to agree with someone bringing down his girlfriend .

The woman next to Delia seemed to have noticed his feelings, thankfully .

“Sorry about this . She just doesn’t understand . ”

“What? What did I do this time?”

“Just keep your mouth shut for now . ”

“Ugh… It’s always my fault . ”

Delia shook her head in annoyance, before smiling again . Her smile seemed incredibly fake for some reason to Minjoon .

“Anyway, I’m a big fan of men like you . No, that’d cause misunderstandings . Chefs like you? No . Male chefs like you . I don’t like the female ones . They’re annoying . We used to use a female head chef in our hotel, but that woman was so dang annoying . Couldn’t cook either . ”

“…Chefs have their worldview, after all . Maybe they were trying to protect their life . I think it’d be good if Ms . Delia tried to have some understanding . ”

Normally, he wouldn’t have tried to say something like this . But thinking about all the humiliation the nameless chef must’ve gone through… Made him quite angry . He was a chef, after all .
He expected Delia to frown soon after, but that didn’t end up happening . She actually smiled at him brightly .

“Wow, you remembered my name . Awesome! Could you say my name again, Minjoon?”

“…Sure, Ms . Delia . ”

“Ah, cool . It feels awesome to be called by my name by my idol . I wish you could say my name every day . Ah, you can just come to my kitchen . Minjoon, how much do you get paid here?”

He really didn’t expect that one . Minjoon just froze in place from shock . Delia started to laugh to herself .

“Ah, I don’t need to know . That’s private, right, right . I’ll just ask you this . I’ll give you this much compared to your current salary . ”

Delia stuck out two fingers . Minjoon sighed .

“Ms . Delia, I’m not working for money . Even if you say you’re going to give me twice the pay, I’m learning far more valuable things here . ”

“Wow, amazing . Right, some things you really can’t buy with money . But Minjoon, you seem to be misunderstanding something . ”

The woman’s voice slithered up his neck like a snake .

“I was talking about twenty times, not two . Do you still… Not want to work for me?”

If you are reading from a pirate or aggregator site, please read from the translator’s site: yado-inn (dot) com I have to put the link like this or else the bots will remove it, sorry 

End .

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