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Published at 25th of November 2019 10:10:07 PM
Chapter 237
Chapter 237

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Marco’s levels had gone up . His baking level had levelled up to 8 . Just what happened while they were away from each other? Marco looked at Minjoon strangely .

“What’s up, Minjoon?”

“Ah, it’s nothing . By the way, Marco, can I ask you something?”

“Course . Fire away . ”

“If you couldn’t develop your own recipes, what were you doing?”

“You know… Just checking the dough, checking the oven… I was practically an intern . I know that internships are important, too, but…”

“It wasn’t what was written in the contract . I know . So, was that owner of yours good at baking?”

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“Well, yeah, of course . He used my name, but people liked the food in the end . ”

“That was bad bread . ”

Lisa butted into the conversation out of nowhere, startling Marco . She slid in a ciabatta sandwich in front of them . It was a sandwich made with cheese, avocado cream, lettuce, tomato, and smoked turkey .

‘That’s… 9 points . ’

It was a simple dish, but the score was amazing . Probably because of the bread itself . Minjoon turned to look at Lisa .

“We haven’t actually ordered anything yet…”

“Don’t worry about it . It’s my treat for you treating Ella so well . Don’t come everyday though . ”

Lisa smiled . Minjoon returned it, and took a bite of the sandwich . His face turned happy almost instantly . The bread was chewy, almost like mochi rice .

‘…As expected of Jack’s daughter . ’

She’s learned next to a master baker for over 30 years . The amount she’s learned in that time far outsurpassed Marco . Marco could feel this himself . His hands were trembling with joy with the sandwich in his hand .

“This… you made this?”

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“Of course . Did you think I bought it?”

“Ahaha . R-right . Right . ”

Marco scratched his head awkwardly . Lisa smirked, and glanced at Marco’s hand . While most would imagine that bakers would have soft hands from kneading dough all the time, this wasn’t exactly the case . Sometimes, the dough could slap the baker like a whip, and many times a baker would have to dip their hands in something cold or hot .

‘He’s worked hard . His hands are still a bit swollen, and they look pretty hard as well . ’

It’s only been a few months since Lisa met Minjoon, but she trusted him quite a bit . The man was trustworthy, and was also a good man . Maybe that was why she had faith that Marco would be a good person?

“Where did you learn to bake?” She asked .

“Yes . Yes?”

“The bread . Did you go to school?”

“Ah, no . I worked a bit in restaurants, and I tried learning it in my free time… Stuff like that . ”

“Must’ve been hard . It’s hard to learn stuff like this by yourself . ”

Marco looked down with an embarrassed look . Lisa took a look at the counter, then stood up from her seat .

“Sorry for bothering you . Would you like to come in the kitchen after you eat? I’d like to see you bake . ”

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“Ah, I’m not actually here for a jo…”

“Thank you, Lisa . I’ll send him in . ”

Minjoon cut off Marco immediately . Lisa took off to the counter, and Marco turned to look at Minjoon annoyedly .

“I didn’t decide to get a job yet though . ”

“You think you’d ever decide to get one without someone’s help?”

“…No . ”

“It’s nice to have people helping you out at times like these, you know . ”

“You’re not helping me out, you’re practically throwing me straight into a battlefield . ”

“No worries man, I’m not strong enough to throw you . ”

“I’m not talking about that . ”

Marco ended up cracking a small smile at the joke . Minjoon turned to Kaya .

“Kaya, help me out here . If Marco comes here…”

“Later, I’m busy . ”

Kaya responded with a smartphone in her hand . Minjoon peeked at her phone, then sighed .

“Looking at the comments again?”

“Again? This is my first time today!”

“What is it? The stalker one?”

“They uploaded a video . It’s got 800k views already . Think it’s going to pass a million by today . ”

“Seriously? Show me, show me . ”

Marco stretched out his hand with wide eyes .

“Use yours . ”

“…Fine . ”

If you are reading from a pirate or aggregator site, please read from the translator’s site: yado-inn (dot) com I have to put the link like this or else the bots will remove it, sorry 

End .

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