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Chapter 96: Weird Merchant Ship
After pondering for a while, Roja turned to the Captain and said: “Since we’re finished here Lets return.”


The Captain nodded respectfully.

The warship started moving to return to the base. Roja was still on the deck. He leaned on the railing to enjoy the sea breeze and didn’t return to his cabin.

No one dared to disturb Roja. The captain was pressured facing Roja now and didn’t dare to come forward and talk to him.

They all knew that Roja being so young and so powerful won’t be staying much as the leader of the first base in the west blue. He will sooner or later be transferred to the Grandline and he may even be an Admiral in the future.

After thinking about this, they were more respectful toward him.

After half a day Roja who was still leaning on the railing was preparing to return to his cabin. Suddenly he felt something strange and looked to the direction that this feeling came from.

In that direction, a shadow vaguely appeared.

Quickly some of the Marine also found out about the shadow. This shadow wasn’t an island it was a ship, And this ship was going in their direction.

Although it was still very far you can vaguely tell that it is a merchant ship.

the merchant ship apparently found out about the warship and if the two continued on the same route they will hit each other. So the merchant ship took the initiative to change its route to avoid the warship.

But as they took the initiative to change the route, Roja who was about to go back to his cabin revealed a strange expression.

Because the magnitude of avoidance is a bit too big.

If it was only to avoid being hit it could just change the direction by a little bit to the side. But this is obviously a little too large. It like they want to avoid the warship completely not just avoid hitting each other.


Roja touched his chin while revealing his interest than said “Change the course. Target the merchant ship.”


Not just Roja felt that something was strange. The captain didn’t suspect anything at first then he felt that there is a little problem.

The warship changed its course.

The merchant ship found out that the warship was coming toward it and seemed that it will soon catch up to them. It changed it’s course again and continued to avoid the warship.

So there are indeed some problems on the ship.

“Are they going to escape ?”

“It seems that there is something on it.”

Roja heard the captains talking and looked at them with a smile and said: “Maybe you are afraid that we can’t handle it ?.”

in this piece of sea, although there are many pirates looting but also there is a small number of corrupted Marines. they would go on a merchant ship and get everything on it.

“Mr. Roja is Joking …”

After hearing Roja’s words, The three captains were embarrassed.

Roja looked at them then turned toward the merchant ship.

The merchant ship wasn’t moving slo

wly. but compared to a warship it is somewhat slow. the warship caught up to it in no time.

“Stop the boat, we’re here to check it up.”

A captain stood at the deck and shouted solemnly at the merchant ship.

From the merchant ship, a businessman like a person came out.

Looking surprised at the captain in the warship he said: “Mr. Marine, we are just an ordinary cargo ship, There is no need to check.”

“Talk less.”

The captain boarded the ship with some armed soldiers.

Two captains boarded the ship while the other one stayed with Roja.

“Mr. This warship doesn’t …”

“It has a problem.”

Roja stood there and said before the captain finishes his sentence.

When he heard Roja said the there is a problem with such a calm voice, he knew that Roja already knew the problem. He concentrated and looked more intently at the merchant ship.

The two other captain has already boarded the ship.

At this time the businessman like person greeted them with a laugh and said: “You Marines really work hard.”

After saying this the man quietly took a stack of money and placed it in the pocket of one of the captain. his action could only be seen by the captains.

seeing this the two captains faces changed, They looked at each other and hesitated for a bit. Then they took their sword and pointed it at the businessman and snapped “You don’t move, tell us honestly, what is on this ship?”

Seeing this the businessman like person’s face suddenly turned cold.

“Do we not have any other way ?”

“Do you want to resist ?”

The captain face with a harsh look on his face.


The ‘Businessman’ bowed slightly and a fierce look appeared on his face. then suddenly he pulled his sword and waved.

The two captains were shocked.

“So strong.”

The two of them were surprised. They immediately wanted to call for support because this person is really strong.

At the same time from the merchant, cabin came out a large group of armed people and rushed over.

What is this merchant ship? Is it a pirate ship?

The businessman went on the offensive, His swordplay wasn’t the strongest point but speed was.

Ding! Ding!

Three to five people rushed at him, The sword on the captain’s hand was sent flying and the next moment a sword was coming toward him with the finishing blow. the other captain was shocked and was late in his attempt to go for his rescue.

And in the next moment, the businessman pupil shrank as a silhouette flashed unexpectedly beside him.

And to his surprise that silhouette caught his sword using two fingers. Th two fingers were died black and made the businessman unable to move his sword at all.

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