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Chapter 95: Destroyed
That sword strike cut the Gecko pirate’s ship in halves. Roja chuckled in his heart as he was feeling somewhat happy.


Roja’s figure blurred then reappeared on the warship.

The Gecko pirates ship started sinking.

Even their captain threw his weapon and found himself a wooden boat. He sat there desperately.

Roja could kill him whenever he wants. He just cut a large ship in half, a small boat was nothing for him.

Most of the surviving pirates tried to flee and some directly gave up all resistance.

They didn’t have a ship anymore so how could they fight against the warship.

Even if they did still have a ship, What can they really do against Roja? He was a monster killing all of them is a joke for him.

The Marines on the warship were still shocked.

When Roja returned to the warship, He saw the captain if the Gecko pirate desperately trying to flee in his small boat and shook his head.

“Don’t think about running.”


Roja drew his sword again and waved. A 100-meter long sword energy directly flew toward the small boat and directly split it in half.

The captain of the Gecko pirate couldn’t put any resistance against Roja’s power. If he was to fall into the sea he will directly sink to the bottom.

“Devil fruit ability ?”

Seeing the Captain didn’t struggle anymore, Roja once again shook his head. He returned his sword into his scabbard and turned around. He glanced at The Captains besides him and said.

“You’re not doing anything ?”

“… Yes!”

Those Marine finally woke up after hearing Roja’s words. They knew what they should do.

After half a day everything was done.

Part of the Gecko pirate became fish food while other didn’t put any resistance and were arrested. They will become prisoners.

The Pirates who defeated the leader of their base before were completely destroyed now!

There was only one warship now and some wood scattered on the sea.

The Marine searched for anything with value, like information, treasure and the like. The ship now completely sunk into the deep sea.

The cadres of the Gecko pirates had some tens of millions on their heads. They were vicious before but after remembering Roja’s power they couldn’t do anything but fear him.

If when they were in their cells they still tremble when that scene pass in their minds. They were afraid that this scene will hunt them for the rest of their lives.

“Reporting, All the surviving pirates are now in the prison.”

A Captain was in front of Roja, He looked at Roja with a look of worship and admiration. The level of respect his showing now is incomparable to before.

Roja now was someone they look up too.

He cut a ship in half with a one sword strike. And even after that, he didn’t just watch as the Marine caught them, but helped them instead.

This is a first for them, To go in a war against a pirate group and receive such a low casualties. Only a few people suffered some light injuries and one was seriously injured while there wasn’t anyone dead.

This was a miraculous battle.

Before their base’s leader was killed in the process of fighting those pirates. But now not only did they win but only one person was seriously injured and no one has died.

Even now they felt that all this was a dream.

After reporting this to the headquarter they will receive a certain amount of merit. They benefited from Roja too much which made them not only worship them but also be grateful toward him.

Of course, Roja’s merit is the highest without a doubt. After all, he was the one who defeated the Gecko pirates almost alone. I am afraid that the power of all the people on the warship is less than Roja’s.

The pirates’ total bounty was 120 million. And because they were one of the most influential pirates on the West blue, They may receive an additional reward. Roja will probably receive 10 thousand points.

Roja was standing on the deck. He was looking at the sea. He thought a little then nodded at the captain before him.

The captain saw this and understood. He respectfully stood aside and didn’t disturb Roja.

“This piece of the sea has too many pirates. Many hold 100 million bounties, If I am lucky then it wouldn’t take me that long to accumulate these on hundred thousand point.”

Roja pondered for a while, he couldn’t help but shake his head and smile.

The possibility of someone taking the Saijo O Wazamono sword is small.

One hundred thousand points may seem like a small number (Tl: it really doesn’t seem so.) But it’s also a lot.

There Many pirates in the sea but most of them are in the new world.

The new world is a dangerous place. There are four powers that could be said to control most of it. But with a strength of a vice admiral, even if he can’t win he could escape.

Not to mention the time it takes them to return after going out to catch pirates, It may take half a month or a month to return.

And that is really time-consuming.

The points other then used to exchange for devil fruit, Swords and other things they could be used to provide shelter for the Officers family and loved ones for two years or even permanent.

Like Garp, Because of him being such a big shot the Marine have to provide shelter for his family and even need to conceal some of his personal information.

In the point system, the more expensive the item the fewer people try to get it. Like the sword, Roja is eyeing. There aren’t that many swordsmen in the Marine, to begin with, and Roja wanted that sword not only because of he like it but because other swords won’t be able to withstand his power anymore.

Moreover, there is a chance that Roja with finding one while he’s in the sea and he can keep it to himself.

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