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Chapter 97: DonQuixote’s Arms ship
“Busoshoku … Haki!”

The businessman looked horrified as he didn’t expect to see such a strong person in the West Blue.

Roja’s two fingers were cast in black as he caught the sword. And with a flick of his fingers, the sword was thrown to the side.

“Where are you from ?”

Being able to use Haki, this group didn’t seem to be ordinary Marines.

After Roja threw away the sword, the businessman took away two steps back as he was scared, but he still commanded the people behind him and said: “Fire at them, Kill them!”

Seeing this Roja shook his head slightly, his body moved forward suddenly and came in front of the businessman. He waved his sword and only stopped when it was next to the businessman’s neck.

“You recognize the gap of strength and still want to resist.”

Roja’s indifferent voice echoed on the deck.

Surrounded by silence.

No one could attack. no one was able to shoot at him.

Behind the businessman, All the armed people were fixed in place. A clear bloodline appeared on their bodies.

What’s terrifying is not only the fact those people were cut but the fact that a thick line appeared on the upper half of the ship’s cabins.

Only the businessman was unscathed. But with Roja’s sword on his neck, his forehead overflowed with cold sweat. when he looked at his side he was shocked senseless by the scene he saw.


Countless corpses fell and blood flowed.

And the upper half of the ship fell into the sea which made a roar like sound and set off a huge wave.

Seawater washed the deck but there is still traces of scarlet color all over the place.

“It’s too …”

Roja looked behind at the two captains and the Other Marines but he found that their mouths were twitching.

If they didn’t see Roja cutting the pirate ship before, then their chins would have already broken the floor by now. But even saw seeing this scene their heart couldn’t remain calm anymore.

If those Marine who saw Roja cut an entire ship in half couldn’t stay calm, then how could the businessman remain calm. he was completely scared senseless.

Especially when Roja’s sword was still on his neck, He got the feeling that his head is already separated from his body.

“What are you doing ?” Roja asked faintly.

“sending … Delivery …”

The business cracked after looking at Roja and said with his mouth trembling.

“What goods ?”

” … Arms”

The businessman forehead, neck and back were full of cold sweat. His sound was trembling when answered. He obviously didn’t have the resolve to face death yet.

Hearing the word arms, Roja suddenly frowned. He had a vague thought so he asked.

“who will receive it ?”

“Don … DonQuixote Family …”


Hearing the replay of the arms dealer, Roja did gue

ss right. Speaking frankly, Other then DonQuixote family Roja couldn’t think of any bigger underground trader in arms and slaves.

Before when he was still a recruit, the first and only mission he went on, he encountered a base belonging to the DonQuixote family. he didn’t expect to come across something else belonging to them in the West blue.

DonQuixote family’s trade network is really huge.

“Where will those arms be sold ?”

“… No … I do not know …”

“You don’t know ?”

Roja looked at him coldly.

Suddenly the arms dealer felt pressure coming down on him and felt fear.

He looked and saw a pair of indifferent eyes look at him. He quickly said, “I really don’t know, my responsibility ends when I send those arms to Barna Island …”

Hearing his words, Roja put back his sword into the scabbard and gestured to the captain behind him.

Immediately someone came forward and put the shackles on the arms dealer.

Roja looked at the captain and said.

“Barna island …  If I remember correctly it’s within the jurisdiction of the commercial island. I didn’t think there were arm traders there.”

The captain had a look of apprehension. Thing is a mess if it was really related to the DonQuixote family, There a powerful group of pirates in the Grandline.

the Commercial island.

Roja touched his chin, Suddenly showed a slight interest in his face. His mouth curved into a smile.

Before when he was in the camp, He broke the base of the DonQuixote family in the South Blue. They did harvest quite a pit that time. Many arms and even two devil fruits.

If he was to calculate how many points he would get that time, then it will be at least tens of thousand point out of it.

Unfortunately, they were recruits and were using the Marine headquarters resources as they like. So in the actual mission, Anything that happens will be in Z’s name.

Of course, When using the resources of the Marine headquarter you at least had to pay that much.

But this time it’s different.

Now he isn’t a recruit, He is the leader of the first base in the west blue. He is a rear admiral and everything he finds will be counted and converted to points if he wanted to.

Really this came to him in the right time.

He just was wondering how could he get as much point as he, can as fast as possible. And here the opportunity came toward him by itself. Roja couldn’t help but smile and then issued a few orders.

The Marines on the ship directly executed his orders.

The DonQuixote family has dominated the underground trades. It could be said to trade in anything from arms to slaves to devil fruit. Their impact on the world is large.

As Doflamingo isn’t a Shichibukai yet. The world government didn’t know about him yet. Even Great Staff Officer Crane (Tl: Tsuru) had led an army to pursue Doflamingo before.

Including the time when Roja was a recruit, they could only find three bases of the DonQuixote family. And now Roja happened to find one.

Roja suspect that on Barna Island There are an underground trades. So directly commanded the warship to head toward that place without informing the first base.

He didn’t know whether DonQxuite family had a spy planted on the first base or not and if they did have one, then he informed them so they move, Roja would be upset.

So Roja didn’t have any intention to inform them.

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