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Chapter 90:[Title at the end]
On the sea, Roja was in the warship.

 after accelerating, the warship now docked at a small port in Kronuo Island.


Roja was on the deck, and the next moment his figure flashed, suddenly he was on the island. His uniform was gently fluttering in the wind.

Behind Roja, The captains were leading the Marine while maintaining their formation. Now all of them were on the island now.

After several fights with the pirates, The Marine didn’t receive any casualties. all the fights were fought by Roja.

They feared Roja but also held him in reverence.

They were following Roja, And even when enemies were in front of them, they feared nothing. Their expressions were calm.

Roja’s figure wasn’t huge, Back looking at his back, They felt that nothing can stop them. Roja’s figure made their heart at ease.

“You all just need to do as you practiced, Understand ?”

Roja continued to walk without looking back while he faintly said.

before on his mission and on the exam, He always fought alone. He could use his flames to wipe out everyone in front of him.

Roja didn’t need any assistance. Not to mention those pirate, Even if all the captain with him were to fight him together, it wasn’t considered as a fight for him.


Roja’s voice suddenly dissipated. In the next moment, Roja accelerated and quickly disappeared.

“Like before, Wait for the flames to extinguish before capturing whoever is still alive.”

After Roja left, the Captain was the one in charge. He turned and instructed his men before walking forward.

Central town.

After going through a few town, Roja finally reached the central town. The mess should have started from here.

Roja shook his head, as he was walking.

He was fighting both sides. This wasn’t considered as fighting but still better than nothing.

But while Roja was walking in the central town, suddenly a person appeared in his field of view.

The Central town was in chaos. Some people were fleeing but there was a person that looked really calm. Roja was surprised to this person here.

It was a girl with black hair. She was wearing a leather cap, blocking the upper half of her face. And when she saw Roja which was wearing a Marine uniform her movement suddenly halted.

“This is really surprising.”

Roja looked at the girl and couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.

Marine ?

That girl saw Roja and after pausing for a bit, without the slightest hesitation, she turned around to escape.

But Roja didn’t wait for her to enter another street. his figure blurred like a ghost as he unexpectedly appeared before her. He leaned against a wall while taking a good look at her.

the girls figure suddenly turned stiff and stopped in place.

Roja looked at her and chuckled, then he said “Your a little too anxious … Devil’s child, Nico Robin.”

This black haired girl was indeed Nico Robin. (Tl: and who didn’t know that after she used her fruit the last chap -_-.)

Hearing Roja directly calling her name.

Her forehead overflowed with cold sweat. but on the surface, she was still calm. She took a deep breath and without any hesitation, without speaking she lifted her hand gently to her chest.

“Treinta Fleur …”

Four pairs of arms grew on Roja’s body and tried to twist his neck.

The force of those arms can’t bend Roja’s body. his body was harder than steel on general.

“Hey, that’s uncomfortable. If you give want to give me a pinch then i don’t mind.”

(Tl: Roja is a bully.)

Roja ignored the arms that tried to break his neck as he couched on his leg.

When did such a strong guy appear on the west blue?

looking at this scene made Nico Robin heart turn cold.It was her bad luck to meet such a strong Marine. She wasn’t his opponent.

She was thinking of a way to get out of here. But with Roja’s speed and him ignoring her attack, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape.

How can she escape now?

Robin couldn’t find a strategy, her heart sunk. From the side of the street eighty-seven to eight pirates suddenly emerged.

The pirates rushed over when they saw Roja and Robin.

Compared to Robin, Roja was wearing the Marine uniform of the Rear admiral. they instantly stopped.


“The Marine had come.”

“His uniform is that of strong Marine.”

The pupils of those pirates suddenly shrunk.

“Let’s get rid of that guy.”

One of them said this, and all of them held their weapons and wanted to gang up on Roja.

A good chance!

Seeing this Robin wanted to continue her escape.

But the next moment, she stopped, The pirates were solidified in there. and couldn’t move.


Roja pulled his sword while still standing in his place and waved. A 100-meter crack suddenly appeared at the end of the street.

And the pirates were now lying on the ground.

All of this took a blink of an eye’s time to happen.

Seeing this, Robin’s forehead overflowed with cold sweat. Although she could barely keep calm, she couldn’t hide the change on her face.

Such a terrifying strength … Who is this person?

Now Robin gave up the idea of escape. Because she knew in front of this strength there was no chance.

“Am I still going to get caught.

Robin felt bitter.

Ten years ago her hometown Ohara was destroyed because they could read the forbidden  Poneglyphs. They also knew about the history of the world government so to cover that up they used the buster call to destroy Ohara completely.

When she was eight years old, if not for Aokiji letting her go, then she would’ve died that day.

then as the only survivor of Ohara, she was labeled as the Devil’s child and her bounty was 79 million berry when she only was eight years old. after that, she hid in the underground world until today. It seems she can’t get away from her fate.

Chapter 90: Nico Robin

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