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Chapter 91: Arrival
The atmosphere lightened on the street.


Roja put back the sword into its scabbard and watched Robin, slightly interested.

Robin didn’t move, Roja didn’t move too. After a moment, Roja said to Robin lightly while he laughed “Why are you still here ?”

“Huh ?”

Robin was lost and didn’t want to resist anymore and when she heard Roja’s word, she looked at him in dismay. She didn’t know how to react to his words.

Roja smiled at her and said, “What, You really want me to catch you ?”

“You …”

Robin was stunned. Apparently, she didn’t expect Roja to release her.

“I am not interested in helping the world government to do anything.” Roja shrugged then continued “Of course, If you want to be caught then I don’t really mind taking you.”

Roja wasn’t interested about Ohara or the buster call event, And he won’t take the initiative to help the world government.

He will catch whoever he wants and he will let go whoever he wants.

Hearing Roja say such things, Robin was stunned for a good while, Then she looked at Roja with her pretty eyes which flashed with light. Then she didn’t hesitate and turned away to leave.

She certainly didn’t want to get caught.

Aokiji had let her go once and now Roja did the same thing. She didn’t know why they did that but that didn’t matter now Since she is not caught that’s what matters.

Speaking of that Marine, This is her first time seeing him.

After gradually getting away from the central town, Robin slowed her pace. Then she turned to the other direction and headed to a small town. Then after recalling what just happened she couldn’t help but burst into tears and murmured.

“So young but he has such strength, He also doesn’t care about the world government … What are those people …”

“A 79 million berry bounty is 7 thousand and 2 hundred points If I had caught her that is. Well, I can probably get that much by catching a few pirates.”

Roja looked at the direction from where Robin left while shaking his head. After a little bit, he couldn’t help but laugh. The first time he went to the West blue and he already met with Robin. It seems his trip here won’t be boring.

Then Roja’s expression turned cold suddenly, He walked to the central town and then all you could hear is a wave of Roars, accompanied by the collapse of a building. Then everything returns to being calm.
Hundreds of people were caught from the pirates as well as the other group. In the west blue, there aren’t that many people who could be Roja’s opponent.

The warship finished resupplying and then left the island toward the Marines first Base in the west blue.

The Marines first base.

During this time the whole base had a dull atmosphere. because they were fooled by a bunch of pirates which made the first base reputation take a huge hit and made them a laughing stock in front of the other bases.

In this case, no one in the first base was happy.

Today’s atmosphere and yesterday are different.

Because today the first

base received information that their new boss is about to arrive which made the atmosphere very tense.

They didn’t know anything about the new leader.

Their hearts were disturbed. They didn’t know if the new leader was strong or was he hot-tempered … They didn’t know anything.

In the face of an unknown leader, their heart couldn’t calm down.

At the port of the base, The Marines of the first base had assembled. They were ready to meet their new leader.

“Rear admiral Tika, The new leader should be strong …”

A captain looked at the sea and could not help but ask the person beside him.

The first base had a rear admiral, but he wasn’t as strong as a rear admiral from the headquarter. They maybe have the same title but actually, there is a huge difference.

“The new leader is rear admiral from the headquarter who was transferred here. So he should be really strong.”

Tika said while his tone was really low. He certainly wasn’t happy because he still couldn’t get promoted to be the new leader.

“I hope the new leader can help revive the reputation of our first base this time. Our reputation fell to the bottom.”

Another captain looked at the sea while slightly looking forward to meeting the new leader.

And at this time, Everyone’s eyes directed to the sea, when someone said: “Look, they came.”

Hearing this, everyone immediately looked at the direction that the one who talked is looking at. A vague outline appeared.

Gradually the blurred silhouette becomes a shadow and then this shadow become clear, The warship was slowly coming closer.

The warship arrived at the base and slowly docked on the shore.

The first one to go down from the warship was the one wearing the Rear admiral uniform, Roja.

When the people of the first base looked at the appearance of Roja they couldn’t help but open their mouth. They were stunned when they saw the rear admiral.

Roja was too young, he looked less than twenty years old. If not for him wearing the rear admirals uniform, they wouldn’t believe that he is a rear admiral.

The first base’s rear admiral is close to his forties.

“It is you … the one that the department has sent ?”

Although his young, since he is wearing the rear admiral uniform then there is no doubt about his identity. But the base’s rear admiral still couldn’t help but ask.

Roja looked at him and the other soldier beside him and said: “If the headquarter didn’t send an another person, Then it should be me.”

Tika found it hard to disguise his surprise, he took his time before reacting and giving Roja the report.

“The first base of the west blue, Rear admiral, Commodore, six captains … are all present, This is the report please read it.”

After the other party’s voice fell, all the people on the base saluted Roja. The soldiers were behind so they didn’t sea Roja’s appearance, but The Commodore and the captain could see him clearly.

Although they saluted him, their expression of surprise couldn’t be more clear. Apparently, they really didn’t expect the leader sent from the Headquarter to be this young. So young that he looks like a recruit.

“It’s all right.”

Roja glanced and nodded slightly. it seems that he didn’t need to clean the first base as the quality is pretty good.

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