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Chapter 89: West blue
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After a while from Roja’s departure, The Marine on the warship suddenly woke up. Someone suddenly leaned on the railing to see the blue dyed sea. Then he looked at the floating seaking which didn’t move.

The eyes still held some shock. And they couldn’t help but subconsciously murmur.

“What is that power …”

“Is this rear admiral Roja’s strength ?”

That scene was still repeating on their brain. Their eyes had a deep sense of awe. They no longer looked at Roja as a young and inexperienced Marine. Now they admired and feared him.

“He is is so young … but he has so much strength. Probably he is stronger then we think.”

When someone said this, The mind of all the people presents buzzed. They could only recover from the shock after a long time.

This close encounter of a sea king was just a chance accident. From here on probably they won’t encounter other sea kings anymore.

They occasionally come across some large group of sea king from the distance. So they directly avoid them.

The location of the first branch of the west blue is near the entrance of the Grandline. And from the headquarter to the first branch is undoubtedly long.

Even if the warship moved at full speed I will still take a long time. And they need to resupply from the islands they pass by.

There are many islands in the west blue.

In this world, the islands are divided into three sizes. Small, Medium and large islands.

With a perfect ecosystem, there was no shortage of water or food. People in the small islands will form a small community and build a village.

While the medium-sized ones got a few towns at least and in the center, there would generally be a large town.

As for the large island … they will form a country, Such as Alabasta, or Dressrosa. And those kinds of places will not have any Marine stationed as to not cause any power dispute.

In the medium-sized islands. There will be a small Marine division, with the leader being a Commodore.

As for the base that Roja will manage, it is built on a small island.

The whole island is the base and its jurisdiction fall on the dozen nearby small and medium-sized islands.

The whole world obviously has a complete system.

Roja knew of this generally from his past life. And after living in this world, he was more clear about everything.

The Marine took control of every area in the world.

But the Grandline is the only exception.

In the Grandline, especially the new world, The Yonko were the one in control. The Marine knew about them but they don’t want to easily enter a conflict with them.

Roja was sitting in his cabin, He was wielding his sword and trying to get a deeper understanding of the way of the sword while also practicing Haki.

Suddenly Roja’s eyes opened.

And at the same time, a knock comes from the door.

“Come in.”

Roja put away his sword and stood up.

The next moment a Marine captain walked in the room to report.

“Reporting to the leader, We just received information, that in the island of Kronuo, there are two forces fighting, one is a pirate and the other is bandit group.

Kronuo island is a medium sized island.

“I see.”

Hearing the report Roja nodded with a placid expression.

On their way, they can receive a lot of information about pirates, but because the warship was on delivery task, he can ignore the pirates.

And because Roja was bored, when he received the information about the pirate, he didn’t ignore it but chose to suppress the pirates.

Even if the reward is only between one to ten thousand it’s better than nothing.

Seeing Roja’s attitude, the Captain understood Roja’s meaning. Since he didn’t say avoid them then that means we’ll directly suppress them.

After seeing Roja’s strength, the Marine wasn’t afraid of going against any pirate. They didn’t hold any doubt about Roja’s strength anymore.

Roja alone can catch most pirates in west blue. Even if he fights ten alone he could win.

The captain saluted Roja respectfully then directly turned to leave Roja’s room.

Kronuo Island.

This was a medium-sized island. There ware about ten small towns and a big one in the center.

But now smoke was coming out of the town which filled the sky.

The two forces were fighting which turned the town into a battlefield. the pirates numbered over thousand people and the other group had only a few number.

But those few were stronger than those ordinary pirates which made the situation really chaotic.

“Damn, We need to let those pirate know our strength.”

“Even if we provoke their leader we must kill them.”

The reason for the fight is unknown. Now you can only see the people from both sides red-eyed and only want to kill each other.

in a separate street, Seven to eight pirates surrounded a girl. All of them had a vicious expression.

“This woman is also one of the pirates, get rid of her.”

Someone shouted this, while all the others were holding their weapon and rushed toward her.

However facing this many pirates, the Girl’s eyes were calm, as she lifted two arms toward her chest.

“Treinta Fleur! … HUNG.”

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Those who rushed at her, suddenly grew a pair of arms that twisted their necks. After twisting the neck broke with a kacha sound, then all the pirates fell to the ground.

“The situation turned big, this no good, The Marine will come sooner or later, I better leave.”

The black haired girl looked calmly and after pondering for a moment she turned around to leave.

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