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Chapter 211: Flames and Magma
The magma fists moved toward Roja, Roja’s danced with his sword and split every magma fist that came toward him in two.

Hot magma splashed on the ground which made the field really hot.

Looking at the magma that went toward Roja, Many Officers couldn’t help but swallow their saliva while looking aghast.

“This attack is too powerful.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of them heard the explosion sounds that came after Roja cut the magma fists in two after that a strike directly moved toward Akainu.

Akainu looked coldly at it and turned into Magma and directly moved away.

This strike cut Akainu’s cape and opened a deep gully on the ground, Sengoku stood in front of it and stopped it from going toward the Officers behind him.

“Don’t you have other abilities than the sword? Like the flames and the petals, why aren’t you using them?”

Akainu looked at Roja proud of his own fruit ability, his Haki is strong too, unless someone was in the realm of grandmaster Swordsman, he won’t be able to hurt him.

This was the reason why Akainu was looking at Roja with contempt.

Wouch! Wouch!

Roja waved his sword as he attacked Akainu, he sometimes used Getsuga Tenshi, but Akainu easily dodged.

In Akainu’s eyes, He had the magma fruit ability which was A logia fruit and also his Haki was stronger than Roja’s, and The cherry petals are almost with no effect on him.

As for the flames…

Magma win against flames, Flames can be extinguished by the Magma, but the same thing won’t happen to the magma.

This was the relationship between the upper and lower entities.


Roja attacked again, Akainu dodged again using his logia ability, seeing this Roja said:

“the Logia fruits are the strongest… That line wasn’t said without a reason indeed…”

“Did you experience the difference between you and me, are you ready to give up?”

Hearing Roja’s words, Akainu sneered, but he didn’t stop his attack, his fist continued to punch out magma fists toward Roja.

Roja looked at the magma and moved his sword, he cut it and chuckled when he said to Akainu.

“I am just a little bored and I think it’s almost time to end this fight.”

The moment Roja’s voice fell, He held his sword horizontally, suddenly a strange power surged out from the sword.

“All Things of this World, Turn to Ashes, Ryujin Jakka!”

Accompanied by this sound, Sen Maboroshi in Roja’s hands turned red in color, with a little gold in between, a sudden heat swept all directions.


The flames finally appeared, it gave a terrifying feeling, it even made Akainu pause for a moment, his eyes looked at this scene with Shock.

Akainu saw Roja’s flames before, but this time those flames gave him a threatening feeling.

With Roja as the center, Hot flames surged out around him and gradually spread to his surrounding, giving Roja some form of mysterious Charm.

“If I wave my sword, You will burn to death.”

Roja looked at Akainu in front of him as he said seriously.


Akainu heard Roja’s sentence, his face turned gloomy as he sneered and said: “You have nothing but flames, but I can even burn flames with me magma!”

“Is that so?”

Roja said dully, he held his sword in one hand and waved it toward Akainu.


Red-folden flames rushed toward Akainu just after Roja waved his sword. Monstrous flames kept moving in every direction.

Just the heat waves from that attack made the far away Officers have dry lips.

“So hot!”

“how is this possible, were so far away…”

Many Marines revealed their Shock.

Even Aokiji and Kisaru along with Sengoku had their expression change, their eyes opened and gazed deeply toward Roja’s flames.

“Those flames are… Terrifying!”

“However, Sakazuki’s ability is magma, he should be…”

At this moment, Almost all people looked at the field tensely.

In the face of Roja’s sword and the pouring out of it, Akainu was getting suppressed.

Akainu turned his upper body into magma, then he punched, Magma surged out of his body and as if it will cover the entire sky, it went directly toward the golden flames.

under the pressure from the magma, the flames should extinguish directly.

But, The next moment, Countless people including Akainu were shocked speechless, because the result was exactly the opposite.

The magma disappeared as it touched the flames.

Akainu’s magma was directly burned due to the golden flames.


The red-golden flames directly swallowed the magma, Akainu was agitated as he directly avoided the flames and his body rolled back as he retreated.

not only was his magma burned to ashes, even his own body will be hurt by this flames.


The moment the golden flames fell to the ground, Countless people turned aghast, as the area that it fell in burned to ashes and a big hole was formed.

Akainu directly turned back to his original body and fell to the ground, his body and his clothes were burned.

even though he is a logia user, the flames could hurt him.

“This is impossible!”

Akainu looked at the flames with dismay as he couldn’t believe what just happened.

If he didn’t use Busoshoku at that moment to resist the flames, he might have directly burned to ashes.

These flames… Are stronger than his Magma?

How can that be!!

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