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Chapter 212: Defeated!

“Nothing is Impossible.”

“You are nothing more than normal magma, while my fire has the temperature of the sun’s surface, your ability is completely below mine.”

Roja stood there with a smile on his face, he looked at Akainu with contempt, the original word of Akainu said were returned to him.

Hearing Roja’s words, Akainu’s face became ugly, he bit his teeth and clenshed his fist, his eyes appeared bloodshot.

How can there be a Flames that surpass magma?


Alas, Akainu Roared, his figure turned into magma, then the Magma surged out of him like there is no tomorrow, it covered the sky as if this was raging sea only that instead of water there is magma.

This time, Akainu is going all out, He even ignored the damage that his ability will cause to his surrounding as the magma surged.

When Akainu and Aokiji fought for the fleet admiral position, they completely turned an island into half ice and half fire.

How much power can the Logia fruit exert?

The magma surged to in every direction, the entire square was full of it, Akainu’s figure disappeared within the magma.

The Magma moved toward Roja.

This horrifying attack already, alarmed countless Officers.

under the monstrous magma, Roja’s figure seemed like a small boat in a stormy sea.

But in the next instant.

Roja made his move.

He proudly exposed his powers, like a monarch, he overlooked everything even though the magma was right in front of him.

“Jōkaku Enjō !”

Roja held his sword single-handedly, flames suddenly surged around him and surged in every direction.

Whenever this flame touches the magma The latter would become ashes.

No one knows where Akainu was inside of the sea of Magma, but he continued to unleash his magma crazily as if he didn’t care if they turned to ashes or not.

the magma kept on coming toward Roja.

At this time.

“Ennetsu Jigoku!”

Roja looked coldly at the waves coming toward him, he gently waved his sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under countless shocked gazes, flame pillars rose from the earth toward the sky while tearing and burning the magma in their way.

Those pillars suddenly swept all directions, turning the Magma to ashes.

The magma all over the place was turned to Ashes.

Wherever the flames moved, the magma would disappear, it just couldn’t resist such temperature.

Ordinary magma on the earth against the Flames of the sun’s surface, it’s simply comparing heaven and earth.

Roja’s was stronger than Akinu, not to mention that his ability surpasses Akainu, this was the same thing that happened when Ace and Akainu faced each other, there was just no resistance.


Flames swept in every direction, the heat made Aokiji uses his ice to cool the place down.

Even the Officers away could feel that they would turn to ashes if they moved a little bit closer to the fight.

No one spoke.

under the swell of fires, the Magma completely vanished from the square, leaving Akainu crashed even after he used all his powers.

The magma that filled the place turned into golden flames.

When Roja returned his Sen Maboroshi to the soul space, the flames extinguished leaving a pit inside the square, and at the bottom of that square, Akainu was covered in black, whether he was alive or dead was still unknown.


Everyone swallowed hard, they looked at Roja with awe and shock.

The outcome of this fight was decided.

Admiral Akainu… Was defeated!

Roja crashed Akainu completely, while the latter couldn’t even leave a scratch on Roja’s body, despite his ability being suppressed, it still proves how strong was Roja now.

“The challenge… He passed.”

One of the Officers murmured.

years ago, Roja was just a mere recruit, then he graduated showing exceptional talent even beating the current admirals’ record, so he was promoted to a rear admiral.

Then Roja fought for the first time as a Marine in the first base in the west Blue, he defeated the DonQuixote family’s cadres, then he defeated even Doflamingo, then he was promoted to a Vice-Admiral.

After that Roja killed Jack and fought in the war against Kaido.

And now Roja’s strength already reached a new height.

In just a few years, Roja has surpassed all the people in the sea and stood at the place that only a few could sit on.

“He has really done it.”

Aokiji looked at Roja as he murmured.

Roja now defeated Akainu which mean now Roja was the Admiral.

After sixteen years in the golden era of piracy.

Admiral Monkey.D.Roja received his position in the Marine after successfully winning the challenge against the former Admiral Akinu.

This news shook the world!

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