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Chapter 210: Roja Vs Akainu!
Half a month later, in front of the headquarters, there was a large number of Marines, all of them with the Officers rank at least.

The fight will be held here, they didn’t choose an island for the battle, it will be held in the square in front of the headquarters.

This square is huge enough to accommodate about 100 thousand people.

The people were divided into three groups and gathered in three different directions.

The one in the right and the one in the left are people under Aokiji and Kisaru.

The one standing in the middle was standing behind Sengoku.

Two admirals and the Fleet Admiral and after them comes the Vice-Admirals of each group so they could deal with the aftermath of the fight.

At this moment, in the middle of the Square, two people stood in front of each other, the first one is Roja, and the other is Akainu.

The Marines in the distance were nervous looking at the two.

“I didn’t expect that Vice-Admiral Roja would choose to apply for a promotion through a Challenge…”

“Although it has already been said that Admiral Sakazuki and Vice-Admiral Roja aren’t in good terms, applying for this challenge is too impulsive.”

A Rear-Admiral swallowed and said: “Admiral Sakazuki is veer strong.”

“Hey which one of them can be described as weak?”

Another one sarcastically said: “Whether Admiral Borsalino or Admiral Kuzan, they aren’t weak, their fruits are of the strongest in the world.”

Some people looked into the distance as they muttered: “The challenge isn’t easy to win… However, Vice-Admiral’s Roja strength isn’t weak either, he even killed the legendary pirate Shiki.”

“Even if Vice-Admiral Roja’s strength is below than Admiral Sakazuki, it is estimated that it isn’t that much below, I am certain that he can face the strongest in the world.”

Yamakaji who had a good relationship with Roja held a cigar in his mouth. his eyes were full of tension and worry, he murmured: “Finally, he’s doing it.”

“This time, Roja completely offended Admiral Sakazuki, the latter won’t show mercy…”

Whether Roja won or not, Akainu’s reputation will take a blow due to the Challenge.

Because there are three Admirals, Roja chose him because he didn’t like Akainu, but this gives the impression that Akainu is the weakest amongst the three Admirals.

The atmosphere was turned tenser each moment.

No one spoke again, everything was silent.

Standing in the middle, Akainu seemed like a Volcano that is about to erupt.

One of his arms ad magma coming out of it and as the magma dripped down to the ground, it created a horrible sound of something melting.

If an ordinary person is standing next to him, he won’t be able to stand such a heat.

“What are you waiting, You chose me as your opponent, but now you don’t dare to make a move?”

Roja didn’t take the initiative to attack Akainu, but the latter held his hand and looked coldly at Roja.

“I didn’t.”

Roja shook his head and suddenly chuckled, he said proudly: “Once I attack, the battle will be over.”


Akainu’s face sunk, and finally, he attacked.

Even if he wins, Akainu knew that Roja will just return to his position like nothing happened, which obviously he didn’t accept.

“Dai Funka!”


As Akainu’s fist suddenly shot forward while it turned into magma, forming a huge lava fist and wen toward Roja.

Before even it went down, terrible heat waves spread in all directions, many Marines were shocked by this attack.

Facing this attack, Roja didn’t retreat.


Roja suddenly entered his Shinigami mode, then he reaches with his hand to the air in front of him, a perfect sword suddenly appeared in his hands.

Roja placed the sword in front of him and blocked Akainu’s attack.

“Is it possible that he got a special devil fruit?”

Seeing Roja’s change, Akainu had a strange feeling, his eyes flashed, but he didn’t care as he roared.


Magma suddenly burst from his fist and directly rushed toward Roja.

Roja stood calmly in his place, he didn’t step back, he just brushed his hand and danced with the sword, after a few times, the magma that came toward him flew away.

The fight has just begun, Roja revealed his power which made many people views toward him change.

Roja used the Shinigami mode in front so many people for the first time, whether it is Aokiji, Kisaru, Or Sengoku, this was the first time anyone of them saw this form that Roja was in now.

“No wonder Roja could kill Shiki, his strength improved so much, is his ability some kind of a rare Zoan or some Kind of Logia?”

Sengoku’s eyes flashed as he wondered about Roja’s fruit.

Aokiji’s eyes flashed, as he stared at Roja and murmured in his heart.

“I don’t know this kind of fruit.”

Roja directly went into the Shinigami Mode, he waved his sword and attacked Akainu, then he said faintly: “This is all you’ve got?”


Akainu heard Roja and his face turned more gloomy as he said coldly: “Don’t think that with a Rare Zoan fruit you can be arrogant.”

The moment his voice fell, His pair of hands directly turned into Magma.

This time several magma fists headed toward Roja rather than one.

“Ryusei Kazan!”

This was the upgraded version of Dai Funka, which even have a longer range.

All the jet black fists went toward Roja, like a meteor shower which seemed as if it will bury Roja.

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