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Chapter 189: DonQuixote Family Destroyed
After the Massacre, the Warship was damaged everywhere. Fortunately, it didn’t reach a level where it would sink. Some Marines were hurrying around repairing it.

Most Marines were still in shock from what happened. After what Roja did, their hearts would sink from just remembering it.

Under Doflamingo’s scheming, Many pirates ambushed them, they were simply desperate, but they were defeated by Roja alone. They all died, even Doflamingo couldn’t get away.

In the highest cabin in the warship, Roja was sitting leisurely with a Den Den Mushi in his hand, he was talking to Sengoku.

Sengoku didn’t imagine that Doflamingo would do something so dangerous. he ambushed Roja with so many pirates but in the end, he was destroyed.

The news still didn’t travel anywhere, cause if everyone knew that a Shichibukai has just died, it will get troublesome.

Sengoku still didn’t inform the world government about what he thinks about the Shichibukai system. The Shichibukai were just dregs in his generation. It wasn’t that they want to stabilize the balance of the sea, those guys would be annihilated one by one.

Listening to Roja, Sengoku was having a headache.

“It’s okay, one of the Shichibukai died and you need to find another one.”

“You think it’s that easy, Roja…”

Sengoku was sitting in his office while clutching his forehead and said: “But what is done is done now, we can only find a successor, as Doflamingo was the one to attack the Marines, he is not innocent  that bastard.”

The fact that Roja was attacked made Sengoku truly angry, in his view, Roja’s existence is much more important to the Marines than Doflamingo.

“I will have to explain this to the world government…” Sengoku took a deep breath and made a decision, his eyes flashed as he said: “Now since it’s already been done, the DonQuixote family isn’t needed anymore, you go and destroy them.”

Since Doflamingo is dead, the DonQuixote family is just like cancer, there is no need for it to exist anymore.

“I also think so.”

Roja responded lightly and continued: “Send me their location.”

“Well, I will directly make the intelligence department handle that.”

Sengoku nodded and hung up the Den Den Mushi, then he stood up and issued a few orders as he got ready to personally go to Marijois.

One of the Shichibukai died, for this kind of thing he needs to go in person and explain what happened in details.

On the Island where the DonQuixote family was.

In a palace with gardens and swimming pools, Diamante was sitting on a couch while drinking some wine.

“Doflamingo should  be coming back soon.”

“The Den Den Mushi didn’t get through, I don’t know what happened but it can’t be linked to Doffy.”

Trebol slipped and slid down like a snot. “Na… N… But Duffy should be back in no time.”

“There won’t be an accident.”

Another top cadre said with a very high pitch, it was Pica.

Diamante put down the glass as he opened his hands while laughing: “How can something unexpected happens, although not all of the people we contacted had gone, at least dozen of them did, And to be on the safe side, Duffy also went with them.”

“All those pirates have a 500 million or more on their heads, even if they encountered an Admiral, it won’t be easy for him.”

On the other hand, Trebol said: “Na… Na… But we also specially selected the place of the attack, even if the nearest base sent their support it would take some time when they get there, Roja’s body would already turn cold.”

Hearing Diamante Pica also relaxed.

That’s right, with that kind of force, even if Doflamingo himself can’t kill Roja, he shouldn’t be able to escape, Roja should be dead already.

Several of them waited for Doflamingo’s return.

However, after a long time he still wasn’t here, now even those relaxed guys were feeling suspicious.

“Doffy should have already come according to the time right?”

When they made the plan, they even thought of the possibility that they won’t be able to kill Roja in a short while and Marine support arrived.

Although the probability is low, according to the plan if that as to happen they would terminate the operation.

And according to the time, Doflamingo should already here.

Just at this time,  a voice was heard behind their back.

“Are you waiting for Doflamingo to come back?”

They felt cold sweat on their back.

Roja’s figure suddenly appeared from nowhere, Hiru in his hand as he walked on the air, his tone held some indifference as if he was facing a group of ants.

Diamante was most familiar with Roja’s voice, as he heard it he stiffened, he turned around with difficulty and looked at Roja’s figure with aghast eyes.

“How… How can you be here?”

“Ro, Ro… Roja!!”

Diamante was scared shitless and Trebol had a runny nose, although he did not personally see Roja, he could link the information he heard to Roja’s figure.

“Impossible! You… Then Doffy?”

Pica Looked at Roja with horror, a terrible idea appeared on his head.

Could it be that…

Roja looked at the three indifferently, suddenly he said with a faint smile: ” You will immediately meet him!”


The next Moment, his figure flashed and his hand waved.

The three top cadres of the DonQuixote family had already thought about the worst idea. Facing Roja’s attack they couldn’t react on time.

Originally with their strength that was far inferior to Roja’s they should anticipate his attacks, they had lost the opportunity to dodge, now they could only try to block.


But even with their strength combined, they couldn’t stop Roja(s sword.

Diamante’s steel cape was directly divided in two, Pica made a huge pillar with the earth beneath his feet, but they also were directly cut apart and Trebol threw some mucus which had the same end.


The sword energy cut the three people when they were falling to the ground, their eyes were filled with fear and despair.

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