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Chapter 190: The reversed order

The DonQuixote family was entirely destroyed within a few days.

It was impossible for Roja to forget about the spy that was implanted within the Marine. After discovering his identity, the last one from the DonQuixote family died.

The entire DonQuixote family was exterminated, people like BB-5 was spared since she wasn’t someone evil.

A few days later, The world government spread the message that Doflamingo and his family were destroyed since he attacked the Marines.

Just half a month and the DonQuixote family completely vanished from the sea.

After this accident, Roja returned to the Headquarters, this time he killed many big shots and earned a lot of points, even though Sengoku Deducted Doflamingo’s share since he was supposed to be an ally of the Marine, but still he gained more than 300 thousand.

Roja’s points reached more than 500 thousand now, even if he wanted to exchange them for something good he won’t find any interesting things.

Those points were useless in the Admirals and fleet admiral eyes, and although Roja was only a vice-Admiral, he already as powerful as an admiral already. Many people looked at him the same way as they looked at the Admirals, they felt he was just an Admiral in reserve.

After the fall of the DonQuixote family, world government held a meeting to decide the one replacing Doflamingo.

Roja took it for granted and directly went toward Boa Hancock so she can participate in the meeting.

“I am busy in my free time and I am also busy with my working time!”

Standing on the Deck of the warship, Roja was heading to the Amazon lily, He was dumbfounded, he just returned to the headquarters, but he was sent out again. But since he was going to meet Hancock he didn’t refuse.

Now Roja opened about 45% of the shackles of his body, he is already nearing the 50%.

If he didn’t reach it, it would be difficult for him to enter the Shinigami state as he wishes.

Once he reaches 50%, then he will have a qualitative change, the soul power will dominate and Roja will gasp the Shinigami powers.

“I am getting closer and closer to the pinnacles of this world.”

Roja made a fist with his hand, and a slight smile appeared on his face, a strange atmosphere emerged, it was as if he could grasp the world in his palm.

A few days later, The warship arrived at the sea area beside the Amazon lily, Roja let the warship stop there, he instructed a few sea kings to guard the warship as he went alone.

In the Palace, “Doflamingo, one of the Shichibukai was destroyed?!” Hancocks two sisters looked at the news in the newspapers with shock.

Amazon lily was located in the calm belt, the news bird rarely comes here, and their communication with the outside world in really poor, So they just got the news of Doflamingo’s destruction.

Both women were nervous.

Hancock though that just becoming a Shichibukai would be enough to shelter this country. There would no longer be any crisis. It wasn’t that long since the system was established and one already was killed.

Even Hancock herself was shocked but she still didn’t say a thing.

“The Shichibukai system is just a mutually beneficial relationship between us and the world government if one loses his value they would get rid of him.”

Nyan-ba like always appeared from somewhere nobody knows how whil

e walking step  by step with her snake and solemnly said: “A huge family like the DonQuixote was destroyed in such a short time, it’s really astonishing.”

“And most importantly… look closely at the newspaper.”

Nyan-ba took a deep breath and with frightened eyes, she said: “It is said that Doflamingo violated the rules and thus was removed from his position then was defeated by Roja.”

“But based on some information I received, This order should clearly be reversed.”

Just when Nyan-ba was saying her point of view, a voice floated in the sky.

“Good guess, The order is really reversed, The guy Doflamingo was killed by me before he was removed from his position.”

Roja entered from the outside and no one dared to move and stop him. Almost all of them had cold sweat cover their foreheads.

Roja just entered as if this was his house and picked an apple from the table then bit it.

“You came… What’s the matter?”

Hancock brows picked, She was about to reprimand him like always but her tone was slightly lower, not as fierce as before.

“Nothing, Can’t it come here without any reason?”

Roja ate a few apples and then directly smiled toward Hancock: ” Because of Doflamingo’s removal, the world government held a meeting to decide the new one joining the Shichibukai.”

“Not interested!”

“Then no problem good!”

Roja casually shrugged, this kind of thing doesn’t matter does it, When Crocodile was removed, she didn’t go in the meeting either.

This guy…

Hancock didn’t expect Roja to say such a thing, she thought he’d force her like last time, her eyes flashed strangely.

“Sure enough.”

On the other side, Nyan-ba heard Roja confirming her guess about him killing Doflamingo before his removal, she couldn’t help but ponder.

She waved her hand gesturing to the waitress to leave before she said.

“Roja, Doflamingo although not now, he is a member of the DonQuixote family that was one of the Celestial Dragons…”

When it comes to Celestial Dragons, the atmosphere turned depressed and even Hancock’s expression was sinking.

“IF you’re talking about him, He’s already not one,” Roja said.

“As what you want to say about them, Not mentioning them, even it the council said something about Doflamingo’s death so what?”

Roja said a few word but the content was extremely domineering.

In less than half a month he could grasp the Shinigami powers, and once he masters it, he would be fearless in this world.

Not to mention the world government what he should do, even if they wanted to deal with him, what can they do?

The Shichibuaki can change, so can the world government!

Roja didn’t say this in his words, but those hints gave more impacts. Silence suddenly filled the place.  

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