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Chapter 188
  Chapter 188: All Killed   Monstrous flames swayed on top of the sea, it looked as if the whole sea is burning.   Everyone was horrified.   “Since you dare to come, then don’t think about leaving!”   Roja stood in the sky and coldly said. Suddenly rushed to the next ship, his flipped over the sword and let it go.   Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.   Under Roja’s control, the sky was filled with petals.   The pirates in this ship looked at the petals pouring from the sky, he held twos words and waved the sword and flowers flew.   Six to seven flowers flashed and formed a flower sword energy, spinning like crazy as it rushed toward the petals and drifted past them and headed toward Roja.   “Do you want to use my move against me?”   Roja’s hand grasped the air, and suddenly a wave of petals gathered and formed a sword.   At the same time the petals surrounded that swordsman from all directions, Roja waved his sword and the blood appeared on the swordsman body.   His body was sent back but even after those petals kept on attacking him, in the blink of an eye, the petals covered him completely.   The petals swayed on the ship after the massacre, then they flew tot he next

ship like an unstoppable general.   The Marines on the warship were looking dull by now, this was extremely shocking for them.   Unexpectedly, Even under the attacks of so many pirates, Roja killed them and they couldn’t fight back at all.   Even if an admiral was here, I doubt he would be able to do the same.   “Hateful, How strongly did you get?”   Doflamingo looked at Roja and couldn’t reveal his shame, Suddenly he fell on the ship and waved his hand.   “Awakening!”   Doflamingo though he would just watch this time, but it turned out that if he didn’t join the attack and use his full strength then probably there was no hope to defeat Roja.   The rest of the pirates were shocked and by this time no one dared to hide his strength, Roja’s strength was out of their imagination, this kind of strength was at an Admiral’s level.   Boom! Boom! Boom!   A variety of attacks flashed and moved toward Roja.   “All useless!”   Roja’s voice sounded proud, he moved step by step and cut the attacks in front of him, no matter the attack he will cut it.   Wouch!   Suddenly a figure flashed, and blood spilled in the sky.   With his power, Roja pressured everyone, his sword would flash from time to time and flames would occasionally burst

burst forth, and you could only hear the scream of people.   Boom!   Someone roared and leaped high up the sky to punch Roja, his fist held terrifying power as if it was Sengoku’s fist.   However, Roja just waved his sword and directly cut the fist, then destroyed the one who attacked him, the latter fell into the sea and only God knows if he was alive or dead.   The battle field was a mess.   A variety if attacks continued from time to time as Roja waved his sword in all directions and attached his Haoshoku to the Busoshoku and beheaded many.   After just a few moments, Only two third of the pirates remained including Doflamingo.   “Too fast!”   “Withdraw!”   By now, most of the people were terrified and afraid to attack Roja.   They ordered their troops to retreat.   Afte some time, Roja now finished about seven or eight ships and only a handful remained.   “It’s too late now, too late!”   Roja’s body didn’t have any blood stains, but he killed without mercy, those who tried to attack him, he chased after them.   The ship would take a long time so he used Moon Walk directly, he came toward the first ship and waved his sword. Flames poured into the ship.   Boom!   Another ship was destroyed

was destroyed by Roja, the captain wasn’t a devil fruit user, so he simply jumped off and tried to escape.   But even so Roja wasn’t letting anyone go, an energy strike fell from the sky and killed the one who wanted to escape.   After a few breaths.   Huge waves formed in the sea, a terrifying abyss appeared above the sea, as the water was now red in color. Roja has killed all of them.   At this point, the pirates that wanted revenge against Garp are all dead.   Doflamingo couldn’t do a thing even after awakening his devil fruit, so he decisively retreated. At this point in time, his figure turned into a little black spot.   “Doflamingo… You think you can leave?”   Roja looked at the direction Doflamingo escaped to, after saying that coldly he chased after him.   Roja didn’t care about Doflamingo’s background.   A Celestial Dragon or A Shichibukai, he didn’t care, he comes to attack him twice so Roja will ignore the rules.   Boom! Boom! Boom!   Roja practiced Moon Walk to a satisfactory level, he was now faster than Doflamingo who had his devil fruit.   A moment later, Roja caught up to Doflamingo.   “Senbonzakura Kageyoshi… White Sword Emperor!”   Roja’s eyes were cold, as hundreds of millions of petals gathered like crazy, the scene felt like that sword could pierce the sky.     “Damn!”   Feeling the presence behind him, Doflamingo didn’t dare to wait as he bit his teeth and put up his defenses.   “Kumo no Sugaki!”   A spider web appeared after the other.   Continuous spider webs made a nearly unpenetrable net to block Roja attack then he also added his Busoshoku.   In the face of Doflamingo’s full defense, Roja didn’t have any emotions, he just waved his sword!   Om!   A saw like large half-moon sword energy scratched the void.   “Block it!”   Doflamingo Roared.   he didn’t think Roja to be so much stronger than their first fight.   Om!   In face of Roja’s attack, the spider webs were cut without any resistance.   After cutting the spider web, the remaining of that attack hit Doflamingo in his horror, and blood splashed like a flower.   After the blood was splashed, Doflamingo was shot into the sea, his eyes full of shock; he never thought that his plan would have this kind of result.   Doflamingo crushed into the sea and the water was stained with his blood.   The Shichibukai, DonQuixote Doflamingo is dead.   At this point, Everyone who came here was beheaded by Roja.      

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