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Chapter 152: Preparation For The Battle

Akagami’s territory, After the fight Shanks and his pirates were resting.   “They angered Kaido? I am afraid that the Marine won’t have it easy from now on.”   “Let’s wait and see.”   Benbekmen Sat beside Akagami while he smoked.   In Another area of the new world, Whitebeard territory.   He got the news about Kaido going to war.   “Do you want to go to war with the Marine?Gurararara… The sea will turn lively after so many years.”   Whitebeard was grinning, he was really happy.   …   At last, After another Marine base was destroyed in the new world, Sengoku was full of rage.   “Things can’t continue like this.”   “Beast pirates, those bastards!”   His face was full of fury, Sengoku didn’t think that Kaido will go this far, He planned to completely eliminate the Marine from the new world.   If he was to succeed, won’t this be akin to the powerlessness of the Marine in front of the pirates?   After this happens, what prestige would the Marine have in the sea?   It can be said that if Kaido did really push until he reaches the headquarter, then even if they defeat him, it will be considered a loss.   They must stop Kaido in the new world.   Let’s go, Call Kuzan, Borsalino, and Sakazuki to the conference room.”   Sengoku left his office and went directly to the conference room.   This is an emergency meeting.   After the meeting Sengoku will have to issue some orders, all Marines will participate in the incoming war.   When the Marine takes action the war shall begin.   …   Marine headquarters training rooms, Roja was inside one of the rooms while holding an ordinary wooden sword, his eyes were sharp, Suddenly he shook the sword and the air moved violently.   Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!   A series of flashes appeared, more than ten shadows seemed to be integrated into one strike, The first one was slow then the second caught up followed by the third and so on…   A total of thirteen sword energies perfectly blended together.   Boom!   The strike hit the target and issued a loud sound, and then the target was split in two.   “Finally Done!”   Roja breathed then exposed a smile.   The thirteen compression was finally complete.   Now Roja strength increased once again, and it was time before the war against Kaido.   And as Roja was about to put down the practice sword and leave the room, Roja’s secretary rushed into the room with a forehead full of sweat, and the urgent expression on his face as he said to Roja:” Vice-admiral Roja, The fleet admiral issued an order, you should go now!”   “I know.”   Roja nodded and then left the practice room.   It has been more than a week since Roja returned to the headquarters, During this time he focused only on mastering the thirteenth compression while the world was in turmoil.   Under Kaido’s command, Many new world’s bases were destroyed in his attempt to make the Marine disappear from the new world.   Not long ago, Sengoku has already issued an order, all forces have to participate in this war. They will move to the base of the G6 base for preparation.   In another world, Sengoku had gone to the G6 base to stop Kaido from destroying any more bases.   At that time, Roja was about to master the thirteenth compression, So he put aside Sengoku’s orders temporarily, he continued his practice until he just mastered it.   The headquarter was nearly empty.   All the Marine were brought to the G6 base to fight against Kaido.   Although this mostly would be a defensive battle, against Kaido they couldn’t really do much.   Roja was considered to have a very hight combat effectiveness as he had defeated Jack one of the three Disasters.   Naturally, it was impossible for him not to go to the G6. The only people who were still in the headquarter are The Crane and Z, While two other Vice admirals will stay behind in here.   Having two Vice admirals would be enough to deal with any attack from the DonQuixote family.   This world’s people aren’t as canny as the ones in Naruto world, here there is probably no one who would go and ask help from of the other three emperors.   That is why Sengoku precisely decided to dispatch most forces to the G6 to fight against the beasts pirates.   Roja arrived at the port.   “Arara, You finally came, Roja.”   Aokiji was at the port, he said after he saw Roja.   Kisaru and Akainu had already departed to the G6, Aokiji was the last to leave, HE finished the final defensive matters before departing and it seems that they just finished.
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