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Chapter 153: Camp Layout
“I’m afraid, can I not go?”

Roja smiled at Aokiji and boarded the warship.

The relationship between Roja and Aokiji was very good, Aokiji was under Garp in the past, he is very respectful of Garp and the first admiral Roja saw when he comes to this world is Aokiji.

But Roja’s position wasn’t high enough to talk to Aokji unless he was with Garp he won’t have the chance to talk to him.

“If you are scared, then there is no one who isn’t.”

Aokiji smiled helplessly at Roja, Then jumped up into the warship.

Aokiji comes next to Roja and seriously reminded him: “But this time you have to be careful, Even though Kaido is attacking the entire Marine, his pirates should be after you.”

Roja is strong, But he still didn’t reach the power of an admiral, Also he doesn’t have a devil fruit ability.

Roja listened to Aokiji then smiled at him and said: “I am not an easy target either, Are we going yet?”

“Well, it’s about time.”

Aokiji nodded at Roja then said: “After the fight, we should go to some famous restaurant and have a good meal, Want to come?”

Listening to him, Roja felt like he was saying that they should survive.

“I must go.”

Roja smiled at him then went to the cabin together.

New world, G6 base.

The beasts pirates under Kaido’s command Destroyed countless bases and dealt a huge blow to the Marine.

Although the bases were evacuated, however reconstructing them will be energy consuming.

Just now news comes that the G10 base got destroyed.

The beasts pirates were divided into four groups, Kaido didn’t do it himself but left the work for the three Disasters.

The bases left were G9, G8, and G7 before they get to the G6.

Those bases were evacuated beforehand so no one will die.

It can be said that most of the Marine forces are gathered in the G6 base.

The G6 base was on a medium sized island, it’s much larger compared to the other bases. This was the best place for a full out war.

After calculations, The Marine would finish the layout of the camp before the beasts pirates arrive.

Since this wasn’t the Original war in the story, it would be hard to convince the Shichibukai to participate, and even if they agree it would take a long time for them to come here.

So this war would be between Pure Marine forces against The beasts pirates.

Sengoku stood on the square in the G6 base while he gave his commands.

“Reporting to the Fleet admiral! The beasts pirates are about to Arrive at the G6 and they started to gather their forces.”


Sengoku nodded his head, the beasts pirates weren’t stupid, they knew that The Marines have gathered int he G6 so they were gathering their forces or else they would lose the war.

It can be said that both sides are preparing for this fight.

“The G6 base is the larget other than the ones destroyed already. But unfortunately, it’s not comparable to the Marineford.”

Sengoku looked at the G6 base, under this arrangement, a powerful was build, his eyes were flashing as he shook his head a little.

The headquarters was the best place for a fight because they got countless cannons and sturdier walls etc, it’s far better than the G6.

If they were fighting in the Marineford than their chances would increase by 30%.

Unfortunately, in this war, the Marine couldn’t put their term, they were forced to move before every base is destroyed, they couldn’t even make a call for the Shichibukai.

In aces case, they were the one preparing everything before the war, almost everything was in their hands that time, that’s why their chances of winning were far more than it is now.

“Reporting! Admiral Aokiji and Vice-admiral Roja have arrived!”


Sengoku heard this sentence and sighed in relief, Aokiji was sure to arrive but Roja had ignored his order, he was worried that Roja won’t come.

even if Roja is not as strong as an admiral, his powers would be of a great help, with him being the one started the war, his presence would be enough to affect the direction of the war.

Next to Sengoku, Kisaru, and Akaino were also helping with the deployment, When they heard that Aokiji and Roja have arrived, their expressions changed.

Kisaru didn’t complain about Roja, he was the most relaxed person in this war.

As For Akainu, he had no opinion about this was, he was a worshipper of justice, And The Marine must always enforce justice and what Roja did wasn’t wrong and anyway it’s too late to say anything now.

“To slack in time like this…”

His faces didn’t look good as he snorted then continued with what he was doing from the start.

As the main power in this forces, he never focused on Roja, he ignored him and started preparing to deal with the war ahead.

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