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Chapter 151: Spread Throughout The World
A few days later, the beast pirates assembled their forces and left their territory, they destroyed every base they pass by.

Kaido’s said that he hated the Marine, And none of them shall stay in the new world.

The three Disasters gave instruction to the beast pirates without hesitation. Jack was furious, even though he didn’t die, he lost face.

The three of them finally demonstrated to the World why are they called Disasters.

Wherever they pass they would destroy a base, They will only leave ruins behind like a Natural disaster.

Fortunately, the Marine was ready for this as they ordered all the bases beside Kaido’s territory to evacuate. Most of the destroyed bases were empty.

Even so, when this news spread it caused a huge damage to the Marines reputation.

Such thing made some people think that the all the Marines would be exterminated by Kaido’s pirates.

The beast pirates didn’t stop and continued to attack the Marine bases, The storm is already intense now.

In an unknown island, a group of workers was laughing, Suddenly a newspaper was dropped from the sky by a bird. One of them took it.

But just as he glanced, his forehead was filled with sweat as he was terrified.

He couldn’t hold the newspaper anymore, it dropped into the ground.

Seeing this the other workers looked at him strangely.

“Hey what happened to you?”

That person’s eyes were unfocused as he murmured.

“A… Big Event…”

The same scene was repeating itself all over the world.

Right now, Most forces are no longer paying attention to this war, but ordinary people were now fearing the result of this war.

East blue.

“Grandpa, I have something to tell you.” Luffy grinned at Garp and said: “I won’t be some pirate.”

“Great you finally came to your senses.”

Hearing his grandson saying that he won’t become a pirate made Garp really happy.

However the next moment, he heard Luffy say: “I will become the Pirate King.”

“Ah, Luffy!”

Garp’s face stiffened, He gnashed his teeth and looked at Luffy: “This is all because that bastard Akagami, I must knock some sense into your brain today!” Garp raised his fist ready to give him his love fist while Luffy was yelling.

But before that happens, A man comes running and gasping for breath, he looked nervous while holding a newspaper.

“Mr.Garp you must look at this…”


Garp withdrew his hand that was about to fall on Luffy’s head then took the newspaper, after a glance his eyes widened.

“Roja that kid… He did something so awesome.”

When Garp arrived to the East blue he no longer picked the calls So only now did he knew that something this big happened.

The beast pirates and the Marines will fight.

The detail was also stated in the newspaper, This war was entirely caused by Roja’s actions.

“Who is Roja?”

Looking at the Shocked Garp, Luffy grabbed Garp’s beard and curiously asked.

Garp looked at Luffy and said: “This is your uncle, a good Marine.”

Luffy then said: “A Marine hah… I want to be the pirate king…”


Garp was furious again, he threw the newspaper and waved his fist and hit Luffy’s head.

After that, Roja’s figure appeared in Garp’s mind. He was now in the east blue, and now that the newspaper arrived here, it would be too late for him to go there anymore.

“Don’t be beaten badly, brat.”

Thinking to here, Garp grinned, Roja no longer needs his assistance, he trusted him completely, just like last time when he faced Doflamingo.

Kaido’s action while made countless ordinary people horrified, Many didn’t know what would the result be.

The Marine would probably suffer some loss this time after all the beast pirates are really determined to go into a full out war.

In the new world, The DonQuixote pirates’ ship was sailing unafraid of the Marine, After all, Doflamingo was one of the Shichibukai now.

Knowing that Another base was destroyed, Doflamingo laughed evilly.

“This will be a good show, Monkey.D.Roja, That kid provoked even Kaido, He will be probably killed this time. FUFUFUFUFU… And this time, the Marine won’t be able to do anything about it.”

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