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Chapter 150: Incoming storm
Roja sat there after putting away the property bar pondering.

The beast pirates care for the Saber-tooth tiger fruit was unexpected!

Well, Kaido was obsessed with the Zoan fruits and his pirates were mostly using them, so his care for an ancient Zoan devil fruit was normal.

This time, what he did should provoke Kaido to the extreme, So next he would either find Roja or directly attack the Marine.

Roja wasn’t afraid that also he didn’t want to be hit by Kaido or be chased by him.

“Anyway, I should continue my training.”

After shaking his head, Roja no longer thought about this. He placed Hiru between his knees, then started focusing on Hiru so he could gain a deeper understanding of the way of the sword.

Roja wanted to complete the thirteenth Fusion as soon as possible So his strike would be more powerful. If he was to encounter Jack again after that, He won’t need to use White sword emperor to end the fight anymore.

Getsuga Tensho should be enough to break his defense.

Between the Marine powerhouses and the Yonko, it seems that there will be a brief confrontation.

Marine headquarter, A high-level meeting was held, The three admirals, the Crane and Sengoku were present, Garp was still in the east blue with his grandson, while Z never appeared in a meeting after the Shichibukai system was approved.

Sengoku stated what happened briefly, Which made Akainu and Aokiji eyes to shrink while the Crane was surprised.

Although she expected Roja to clash with the beast pirates, She didn’t expect him to take a Rare Zoan fruit from them.

“Arara, This time you really did such a big thing… Monkey.D.Roja” Aokiji placed his hands on the table.

“So, Do we have to Face the Beast pirates now?”

Akainu’s attitude toward Roja was still not good, Even if his power were a great help for the Marine, but after all, he is Dragon’s cousin, That sin isn’t something that could be forgotten, If one person was black, then his entire family would take that color.

If Roja was to encounter Dragon in the Future would he face him?

“That’s right.”

Sengoku said and continued: “Kaido is still fighting with Akagami, When he returns to his territory and know of this, what he will do would be unexpected.”

“We must be prepared for the worse, he might even go for a full out war against us!”

The pirates were mostly afraid of the Marine, but it wasn’t the same for the Yonko, still, it was a fact that the Marine shouldn’t fear pirates.

Kaido attacked the Marine countless times, and he was suppressed in all of them, and this time they should do the same.

Hearing Sengoku’s tone and his resolute will, Aokiji nodded his head, while Akainu stood there with cold eyes.

“There will be going a war soon.”

The crane sipped her tea and whispered with a light voice, She looked at the boundless sea while she was thinking about the future.

Kaido and Shanks’ fight ended after a few days, Kaido retreated, of course, that was because he faced Shanks and his pirates together.

Even if he was strong he wasn’t strong enough to face all of those people, He eventually would be exhausted even if he wasn’t injured.

Although Kaido lost, like Whitebeard, Shanks’ pirates let him go as they couldn’t stop him even if they tried.

After a few days, Kaido returned to his territory, then he learned about what happened.

Even though Jack was rescued and brought back from underwater, This was a hit to Kaido’s face.

This happened while he was Fighting with Akagami pirates. So now, Kaido was angry.

With such a thing happening would he just swallow that?

If so, he wouldn’t be called the immortal who was feared by all.

With a kings anger the sea will turn red and with an emperor’s everything will be destroyed.

At this time, even if the Marine were to hand over his saber-tooth tiger fruit, I won’t be that easy, now it’s not about the fruit anymore.

“It seems that after such a long time, The Marines had forgotten the horror of facing Kaido.”

Kaido stood and roared beside his subordinates, and all of them were trembling.

Even though everything happened was Roja’s doing, Kaido didn’t look at it like that, He only knew that everything was the Marines doing.

“In that case, They should be prepared for a full out war!”

Kaido opened his arms and released his Haoshoku in all directions, All the pirates swallowed hard with there minds filled with horror.

This time, the news about Roja’s deed spread out in the entire world.

This news again shocked the world.

Before Roja defeated Doflamingo, which was the head of the DonQuixote family, they weren’t a force known for their power, they were known their trade and network.

In fact, the power under the Yonko can extinguish the DonQuixote family, the gap between the two are worlds apart.

If one of the Yonko acts, it will involve the entire world.

This time, the world was shaken, on one hand by Roja’s strength, If him defeating Doflamingo was luck, then him Defeating Jack proved his strength.

On the other hand… The Marine provoked that madman!

This was a big loss for the beast pirates, Would Kaido swallow that?

Absolutely not!

“War… A war about to start!”

One of the leaders of the forces muttered in his heart while he was trembling, everyone who heard this news would think about the same thing.

A war was coming!

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