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Chapter 149: Entire Headquarters In The Move

Marine headquarters, Sengoku’s Office, At this time a Marine had a stood in front of Sengoku, He was full of cold sweat as his voice shivered while reporting the news to Sengoku.

Listening to the report, Sengoku’s pupils shrunk, with a shocked face.

“What did you say?”

The Marine was shocked by Sengoku’s actions, and trembled, His tone was even shakier and his words were unsteady.

After hearing the report, Sengoku wasn’t sitting in his chair anymore, but traces of cold sweat appeared on his forehead while his face turned ugly, he was walking here and there in the room.

It was only a few days, Roja was sent to monitor Kaido’s pirates, he not only fought with Jack, he even defeated him and took a rare Devil fruit too.

This gave him the same feeling as Garp.

“Defeated Jack, destroyed his ship, took the rare Saber-tooth devil fruit… This guy can really be…”

Sengoku couldn’t evaluate what happened this time.

Needless to say, this was good news and would boost the Morals of the Marine, What Roja did was absolutely beautiful, although he didn’t capture Jack, he took a rare devil fruit from him, this a good job.

But this way, Kaido won’t sit still now, If Kaido becomes angry no one knows what he will do.

“Let Kuzan and Sakazuki come to my office, And sent a message to Borsalino and have him come back, there no need to monitor the fight between Kaido and Akagami anymore.”


The Marine in front of Sengoku was full of cold sweat, and he was trembling from when he entered the office until he left.

He thought I am afraid that a major event will happen soon.

New world, Kaido and Shanks’s battle continue, The fight continued for more than seven days already.

People in this world really have too much stamina.

In the Original story, Akainu and Aokiji fought for about ten days and ten night for the position of the fleet admiral, They turned Punk Hazard into half ice and half fire, let alone Kaido.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Constant Roaring sounded from the island.

After every Roar, a horrifying shock wave will be produced.

“They are monsters.”

Five warships were parked not too far away from the island, On one of them Kisaru was present, He looked at the distance while curling one lip.

He arrived about five days after the beginning of the fight, he was watching for two days and two nights now.

Purupurupurupuru! Purupurupurupuru!

A Den Den Mushi’s voice was suddenly heard, Kisaru reached his arm and answered the call.

“Hey, Borsalino here.”

“Amiral Kisaru! The fleet admiral gave his order after what happened in the new world…”

After Kisaru said his name, on the other side, the one talking began talking rapidly, Apparently, he wasn’t calm while talking to Kisaru.

“Oh, Is that true?”

Listening to the other side of the phone, Kisaru’s expression suddenly changed, Although he had the same tone, something changed.

He couldn’t help but look into the distance where Akagami and Kaido were fighting, Kisaru turned again and said:” ok I know, I am heading back to the headquarters.”

“Roja that guy, even in this kind of situation he did something like that, this is really scary, Kaido won’t let this off.”

After that, Kisaru directly ordered the warship to immediately return to the headquarters.

At this time, Roja’s warship was heading back to the headquarters, He Defeated Jack and destroyed two pirate ships, And not only any ships one of them was the Mammoth one of the three Disaster’s ship, Not only that he took a rare Zoan fruit too.

Sengoku immediately called Roja back, And Roja didn’t continue to stay there.

This time’s fight increased the energy by a lot, only a few point remained for the next upgrade.

Now Roja’s training transformed from the violent physical strength training into quietly understanding the way of the sword and the extraction of Haki, So he can even practice on the warship.

After a few days of training, The energy value finally reached the upgrade point.

Roja as before choose the upgrade option and suddenly the golden light flashed from his body and the property bar values changed a bit then appeared before him.

The fourth stage: the soul of the delicate sword 3 

Attributes: Attack 540, Strength 180, Agility 180, Physical 180 

Special attribute: All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)

Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack. 

Energy: 0/260

Fortunately, the system removed the not so good number into 249 instead of 250, then now it’s restored to the same old way, so the energy required for the next upgrade is 260.

The data on the property bar only showed the physical enhancement, it didn’t mention the level up of the spiritual powers, but Roja could clearly feel the change, he felt his soul getting stronger, and even his control over it has improved.

“Although the rate of the level up slowed down, the distance to the fifth stage become closer.” thought Roja.

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