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Chapter 140: The Change
Perhaps because they knew that they can’t defeat Roja, Hancock was desperate, she bit her lips and said to Roja: “You… Should already know what that marks mean.”

Roja nodded his head and said softly: “Celestial Dragons slave mark.”

Hearing Roja’s words, Hancock’s heart shook slightly, and her eyes trembled.

As a pirate woman, She had her pride, And this the point that hurts her pride the most.

The mark that was on her back was the Celestial Dragons slave mark and it couldn’t be removed. Even if it was cut off it will regrow on with her flesh.

That symbol will eternally represent her slave status.

Hancock and her two sisters hid this truth with the curse lie.

No forces would dare protect a slave of the Celestial Dragons.

And If the Celestial Dragons didn’t care about her, then it’s better, otherwise only the Yonko would be able to protect her.

And with her pride, she didn’t want to seek protection.

“Then now you…”

Hancock never exposed such a fragile look before, Even when she was captured by slave dealers she wasn’t as fragile and anxious as she was now.

Roja looked at Hancock and saw her nervousness, he shook his head and said: “I said before, Compared to that mark… I like the front view more.”

Roja didn’t have any feelings of disgust when he saw the mark. He had the idea of taking responsibility for what he saw.


Hearing Roja’s words, Hancock was stunned.

“I understand.”

Looking at the stunned Hancock, Roja shook his head and said: “Rest assured, No matter the Origin of that Mark,  I will not use it to control you, and I will not say a word about it.”

Suddenly the tension in the two sisters heart disappeared as they took a long breath.

With that powerful Haoshoku and such tolerance, it was likely impossible for Roja to lie about such matters.

Hancock’s heart lightened, If Roja wanted to do anything, No one here could stop him, and if the secret leaked out then she couldn’t imagine what would happen.

“Meeting such a man, I really don’t know if this is fortunate or unfortunate for you, Hebihime.”

Nyon-ba held her stick and step by step appeared inside the bath.

“Where did you come from?”

Hancock heard Nyon-ba’s words and directly turned around while restoring her empress image, then shouted at her.

Nyon-ba didn’t pay attention to Hancock, she went toward Roja and said: “For willing to keep this a secret, I Thank you in Hebihime and her two sisters stead.”

Hancock looked at Nyon-ba and barely suppressed her urge to throw her out, she breathed a sigh of relief with her head down.

“Don’t mention it.”

Roja looked at Nyon-ba, then he said again.

“If there nothing else, I will go first, you wear some clothes and will see you in a while.” he looked at Hancock and said with a smile: “Yes, just another thing If you want me to take responsibility, it’s not impossible for me to do so.”

After he came in contact with her last time, Regardless of her temperament she was an unparalleled female emperor after all.

And for her status as a slave with a little bit of privilege, he would be able to remove it.

As long as he reaches the fifth stage and uses Yamamoto’s Shikai, it won’t take much effort.

After that, Roja directly turned away and left.

Take responsibility?

Hancock looked at Roja’s back, her eyes flashed with complex light, When Roja learned about her slave status, she didn’t know how to face him anymore, it would be impossible for her to have her previous arrogance.

Three Km away from the Island, the warship was quietly docked there, Suddenly two boats slowly came over in front of the warship, Roja informed them that he would return with Hancock over the Den Den Mushi.


Roja jumped from the boat and fell on the warship, after him Hancock also jumped from the giant snake’s head into the warship gently.

This time Hancock didn’t turn those soldier to stone, but she was moving arrogantly with Roja, Only when her eyes fell on Roja would her arrogance face a little bit.

With Roja leading the way, the two entered the cabin.

This was Roja’s office.

Roja image changed, he wasn’t the Vice-admiral anymore as he went to his desk after stretching out a little.

“It’s almost time.”


Hancock nodded and didn’t sit down, She quietly stood there.

After the series of event, Hancock still didn’t reach 100 points in Roja’s view, but he still gave her 70 points.

Hancock didn’t treat Roja with that cold arrogance anymore.

Moreover, Roja knew about the secret she wanted to hide the most, So in front of him, she simply couldn’t put the arrogance from before.

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