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Chapter 139: Taking a bath
On the Island, Many soldiers were nervous and vigilant, they looked at the warship and wanted to report to Hancock but they couldn’t.

The Kuja Castle was now blocked, no one was allowed to enter.

A leader like a woman looked at the Warriors and said: “Hebihime-sama is taking a bath, don’t let anyone of those Marines get close.”

In the island, All the warriors believed that Hancock and her two sisters has been cursed, their backs shouldn’t be shown to anyone or they will turn to stone.

Therefore, whenever Hancock took a bath, the whole castle was blocked and no one had permission to enter.


Suddenly a small shadow appeared in the sea, A silhouette that was moving on the sea toward the island.

The sea kings huge body was underwater, This person’s figure was really small, And because the Warriors were looking at the warship, they only noticed him when he was really close.

“That man!”

Seeing Roja, the warriors were startled, They experienced Roja’s power countless times, When Roja was here, No one was concerned about their sleep.

They could sleep, anytime, anywhere.

“Can he fly?”

“No, Don’t let him in.”

Watching Roja coming, their foreheads was full of cold sweat, although they only saw his shadow, but they clenched their teeth and held their weapons.

When Roja was near the shore, the warriors began to shoot arrows at him.


In the eyes of the warriors, a huge tail appeared from the sea and hit the shore.

Roja gently moved down from the tail, he turned around to the sea king and nodded slightly. he didn’t look at those warriors as he directly disappeared on the island.

Those warriors saw sea kings, and they controlled a few, but they didn’t see one with that size before.

Coupled with their fear, they forgot to block Roja’s path and reacted only when Roja has already disappeared.

“Bad… This is Bad!”

“Hurry up and go inform Hebihime-sama!”

The shore was instantly in chaos.

And at this time Roja was moving really fast using Moon Walk and Soru until he appears on top of the Kuja castle, He used Kenbunshoku Haki to look for Hancock’s location and when he did, he directly went toward her.

He saw a person’s shadow using Kenbun

shoku Haki and in the next instant that image passed over in his head.

Because the Castle was destroyed and rebuild many time the last time he was here, there was no fixed room for Hancock, even if there is he won’t remember it.

And the number of time he entered the castle last time were numerous, So it was like his second home.

He continued down, and directly fell into a room full of steam, seeing this environment, he was stunned.

This is…

As expected, In front of him, In the bath with Steam around him, he saw a wonderful figure standing there stunned and looking at him while he also looked at her.

Although there is steam, he could see, and he saw Hancock’s back… The Celestial Dragon’s slave mark.

Roja and Hancock stopped like that and the atmosphere turned strange.

The next moment, two anxious voices were heard from outside and two shadows directly rushed in. They were Hancock’s two sisters.

“Ane-sama, this is Bad!”

“The Marine from before… Ah…”

Sandersonia and Marigold saw the scene in front of them, they turned sluggish and the sounds stopped. Hancock’s eyes awakened by the voice of her two sisters.

After the shock, Her face sunk, She lightly bit her lips and turned her body to face Roja and stepped back.

Well, Roja wanted to see this side not the other one with the slave mark.

Seeing Hancock retreat, the two sisters reacted and covered her body with.

“He saw… My back.”

Hancock’s breathing seemed to be heavy, as she was tightly bitting on her lips, even a trace of blood appeared.

The two sisters took their weapon in their hands, their faces were pale from fright.

They looked at Roja but they couldn’t hide the fear they felt from that man.

In front of Roja, they won’t be able to lift their weapon if he wanted.

“If I…”

In front of the three pale sisters, Roja was standing there and he seemingly recovered, He looked toward Hancock helplessly as he said.

“If I say that I didn’t see a thing, Would you believe me?”

Hancock: “…”

Sandersonia: “…”

Marigold: “…”

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