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Chapter 141: Whitebeard Vs Kaido
At Roja’s desk, there was a lot of Video Den Den Mushi, Roja picked one and after a bit, a picture was projected onto the wall of the room.

The projection was from the conference room in Mariejois.

Some Government officials, as well as the Crane and of course Sengoku, were there.

“Well, If it isn’t Roja, it seems like it went smoothly without any accident on your side.”

The Video Den Den Mushi connected, Sengoku saw Roja and Hancock behind him, then smiled at Roja.

Sengoku’s words made Roja feel weird.


When Sengoku mentioned this, Roja couldn’t help but think about what really happened, He turned to look at Hancock and found her looking at him.

Hancock’s face didn’t have any anger or Shame when she looked at him, there is just some kind of inexplicable feeling from her eyes, then she just turned back to look at the video on the wall.

Seeing this Roja shrugged and looked at Sengoku again, then he said: “So, When will it start.”


When Sengoku looked at Roja and Hancock he didn’t notice a thing, By his side, The crane had a deep look in her eyes like she saw through everything.

Watching Roja and Hancock, she revealed a thoughtful expression.

Quickly, each Video Den Den Mushi was activated,  a picture started to appear one after the other.

The first one was in a spacious room, It seemed to be in the warship but it wasn’t an office, it seemed to be the main hall.

In that hall, two officers were dueling.

They were dueling while panic is apparent in their faces, it was as if they couldn’t control their bodies.

“Don’t… Don’t cut me!”

“You too!”

Looking at this, Sengoku and the World government officers faces turned ugly, this scene fell in the eyes of Roja.

Roja clearly knew what was going on, it is Doflamingo who is Controlling them.

“are you ready for another beating?”

Roja stood there looking indifferent at Doflamingo who was sitting in the corner of the screen.

If they were other people they wouldn’t care much, but it was their own people, The crane looked at Doflamingo and said.

“You are playing the ghost? Doflamingo, be a good boy and release them.”

“FUFUFUFUFUFU… Ms. Crane and Vice-admiral Roja, Don’t be so serious.”

Doflamingo looked at them with his evil smile, but he didn’t continue to provoke them.

The crane chased him before and was planning on catching him.

Roja already defeated him before, and the fact that he had Haoshoku, he won’t care about the rules and may really go and beat him up again.

They were dangerous people.

Even if he was a Shichibukai, if he really does provoke Roja, Roja may really kill him without giving a damn about the rules.

He wasn’t afraid of Sengoku or the world government, he was afraid of people like The crane, Roja who ignored the rules, and Kaido that madman.

In another screen there was nothing, Of course, not all of them attended, Mihawk said he was not interested in the meeting and didn’t attend.

In addition to Mohawk, the other are all present.

in fact, all of them accepting was unexpected.

After all, they are Arrogant people who don’t care about Rules.

After the discussion about the obligations of the Shichibukai, Many asked questions about simple details.

With this boring process, Roja slept.

Roja was only interested in Mihawk but seeing that he didn’t participate Roja was too lazy to participate himself and didn’t give any face to the world government.

He was also a little bit interested in Kuma cause his one of the top cadre in the revolutionary army of his cousin.

The meeting was really boring.

In the new world, there is an earth-shattering war happening at this time.

this war was between two of the Yonko, WhiteBeard and facing him was Kaido.

Kaido was known to be invincible, the invincible beat king.

Kaido had repeatedly invaded the Marine, which made the Admirals, as well as Garp and Sengoku and other,  suppress him, beat him but no one could actually kill him.

He couldn’t die, Out of the Four Emperors, he is the most troublesome fellow.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Earth shattering Roars were constantly heard and the whole island was trembling.

Marco, Diamond Joz, and others stood at the edge of the island looking ugly.

“That madman.”

“It seems like he will be completely destroyed.”

Kaido doing this wasn’t a first, He wanted to die, so he always is doing a thing like this, he was a madman, even Marco and the other captains found it troublesome.


Suddenly the earth cracked into pieces, and int he corner of his mouth there was a trace of blood, but his face revealed a mad and creepy look of excitement.

“Come again!”

In this world, the ones who could hurt him are numbered, after all, he jumped from the sky island and was unscathed.

Whitebeard was one of the few who could hut him.

Even the injuries that were caused by Whitebeard were not fatal, It’s not that his defenses are powerful, it’s his regeneration ability that was abnormal, even if he is seriously injured after a moment he would be already recovered.

Whitebeard looked at him and once again rushed toward him, He clenched his teeth, using Haki, he threw a strong punch.


Kaido was thrown away but, the next moment he got up and continued.

The whole island was roaring.

One hour…

Two hours…

Three hours…

The duel between the two has already spread throughout the world, Sengoku frowned and even those five old guys found it extremely troublesome.

Kaido madness really causes a headache.

Chapter 142: Monitoring
The battle between Kaido and white beard lasted three days and three nights, and the conclusion was the defeat of Kaido.

Kaido still maintained his title as the “Immortal”, Despite losing against Whitebeard, he didn’t die and the people under Whitebeard didn’t bother to stop him.

Stopping him was useless and maybe they would die, he already challenged Whitebeard countless times.

Even the Marine are unable to kill him.

As Kaido left and the battle ended, The world government was released.

When the Yonko fight against each other the world government won’t interfere, they would be happy about the fight but they will still monitor and see what happened.

But just after a few days of the battle, Kaido pirate went to Shanks pirates for a battle.

That news made the entire world fall into turmoil.

The Marine wanted to prevent that from happening and even the Whitebeard and Bigmom were monitoring to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

Sengoku dispatched the Marine from the headquarters, even Kisaru went with them.

And within those Marine, Roja was also dispatched.

(Tl: The author directly ended the meeting without saying a word about what happened after between Hancock and Roja, that’s too bad.)

In the tallest cabin in a large warship, Roja was sitting on his desk and observed a simple map of the new world, the map was divided into the place that the each Yonko influenced.

“Kaido influence is really small.”

Roja was familiar with the original story, he understood the situation under the Yonko, but the specifics weren’t mentioned it in this detail, so he carefully memorized the map.

The influence of the Yonko was really complex and there are some places that were neutral too.

But those area maybe were under the control of the Yonko secretly, so the Marine couldn’t act easily.

They only needed to monitor the pirates under Kaido and observe their movement.

“I don’t know how the fight between Kaido and Shanks would go.”

Roja looked at the map then sit back on his chair and put his legs on the table.

This time, the task didn’t involve any fights, and Hancock wasn’t called to battle too, Roja still felt itchy for a fight, he wanted to catch some pirates with 500 million’s bounty.

Roja’s physical strength almost reached a bottleneck, His Two types of Haki improved, but he still couldn’t break through his limit.

As for swordplay, he is still trying to master the thirteenth compression.

As for the soul sword, there is still not much improvement as the energy still didn’t reach the point needed for the next upgrade.

Still, he was stronger than the time he fought against Doflamingo, as the power of his flames grew stronger after reaching the Fourth stage.

Roja found that every time he upgrades his soul sword, the flame would grow stronger and the improvement wasn’t anything like before reaching the fourth stage.

Since Roja got Getsuga Tenshi, His used his flames ability only to affect his enemies.

But, Getsuga Tensho and Senbonzakura’s power are the types of power that are fixed.

They were different compared to the flames that continued to grow.

If Getsuga Tensho increased the strength of his Tobu Zangeki by three folds, then the flames could increase the strength of his strike more as he his sword soul gets stronger.

It will gradually grow from two folds to five to ten!

After reaching the fourth stage, His flames power overshadowed Getsuga Tensho’s power and also overshadowed Senbonzakura.

When he reach the fifth stage, he would be able to unleash the Shikai which would make his strength soar.

After thinking of all this, Roja looked at the window boringly to enjoy the calm sea.

“The task of monitoring is really boring.”

Suddenly, A rear admiral rushed to Roja’s room and reported.

“Vice-admiral Roja, We found the beast pirates’ ship.”

The officer face was full of tension, The Marine suffered greatly under the attack of the beast pirates which made the Marine hold some fear toward them.

Now whether they will confront them or retreat is all up to Roja.


Hearing this, not only did he not panic, Roja’s face even brightened as he stood up, He came out of his room and directly went to the deck of the warship.

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