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Chapter 973: The Person Named Father (3)

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“Hahaha, hahahaha!” After the masked man absorbed the power of space, he burst into laughter. The power of space attacked everyone like arrows. They could only dodge constantly and had no power to fight back at all!

This wouldn’t do at all! Yun Feng gritted her teeth abruptly. She would be in a completely passive situation!

“Fengfeng!” A voice came. Then, a pair of warm hands held Yun Feng in his arms. Yun Feng was inexplicably relieved when she smelled the familiar smell. It was Qu Lanyi. He was back!

“Why? This guy seems to be different.” Qu Lanyi looked at the masked man in front of him and couldn’t help but frown. Yun Feng nodded. “He absorbed the spatial power of his companions and became much stronger!”

“Oh?” A glint of light flashed through Qu Lanyi’s black eyes as he looked at Ling Tiansu, who was also dodging not far away. “Master Ling, I shouldn’t have said that, but I have to now.”

“What are you trying to say?” Ling Tiansu looked at Qu Lanyi, who chuckled. “Master Ling, do you know how they came in? And why the two dimension elders died?”

Hearing the mockery in Qu Lanyi’s words, Ling Tiansu’s face turned cold and a thought flashed through his mind. “That’s impossible!”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered and she understood what Qu Lanyi meant. If that was the case, how sad would Ling Tiansu’s heart be?

“Impossible? That bitch wanted to escape in the chaos after Ling Jiahua died, but I bumped into her. I didn’t care at first, but this woman revealed everything. Your brother, the second son of the Ling family, didn’t hesitate to use all the lives of the Ling family to exchange for the position of the family head!”

Ling Tiansu’s pupils shrank fiercely! His body couldn’t help but shake a few times. If that was really the case, that would be the sorrow of the Ling family! Ling Xiaoyun stood next to Ling Tiansu silently and looked at Ling Tiansu’s completely stiff expression. The Ling family he tried his best to protect, the Ling family he protected, treated him like this. How could he stand this?

Ling Tiansu couldn’t help but clench his fists hard with a gloomy face. Qu Lanyi glanced at the masked man with his black eyes. “Master Ling, why do you have to do this? If the Ling family treats you like this, you don’t have to care about them at all!”

Ling Tiansu chuckled and looked up with an expressionless face. “Even if I die, I’ll die here!”

“Leave? Hahahaha! This time, none of you will leave!” The masked man suddenly let out an ear-piercing laugh and clenched his fists hard. The space had already been distorted violently. After absorbing the spatial power of the four masked men, the power of distortion was more than four times stronger!

“Watch out!” Mu Canghai shouted as light flashed in his gray eyes. However, Mu Canghai’s spatial power was repelled by this spatial power! Qu Lanyi protected Yun Feng and dodged to the side, while Ling Xiaoyun pulled Ling Tiansu aside. He waved his hand and attacked with extremely powerful spatial power!

“Hahahaha, hahahaha!” The masked man laughed wildly! “It’s useless. I’ll return with a full load today!”

“Damn it!” Mu Canghai’s finger pressed on the gray eyes fiercely. Ling Xiaoyun also gritted his teeth and attacked quickly! Red blood slowly flowed out of the corners of Mu Canghai’s eyes, but he didn’t stop fighting. Ling Xiaoyun exerted all his strength. Together with Mu Canghai’s power of space, the two of them still couldn’t break the space controlled by the masked man!

“We have to get out of here!” Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng tightly with one hand and rushed to Mu Canghai’s side. “Stop! You’re not his match!” Qu Lanyi shouted loudly, but Mu Canghai didn’t listen. Yun Feng saw Mu Canghai’s bleeding eyes and her expression changed drastically!

“Mu Canghai, stop! You don’t have the ability to turn the tide!”

“I know!” Mu Canghai shouted as he looked at the masked man with his other black eye. “But if we don’t do this now, we’ll all be hanged in this space!”

“Crash!” The sound of houses collapsing came one after another. The few of them looked down and saw that the houses in the Ling family’s mansion had already shattered under this distorted space! The entire Ling family’s mansion was instantly destroyed and it couldn’t be seen anymore!

The veins on Ling Tiansu’s forehead all bulged. This time, the Ling family was indeed facing a life-and-death disaster. All the members of the Ling family were buried in this distorted space! Their hearts were full of sorrow, desolation and anger!

“The Ling family…” Yun Feng looked at the mess in the house of the Ling family below. If the second son of the Ling family knew that this was the result of letting a wolf into the house, he would definitely regret it. And now, he was undoubtedly buried in this distorted space.

“Ahhhhhh!” Ling Tiansu suddenly let out a loud and furious roar, like a trapped beast that was on the verge of death letting out its last cry and making its final resistance! Ling Tiansu was originally severely injured, but a powerful spatial force burst out of his body brutally at this moment. Ling Xiaoyun was pushed away by this spatial force and he watched in shock!

“Hahahaha, you’re indeed the leader of the Ling family…” The masked man noticed the spatial power that Ling Tiansu unleashed and laughed in satisfaction. The muscles all over Ling Tiansu’s body bulged and blue veins appeared clearly on his skin. He could even see the blood inside surging crazily!

Ling Tiansu’s aura completely changed at this moment, from his pale face just then to his threatening aura right now!

“He activated all the space perception ability in his bloodline.” Qu Lanyi whispered in Yun Feng’s ear. Mu Canghai gently removed his finger from his eye. Red blood no longer surged out. The moment Ling Tiansu completely erupted, the distorted space created by the masked man had already been forcefully suppressed!

Ling Tiansu suddenly raised his left hand and the great power of space advanced like a beam of light, hitting straight at the masked man. The masked man narrowly dodged, but the corners of his robe were instantly shattered by Ling Tiansu’s power of space!

The body of the masked man stiffened for a moment. As expected of Ling Tiansu. After unleashing his full strength, the man’s strength was comparable to his! However, this was more meaningful. The bloodline of the Ling family indeed had endless potential!

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